Social Media For Small Businesses


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This presentation is for marketing professionals who need to explain to a small business owner the importance of social media and why they should add it to their marketing strategy.

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  • Affiliation: You can share ad space, promote each other on your social websites and swap leads for work and ideas for further expanding your reach with the market.Referrals: You create word of mouth on a digital scale. When you have one satisfied customer who talks about your product or services, it generates interest that can lead to more business.Freshfully provides local food in Alabama. They use Pinterest to connect with their customers and expand their reach and affiliate with cooking companies with shared philosophies on fresh food.
  • E.Leigh’s began its company in e-commerce. The owner would spread information about new products and sales to her connections. The popularity of her Facebook page grew quickly, and Erin adopted a method of directly selling to clients through the website.
  • 84% of a typical brand's Facebook fans are existing customers. That makes marketing to the fan base much more like a customer relationship management program. surveys show what Facebook fans want from brands are the sorts of things loyalty programs typically deliver -- special offers, access to members-only events or programs and advance word on new productBoloco promotes their loyalty program on Facebook.Customers swipe their Boloco card at every purchase and the card tracks the amount of money spent. Every $50 spent earns the customer a free item. 
  • Social Media is the quickest channel for you to gather feedback about your business, and provide your customers with solutions/answers/whatever needs to be fixed
  • Social Media For Small Businesses

    1. 1. WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? “NORM!”• What is social media? • A place where people hangout, follow and share online• What do businesses do here? • Participate • Listen • Spread the word • Complimentary marketing “It is the high-tech equivalent of the old barbershop or local bar where they greet you by name when you walk in the door.” -Scott Steinberg -TechSavvy
    2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS (2012)• 1 in every 9 people on Earth is on Facebook• Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site• 500,000 users added each day on Twitter• 190 million average tweets per day occur on Twitter• Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month (326,294 years)• YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit each month (average) Search Engine Journal
    3. 3. WHY SHOULD I USE SOCIAL MEDIA?• Connect with customers• Affiliation• Referrals• Expand your reach• Inexpensive – It’s Free!
    4. 4. WHAT CAN SOCIAL MEDIA DO FOR ME?• Increase your customer base• Increase frequency of purchases• Build customer relationships
    5. 5. INCREASE YOUR CUSTOMER BASEAmplify your communications to new audiences • Provide something someone would benefit from (deal, discount, etc…) • Put that something in the hands of your most loyal customers • Those customers will share with their friends, followers, etc… • The word will spread – hence amplifying your reach to new audiencesYour customer base will grow over time from WOM viasocial media
    6. 6. INCREASE FREQUENCY OF PURCHASES • Keep your loyal customers in the loop with store news, events, deals, etc… • Provide a loyalty program and let it be known via social media • Once again, the word has the potential to spread to other customers Boloco card
    7. 7. BUILD CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS• Listen to your customers• Answer questions• Fix problems ASAP
    8. 8. WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS DO YOU USE?Who is in your target audience?Men – Google + (71%)Women – Pinterest (82%)Younger – Facebook (54% under 45)Older – LinkedIn (81% above 34)What products/services are you providing?Visually compelling products – PinterestServices that need explanation – YouTubeGeneral Retail – Facebook*Don’t spread yourself too thin. Choose 1 or 2 platforms that best match your business. Bluefish Digital
    9. 9. ONCE YOU PICK YOUR PLATFORM, NOW WHAT?• Create your business profile • There are different steps for different social media platforms• Start participating• Get everyone involved at your business• Make time