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New features in Chamilo 1.9.2


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  • I love the statement on page 2 of this presentation. This vision, for me, reflects the spirit which underpins Chamilo, and is the reason why Chamilo is the learning platform of the future...
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New features in Chamilo 1.9.2

  1. 1. In technology, free software makescollaboration possible toevolve to create a more equal and fair world.
  2. 2. December 2012New functionalities Chamilo 1.9.2 Noa Orizales Iglesias Communication Coordinator Chamilo Association
  3. 3. Chamilo 1.9.2 still is...A Learning Management System– A system to help manage learning.– A system to help to manage knowledgeImproves informal learning eficiencyImproves learning monitoringImproves the way documents are keptImproves availability of coursesReduces costs and training times
  4. 4. Where does Chamilo come from? Claroline Dokeos Dokeos Chamilo LMS Chamilo LMS Latinoamérica 1.8 1.9 2001 2004 2007 2010 2012 1.0 2.3
  5. 5. Are there other?+200 otras...
  6. 6. What makes it different?Chamilo LMS is simpleCommunity compromise is real– Paid community assistant– All modules are free– Documentation for everything. No secrets!Chamilo LMS is ligth– 40% less RAM usage than Moo...– Optimized for cluster useLimits the need for external tools
  7. 7. FunctionalitiesRemember... Chamilo limit the need of external tools Most valued:- Responsive css design and HTML5 compliance - Google calendar integration - Most popular courses listing - Certificates
  8. 8. Responsive template (mobile)
  9. 9. Google calendar
  10. 10. Course catalogue and popularity
  11. 11. Certificates
  12. 12. Content templates
  13. 13. Timed exercises
  14. 14. PPT integrator
  15. 15. Galery of images
  16. 16. Voice recorder
  17. 17. Text to audio
  18. 18. General detailed graphic reports
  19. 19. Embeded audio player
  20. 20. Attendance
  21. 21. Social network
  22. 22. ContactNoa Orizales IglesiasCommunication CoordinatorChamilo Association        @chamilo_newsContact: