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Bawse Legacy: Chapter 1


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Chapter 1 of the Bawse Legacy.

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Bawse Legacy: Chapter 1

  1. 1. Aww yeah. Look who put a little extra effort in the cover! It’s still notmuch but EH! I’m content!If you’re asking: Is that Tara??Yes Reader. It is.If you also asked: Well can you tell us why she’s being arrested??No Reader.. No I may not. Not yet at least ^_^ Now settle in because weare literally jumping right in, no preamble.
  2. 2. Soon as I got home I called Tara and invited her over. We had a dateplanned and I didn’t feel like waiting. I finally had a lady in my life and Iwas gonna enjoy it.“Whoa there Cowboy! ¡Abajo, Vaquero, Abajo!”“Sorry doll, was just really happy to see you.”“Trust me, I can tell… Hem Hem… Wanna let me go?” ;)
  3. 3. “Not quite yet I don’t. First…”…“Woo, is this how you great everyone that walks past your house?”“No Doll, just you.. And maybe the mail man from time to time when hiswife makes pie.”“Hahaha that’s so gross.”
  4. 4. “So, even though you havent’ been here long, met any good newpeople?”“Well.. I met some.. Interesting ones, that’s for sure.”“Oh? Do tell.”“I’d actually rather not, it still scares me.”
  5. 5. “Aww you’re such a baby.”“Well the perks are pretty nice.”“Need me to hold your hand, Scardey-Cat?”“Yes please!”
  6. 6. “So this is a real date, huh?”“Well, it’s the start of a real date. The real date is generally near theend.”“What happens then?”“Heh heh... I’ll give you a little hint.”
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Alright, so it was more than a little hint, but oh man it was worth it. Andthe fact that she let me do it without a smack in the face meant she’s intome like I’m into her! Wellp. I know what I gotta do tonight. Invite her tomove in.
  9. 9. I mean, the girl’s my best friend. I just hope when she’s mad she keepsusing a pillow and not something tougher. She’s a strong little thing!“Muhahahahaha!!! TAKE THAT!!”“Oooooooff!”
  10. 10. “So you know I’m gonna be calling you every day inviting you on a dateright?”“Are you? Well I’m ok with that, your dates are fun.”“We could just save you the gas money and you just stay here so I don’thave to call.”“You asking me to move in Vaquero?”“Yes ma’am I am.”“Deal. As long as you get a bigger bed…” “Aw c’mon now. Already??”
  11. 11. “Winner gets gropey.”“Loser sleeps in the crib you call a bed.”“See now woman, I was gonna let you win, but now… You’re goin’down!”“Mhmmm suuuuuuuuure.”
  12. 12. Well… I tried to tell her… Cowboys really don’t lose unless they wanna. Itwouldn’t be Bawse if we did.“Cowboy I have to go to work!”“Grrrr…. And I was just gettin’ started!”
  13. 13. There Reader, see. She’s not being arrested! She’s going to work. This isa perfect Segway into her stats.Cancer (as stated in the Intro); 6/3/6/4/6 YAY a neat sim!Turn on: Glasses, Brown HairTurn off: Fat GuysFamily LTW: Captain HeroI love this girl, what luck that they have the same career?!
  14. 14. So I sent Adam to study so I could renovate the house. Since he didn’thave work yet, or perhaps he had a day off. Don’t remember.“Oh.. My.. God.. This little-”Save it Sundown. You’re married.“I was just gonna say this little book is amazing…”Liar.“The world may never know.”
  15. 15. So Tara didn’t bring in much but it was good enough for a bit largerhouse. Needs more windows though. And since I’d never used thosebricks before I gave em a shot.. I regret that now. I’m not a fan.
  16. 16. Left to Right: Sundown Studying at the “dining room” I have to sellMaster Bedroom, complete with a Queen size bed (what can I say? Ilove those two)Kitchen, not much to see there. Same as the bathroom.Little unfurnished room with Sundown’s old bed, which will be a kid’sbed in the future since I’m all green and recycle and what not.The dining room/office/living roomOH! And there’s Adam’s little toy car. See if you can find it ^_^
  17. 17. “Mmmm the roses make my stench fade away a bit.”I have to disagree. You still smell pretty bad from where I’m sitting.“Oh hush, akri*. My future husband would find it endearing.I bet he would, the man raised pigs in his youth.
  18. 18. Whatcha looking at Bub?“Oh nothin’. Just looking for a wedding arch.”Oh yeah! That’s what I forgot to buy!“ *shakes head* “Oh hush. You still forget to get dressed.
  19. 19. Hmm.. I feel like I keep getting hints from two pesky Family sims…
  20. 20. “ Zzzzz… Marry Tara… zzzZzzZ..”FINE FINE! I’ll get started on it! Sheesh. They’re consciously andunconsciously sending me hints. I GET IT! Marriage, babies, hoopla.Gotcha.
  21. 21. Alright Bub. I know what you want, but you can’t have it yet.“Wha- Why not?? Dammit I have been waiting for so LONG! Do you know howhard it is to wake up next to that beautiful women while she’s asleep and not justroll over and take her then?? Gahh I’ve been patient! But A MAN HAS NEEDCHAN!! NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the boys at the office- ”Alright Adam! Geez. You’ll have it soon, you just have to make her love you first.“Doesn’t she already?”Pretty much. Just get outta bed and kiss her. That outta do it.“Aye aye, Captain.”
  22. 22. “Adam… I think I love you.”“Yes! TO THE BEDROOM!!!!”
  23. 23. “So.. You know that phrase, ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’?”“Hehe, yes, I’ve heard it before.”“Well baby, I’m about to show you exactly why it was made.”
  24. 24. Don’t worry everyone. He loves her too.
  25. 25. Crazy Purple WOOHOO hearts FTW! Adam fiiiiiiinally got to tame theStallion in his pants. And now he’ll stop WHINING ALL THE TIME!“It’s not whining. Merely persistent egging on about a specific desire.”
  26. 26. “Ok love, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. But I wanna make itspecial, so uh.. Key.. Air-es… Casa…. Art-e… Con… Me.. Go..”“Huh?”“Oh shoot, I messed it up. Dangit Jess, you were sposed to practice.Look, what I’m trying to say is..”
  27. 27. “Will you marry me?”“ *Typical-fake, ‘Family-Sim-knew-it-was-gonna-happen-all-along’, gasp*Si, Vaquero. Of course I will. And you meant, ¿Quieres casarte conmigo?”“Why yes, yes I will.”“Haha you goof.”
  28. 28. This picture has no other purpose besides: A) It’s so friggin cute. AndB) Sundown’s cheetah, leopard print boxers made me laugh. I’m noteven sure why, but they got a giggle.
  29. 29. And this picture was so typically Adam, I had to throw it in as well.“Whatdoya say we go for round two? I still have some tricks up mysleeves.”
  30. 30. <3!!!! I freaking love them. They’re the cutest thing!Aren’t we though?Hey, I’m the narrator of this slide. Don’t you have something to do?As a matter of fact I do. Adios, akri. See you when the sun is shinin’.
  31. 31. Generation 1 is on its way! Now, I don’t know whether to saygeneration one or two. I dunno if the founder counts as generationone but I’m gonna say he doesn’t he counts as “Founding” generationand then we go from there.
  32. 32. “Bllllllllllllahhetatkdhfdfth.”Come again?“YAY BABIES!!!!”Family Sims.
  33. 33. So my fiancé’ told me the good news, that we’re gonna be parents!! Shealso said that she’ll rip my head off if we don’t have this wedding beforeshe gets fat, so.. Here we are.
  34. 34. And I couldn’t be happier. Even if I do look like an old man. Gah, look atmy hair. It’s gonna take forever to get it back to that casually tousledcare free look I have. Do you know how hard it is to look carefree?? Don’tget me started. Anyway. Us. Married.
  35. 35. I can’t wait to marry that beautiful woman. It’s all I’ve thought aboutsince the moment I saw her step out of the van in her blue sweater andadorably little mail boy hat. She’s freakin’ awesome and I don’t wantanyone else.
  36. 36. Do you?“I do.”And do you?“Dang right!”“Adam!”“I mean, I do.”
  37. 37. All Tara’s friends. These are the people from the outing. And all ofthese people were the ones who ditched and left Tara by herself toAdam. I heart them for it.
  38. 38. She ended up going to her honey moon alone because Adam had towork. I would’ve let him go, but they’re kinda broke and we need to getthat nursery furnished. So off to work he went.
  39. 39. Looks like the baby likes omelets.“Haha si, akri. And they’ll love my other cooking too, lord knows theirfather can’t cook.”Well he did tell you he was a mac and cheese chef.“And I was foolish to think he was kidding.”
  40. 40. “OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…”Yeah, there’s no way I’m taking anymore chances on this one. She sucksat being pregnant, I swear it. Her motives go down faster than a hooker!Heh heh, see what I did there?
  41. 41. “Honey I’m home!”“Haha, Hola amore.”“Work was murder!”“Really?”“Nah, I’ve just always wanted to say that. How’s the baby?’“Feel for yourself. They’re always kicky when you’re home.”
  42. 42. “Yup, that’s definitely my kid in there. Little fighter!”“Haha well our kid will take after us both.”“Indeed, but I did most of the work.”“Oh hush!”
  43. 43. Man, I wish I could cook. I’m so freaking hungryyyyyyy.Sometimes, I swear you aren’t as smart as I think you are.What? And why not?
  44. 44. No reason at all. That’s right Tara, you kissed that dunce. Did more thanthat Preggers.“Well, we all have our moments.”Some got more than their fair share.
  45. 45. “BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Phase two is complete.
  46. 46. “Yeah, she let me kiss her v-”Gross Adam. Who could possibly want to know that??“The boys at the office! I tried to tell you they got on me for mypredicament.”You guys are weird.
  47. 47. He looks so good as a Cowboy..I look so good as a Cowboy. That’s right babe, feast your eyes.
  48. 48. “What was that for?”“You look so good as a Cowboy.”“Heh heh. Thank you. Maybe after this kid comes out, you can take thehorse out for a spin, and we’ll make some more.”Adam language deciphered: After you conceive, you can ride the stallionor procreate with me again, and have more children.
  49. 49. “You know, Bill was telling me the other day that his wife went up like ablimp when she was pregnant.”“Did he? I didn’t know he had a wife.”“Mhm, and a son too.”
  50. 50. “You, you don’t look any different! I mean, I can put my hands the littleorb but otherwise I can’t even tell!”
  51. 51. “Are you calling me fat?”“Wha-? Wait, how’d you get that from what I said?”“Well then why don’t you just explain what you meant??”“All I was sayin’ was that.. Well.. Uhh..”“Uh. UH! WHAT?”
  53. 53. Man… I love that girl more than anything. And I’ll love the little oneinside her just as much. I’ve got a pretty great life going right now.
  54. 54. I’m gonna be a dad soon!! With a beautiful kid and a beautiful wife. Man,life doesn’t get better than that!
  55. 55. But… But what if someone hurts them. What if I lose them?? What if thekid hurts themselves and I’m not there? What if someone hurts themboth and I’m not there? What if they’re abducted by aliens?? What if theUFO explodes then they survive but get mugged as they walk back homeacross the highway with tigers chasing behind them?? What if the kid isbullied????
  56. 56. Oh I’d take the poor bastard and step on him. Then I’d wring out his body,sow him, and wear him like a towel so my b*lls are always on his nose.Then I’d buy a cat and give it the towel as a chew toy. Then after allthat… I’d shoot the towel with my shot gun and…
  57. 57. “Ok get ahold of yourself boy. Ain’t nobody gonna hurt your family. Not whileI’m here.”That’s right me. ‘Cause we’re tough SOBs and nobody hurts the people we love“Dang right. Say, while I’m here, Tara’s really fun to kiss isn’t she?”You know it especially when she does that little thing with her tongue.“WOOWEE, drives me crazy!”Me too!You are a special creature.“We resent that.”
  58. 58. Ugh I’m so bored. I hope the kid comes out soon, I need somebody to playwith.
  59. 59. (In my French SpongeBob Narrator Voice) Three hours later…
  60. 60. “YOU STUPID NO GOOD COWBOY I’M GONNA KICK YOU’RE A$$ SO BADYOU WON’T SIT FOR A WEEK, EVEN THEN YOU’LL HAVE THE F*CKIN SCARSTO MATCH THE DAMN HORRID RED WALLPAPER YOU HAD WHEN I METYOU!”“Oh my, now that’s not the kinda language to use around a lady.” Said inmy best 80s dame voice, I worked hard on it too. Tara wasn’t amused..“Oh when I get my hands on you!! GET YOUR BABY OUT OF ME!”“Oh noooow it’s my baby?”
  61. 61. My heart stopped when my wife held my beautiful daughter for the firsttime.. I’d never seen anything so tiny.. And dang she looked just like me.My hair, eyes, complexion. Dang girl, what’d you get from your Mama?Oh god, what if she only speaks Spanish?? I’m not fluent yet! You knowthat they have two L’s as one letter? What kinda blasphemy-Would you focus??Oh yeah. My daughter.
  62. 62. “Come see your daughter, Adam.”“You sure? I don’t wanna hurt her..”“You won’t hurt her love, I promise.”“But.. Maybe we should call someone to keep her til she’s older. So I don’tbreak her.”“Oh Adam, get over here. Your daddy’s a silly goose isn’t he?”
  63. 63. “WOOOOOO!!! A BABY!!! YEAAAAAAH!!!!”“Shh Adam, don’t be so loud!”“WHAT??”“I said DON’T BE SO LOUD!!”“THEN WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME??”“Grrr-”“I heard ya the first time doll, I just wanted to see if that would work. Sowhat are we gonna name her?”
  64. 64. “I’ve always liked the name Hailey.”“Hailey Devereaux it is.”
  65. 65. After Tara promised me that she’d kill me if I hurt Hailey, I picked her upby myself. I knew she wouldn’t really kill me, heck I’d kill myself first, butit was nice to feel threatened.
  66. 66. “So… uh..”….Yes Jessup, you may. I’ll go watch the baby.“YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  67. 67. To save some slides. BabyHailey got lotsa attention.And… Gross Tara. Make itto the toilet next time,Preggers.
  68. 68. Sundown kept getting promotions.Don’t I look good? Check how the side burns go with the outfit.Yes. They do match marvelously. And the blue brings out your eyes.Thank you!! ^___^Totally missed my sarcasm…
  69. 69. Phase two is complete..
  70. 70. “So Vaquero, we should get more toys beeeecaaaaaause…. I’m HAVINGANOTHER BABY!!!!”
  71. 71. *munch munch* “Errhelent.”“I’m glad you’re happy too!”“Fam sim babe. I love kids!”
  72. 72. Speaking of kids… It’s birthday time!!!! You didn’t miss much, everyoneknows that babies don’t do anything.“WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  73. 73. “Hey sexy mama, give me a call once you’re done tossing that baby. I’lltoss something else your way..”
  74. 74. She’s kinda wonky haha, but she grows into it. *psychic*Stats: She’s a Sagittarius2/9/10/8/6)Freaking sloppy sims.
  75. 75. Tara teaches her to talkAdam teaches her to walkTara teaches her to poop.For the most part Hailey’s a fast learner.
  76. 76. Argh they’re so cute!! Smart milk baby making best friends with hermom.“Who’s mamá’s girl?”“Hailey!”
  77. 77. Didn’t I tell you she sucked at being pregnant? Horrible family sim. She’sfunky, hungry, and about to pass out. All the while wearing somethingthat was supposed to make her smart enough to fix all of these thingsalone!!“Have a good day love. Can we have pork chops for dinner??”“Errr…”“GREAT!”
  78. 78. Three hours later..“Whoa Adam! How’d this happen??
  79. 79. “Eh I dunno. I think it was around the time when I stuck my-”“ADAM SUNDOWN DEVEREAUX YOU SAY ONE MORE WORD AND I’LLSTICK IT SOMEWHERE SHARP!”“Aw now, that ain’t nice love. I was just gonna say when I stuck my heartout for you to grab.”“YOU LYING PIECE OF SH*T!!”“Ain’t she a doll?”
  80. 80. That tan baby is Amanda Devereaux. I kinda jumped the gun on namesfrom the book, I was supposed to start next generation but AH WELL!In the series Amanda is a psychic who married a General named Kyrian.She has a twin and she’s really nice. I’m so tempted to Body Shop aKyrian for this Amanda it’s not even funny.Anyway, mom’s skin and eyes. Adam’s hair
  81. 81. “She’s so freaking hot when she makes a baby and gives me aspirationpoints..”“And that makes the entire ordeal better.”
  82. 82. Now something just ain’t right in this picture..The lack of appurtenance?What the heck is that? No, it’s something else..
  83. 83. That’s more like it… My lady in my arms. Isn’t she gorgeous? So tiny..Bright.. Mmm.. Wife.
  84. 84. This is just for cuteness… No other reason..
  85. 85. “So what do you say we get started on another baby?”“Hm so soon? I just had Amanda..”“Well if you’re not ready I understand. But can we do a little… taste testof what’s to come?”
  86. 86. Look at the seriousness of his face! Haha he’s eating her!!Not yet, I’m not.*walks away*The kids won’t get that joke. But you adults.. You knowwhat he means.
  87. 87. “Mi hija, you have a birthday coming up.”“No, Mamá. Soy el beb锓Yes, you’re still going to my baby, I promise. But you have to grow up!And be bigger, and go to school. You’ll make lots of friends.”“Yay friends!”
  88. 88. “I can make friends now!!”That you can, Wonky. But, she’ll grow into it. Say, what’s you and greenkid?“Green is cool!”I’ll remember that.
  89. 89. *Akri: Atlantean word for master. In the book that gives thislegacy its background. I liked the word… Used generally morefor endearment than slavery. That’s how my sims use it. I’m notthat harsh people.And this is where we’ll end! Yup. Look at it. My game goes a little wonkysometimes, usually it’s just a loss of contrast or some pictures in theground, like above. But this one. This one scared me. It’s the little thingyou use when you’re making new CC but I swear to the gods I’ve neverseen a scarier glitch. It went away in time but still.. 0.0 Anywho,NEXT TIME: BABIES… That’s pretty much it… Just baybehz.