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  1. 1. The Tudor Dynasty was a family dynasty which ruledEngland from 1485-1603. During its period under the ruleof the House of Tudor, England underwent a substantialnumber of political, economic, social, and religiousreforms which dramatically altered the future of thecountry and its people.
  2. 2. - Henry VII wiselymarried Elizabeth York,uniting the feudinghouses, and he created adistinct symbol for theTudor Dynasty: theTudor Rose, which hasboth red and whitepetals, symbolizingunity
  3. 3. Monarchs of TudorThe five Tudor monarchs were:1485- 1509- 1547- 1533- 1558-1509 1547 1533 1558 1603King King King Quee QueeHenr Henr Edwa n ny VII y rd VI Mary Elisab VIII I eth I
  4. 4. King Henry VIII married Catherine ofAragon on 11 June 1509
  5. 5. Henry VIII was King ofEngland and Lord of Ireland.- Having been married sixtimes and for being the mostpowerful of any Englishmonarch.- Break with Rome and thesubsequent establishment ofthe independent Church ofEngland, the Dissolution ofthe Monasteries, and theunion of England and Wales.
  6. 6. The Tudor line failed in 1603 with the death ofElizabeth I of England, who died without anychildren to succeed her. Through secretnegotiations with her cousin James, King ofScotland, (whose great-grandmother was HenryVIIIs elder sister, Margaret) Elizabeth arrangedthe succession of the House of Stuart to theEnglish throne, uniting the Kingdoms of Englandand Scotland in a personal union