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#stratalogues Teaching the teacher


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A strategic provocation around a business opportunity in the education category in India. This would most probably be relevant to other SAARC countries and Africa as well.

"Teaching The Teacher" is a module on impact of digital on education category and the life of a teacher. It includes concepts, research and strategic socio-cultural background (in brief) about education/learning in India.

Brands like NIIT, and others looking for a business opportunity can leverage this strategic provocation.

Written in a conversational, casual manner - this deck is verbose and long, so patience is a pre-requisite.

#stratalogues is the source for these findings and @wolfzhowl owns & runs #stratalogues.

More strategic instigations are coming-up in the near future, so stay tuned.

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#stratalogues Teaching the teacher

  1. 1. Gurur brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurdevo Maheshwara The teacher is the triumvirate, the teacher is everything! Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  2. 2. Sea-change in the perception & portrayal of a “teacher” in pop- culture. (1) Teacher to be romanced. (2) Spitting, funny teacher. A mere comic-element. (3) Principal & teacher romancing in a stupid, slapstick manner. (4) A shades of grey principal & evil- teacher. 1 2 3 4 Mai Hu na (1,2, & 3). DDD – Channel V (4).
  3. 3. What has led to this sea-change? Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  4. 4. Institutionalization & commercialization of education. The earlier guru’s were supported by a larger social eco-system, patronized by kings, landlords, village-elders, communities. The only fee was the “guru-dakshina” The return gift of sorts that the sishyas (students) used to give to gurus. The loss of this eco-system and dis-continuity of education as a hereditary practice has both democratized access to education, but also not (since quality education is still not accessible to most in India and no literacy still a large social-evil). While there is a larger discussion to be had on the one-dimensional perspective on education in the modern world and the myopia of looking at skill-sets based education passed on by skill-gurus as non-literacy, the focus of this presentation is on the plight of modern day “professional teachers” for whom teaching is a career. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  5. 5. “The modern day professional teacher” Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  6. 6. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Though the modern day professional-teacher in the private (non-governmental) sector is seeking a career and better remuneration, the pop-culture portrayal of teachers does injustice to most of the teachers/professors I have met on #stratalogues.
  7. 7. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl By all means, most of those who come into the profession of teaching do have an intense desire to impart quality education and they do love their profession.
  8. 8. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl However their need for a better remuneration leads them to seek jobs in premium private institutions. These private institutions do demand a hefty fees and parents do pay these fees through their noses. Read a figure somewhere that the average middle-class Indian family now spends close to 30% to 40% of their MHI (monthly household income) on education of their children. Cramming their children’s day with school, tuition, extra-curricular activities (which are the new way for parents to say my child is better than yours now), parents demand more from institutes everyday.
  9. 9. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Education is the “way out” for most middle-class Indians to break/up-grade their current economic class. Education = % on report cards, because higher education system embraces you into their fold basis % scored in the previous qualifying grade.
  10. 10. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl “The modern day gold rush in India has been the “silicon valley”/”software field job”. Well this has made the computer one of the symbolic representations of Saraswati (the goddess of education & learning).
  11. 11. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Computer has almost the power of god in a parent’s perspective. It is the modern day kamadhenu. Assists you in education, helps you search for jobs & gets you jobs. It is also an entertainment, social-networking device.
  12. 12. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl “You know my child is just 2yrs old and he already plays around on my laptop/iPad” Computer = one of the most predominant symbols of a child’s progress.
  13. 13. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl So from a computer lab where we were taught basics as a mere sign of progressive education in the 1980’s, now most class-modules are to be experiential and taught using a computer and multi-media.
  14. 14. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Most private schools, colleges, universities are trying to get most number of parents & most amount of money out of them. It’s more or less become a rat-race for parents and their kids. So one out-shouts the other with offers that range from “best percentages/best placements/best jobs” to “a balanced education approach” to “best teacher-student ratio” to “experiential learning, using digital – multimedia tools”
  15. 15. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl “experiential learning, using digital – multimedia tools” An amazing promise by the private institutes, but not enough of a trained/skilled teacher-force to do that.
  16. 16. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl “The teacher who is most multimedia skilled, is most sought after and most paid” “Teachers who are not skilled are either asked to upgrade their skills with mediocre training inputs & inputs or just slowly replaced”
  17. 17. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Bigger pay & more respect Vs lower pay & an eventual sacking! Not much of a choice is it?
  18. 18. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Well that’s not the only digital-devil riding a teacher’s back!!
  19. 19. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Shri Steve Jobs’ji decided to make smart phone the coolest thing to own for youngsters and what’s more – Google enabled the students with the power of being able to search & refer to everything. Yup! Blame shri shri Jobs’ji for everything ;)
  20. 20. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl So Steve Jobs + Google put the devil in a smart phone for the teacher and gave it of all the people to “the student” who loves nothing more than to show the teacher-up.
  21. 21. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Quant-check of about 30 teachers around India, well represented in most aspects.
  22. 22. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl So Google the god of knowledge has now brought an age-old educational system back into practice. Gyaanam = manthanam of vaadam & prati- vaadam. Wisdom is the result of the churn that happens between an argument and a counter-argument, between the teacher & the student. The old gurukul system of education used to cherish this as one of its core principles of teaching. Students were encouraged to refer to other materials, discuss with fellow students and develop different point of views on the same subject by interrogating it from different perspectives.
  23. 23. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl But the “syllabus” taught teacher himself/herself is used to seeing subject matter from a one-dimensional text book perspective. The poor soul is then driven to make the students mug-up the uni-dimensional subject matter and spew it out on an exam-sheet so that marks are scored & the school can quote % and grab money. Then there is time-pressure to deal with as well. There is administrative work, paper- correction, 40/60 students per class which hardly leaves the teacher any time to prepare for more than the text-book based subject matter. Hey the poor soul also needs a personal life!
  24. 24. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl So with the smart-kids throwing a challenge… …high-end/premium schools/colleges/universities demanding multi-media skills off a teacher, the pressure on the mass-premium, smaller schools to match the claims to stay competitive is also mounting! Basically “experiential teaching = 101 of teaching now & even more so in the near future!
  25. 25. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Armed with all these learnings from quality conversations with teachers, students & parents @wolfzhowl checked out the concepts at first qualitatively with other teachers and then did a small quantitative e-survey. So these teachers who know how to operate the internet (otherwise how can they answer the survey) from all over India were exposed to the following concept:
  26. 26. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  27. 27. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl The reactions to the concept:
  28. 28. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Well even the relatively e-savvy teachers agreed with the problem at hand!
  29. 29. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Sizeofopportunityindicator
  30. 30. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  31. 31. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl 100% willing to train themselves. Even amongst those who found the offer only somewhat appealing.
  32. 32. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Suggestions for improving the concept:
  33. 33. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Hello NIIT, Hello 
  34. 34. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl When we spoke to some of the teachers post the concept, we found out: 1. More teachers in tier-2 cities, towns and even smaller towns were interested. The metros were also very interested. 2. Metros were willing to pay more for a 2-week training course (possibly because big-paying schools were more in metros), the rest though had more volumes and less e-savvy & hence higher intensity of need. 3. When you think small town think Palakollu – West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh & Towns near Gawan, Uttar Pradesh. So the size of opportunity and the depth of it is humongous. 4. Creative professionals teaching them presentation skills, ability to conduct interactive discussions, search- capabilities for presentation material & stimulus to excite and enthrall students were rated as most important. 5. Most teachers wanted an expertise-mix of senior teachers who understand their profession and its pressures and experience in dealing with students + creative professionals teaching them presentation and other softer skills. Softer skills were was what felt as missing in any institutes that currently attempt this. 6. Most teachers wanted a demo and were willing to join only post a thorough checking-out of credentials. 7. IIM accredited was rated as great, but not necessary. The demo was more a point of conviction.
  35. 35. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Still processing more information & can guide on conversation around course curriculum, branding aspects, personality and tone and manner of a brand that should be doing this etc; Contact us @:
  36. 36. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Questions you might have:
  37. 37. What is #stratalogues ? #stratalogues is an effort to immerse in the consumer world and really get to know people, rather than sitting in air conditioned cubicles and pretending to know consumers. People & their lives. #stratalogues 2013 has been a 4 & ½ month journey through Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu with more than 180+ hours of people-immersions. People from social- custodians, retailers, traders, teachers, sociology & economics professors, journalists, theater artists etc; Note: There have been a wide range of topics that we blogged, updated, tweeted, FB-posted which possibly did not lead to total clarity on what were the focal points of #stratalogues. The key focal areas are: Digital triggers for heartlands (UX/UI, Social Media content drivers, Mobile phones, Laptops etc;) Male grooming tirggers Health care triggers Urban/Rural migration (This is purely for a better understanding of the kind of things to come in India) #stratalogues is soley owned & completely done by @wolfzhowl
  38. 38. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Who is @wolfzhowl? @wolfzhowl is a behaviour & brand strategy consultancy, which believes in: Problem-loving: We love all kinds of behaviour/brand problems. Whether it is the end- consumer, influencer, sales force motivation issues, communication issues, perception change issues, getting your HR team to incorporate your brand vision based KPI’s into the evaluation system etc;…We feign over problems. So the specialization is in problem- solving (yes! As undefined as that & facilitation of solution management & implementation) Un-tooling: Too many tools in the world. One tool does not fit all – hence we do bespoke. Custom built solutions and approaches for unique problems. It’s painful for us, but fruitful too. Why the name wolfzhowl: Because it is about animal instincts, intuition and transformation. Our inspiration to self & to others: In-detail:
  39. 39. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Processing: • Digital triggers for heartlands (UX/UI, Social Media content drivers, Mobile phones, Laptops etc;) • Male grooming tirggers • Health care triggers • Urban/Rural migration (This is purely for a better understanding of the kind of things to come in India) What’s next? Note: Some of the content is for our commercial purposes & for clients only, while some more stuff we will be publishing.
  40. 40. …Howl
  41. 41. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  42. 42. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  43. 43. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl
  44. 44. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl