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#Entitlements13 Event

What is the future of entitlement reform? On Sept 24, the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Business Horizon program "Entitlements: Why We Can't Wait" explored our options for the future of spending and entitlements.

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#Entitlements13 Event

  1. 1. Why We Can’t WaitENTITLEMENTS #Entitlements13
  2. 2. #Entitlements13 Moderator Jeanne Meserve interviewed U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Bruce Josten and Deputy Chief Economist J.D. Foster to find out: “Why we can’t wait.” THE CHAMBER INTERVIEW
  3. 3. KEYNOTES Purdue University President Mitch Daniels U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin
  4. 4. GENERATIONAL BURDENS Left to Right: Moderator Jeanne Meserve; Charles Blahous, Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center; Laura Maristany, Executive Director for Legislative Affairs, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities; Ryan Schoenike, Co-Founder, The Can Kicks Back
  5. 5. FIXING THE THIRD RAIL Left to Right: Moderator Jeanne Meserve; James Capretta, Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute;  Alison Fraser, Director, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, Heritage Foundation; Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution; Dennis G. Smith, Managing Director, McKenna, Long & Aldridge