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6 Tips for Beginner Designers - Portfolio Feed Makeover - Brandacity


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Hello Young & Upcoming Fella Designers, as i always came across many young and even some experienced designers asking me for help and some tips and tricks to be a huge success in this field so here i have designed some 6 Powerful & Useful Tips for Your Portfolio Feed Makeover if you are a Beginner to Design Community. This all is created and fir into a short capsule type illustration ebook which are never said to you before by any experts so here we reveal all the tips for a great career by industry experts! No matter what you are a beginner or expert but needs some tips to make a great career in Design Life then give this a read and follow the mentioned points and i am sure you are gonna have a successful portfolio and design career ahead in the future! So it's time to refresh your Portfolios.. Cheers & Happy Designing! :)

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Much Love From - Chaman Sharma,
Creative Director of Team Brandacity.

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6 Tips for Beginner Designers - Portfolio Feed Makeover - Brandacity

  1. 1. ChamanSharma MUCH LOVEFROM, AtLast,KISSisanacronym thatstandsfor “KeepItSimple,Stupid.”Soalwaystryto obeythisprinciple.Gooddesignisaslittle designaspossible.Andyes,thisisdefinitely nottheKissthatyouwerethinking:P 6.AlwaysObeyKISSPrinciple. Boom,AlasYoucan’ttotallyrelyonBehance andjustneedtogiveitalittlepushfrom yoursidesousethepowerofSocialMedia, andadvertiseyourworkbaby. 5.AdvertiseYourWork. Onceyou’vebegunuploadingyourportfolio, makesuretofollowlotsoftalentedartists thatinspireyouandexplorethetrendsas muchyoucan. 4.Follow Artists&Trends. IncludeWIPImages,IncludeDetail Images,IncludeVideo,CustomizeYour Page'sAppearance,OverallbeDescriptive onPresentation. 3.PresentYourWorkWell. Thebestportfoliosareneverstatic.Update yourportfolioregularlywithyourbetter works. 2.KeepitFresh. Onlyshowyourbestwork,anddon'tfill yourportfoliowithworksthatyouaren't happywith. 1.AllKiller,NoFiller. REFRESHYOURPORTFOLIO WITHTHESE6USEFULTIPS . .f dmakeover . .6Tips PORTFOLIO