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A strategic instigation for the finance (home loans etc;), realty & tourism categories around the urban rural migration in India. The reverse migration: an intense need on the part of a few well-off Indians to migrate to villages will be satiated by villages abroad & not in India. Where the western /cosmopolitan attitudes, safety and better retirement infrastructure will be ideal for these white-Indians wanting to return to a simple living.

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  • Urvi Parikh has this very good observation to add: The 'best of both Indians': who have taken up dual-citizenship, spend 6 months in india (mostly in their native town) and the remaining 6 months back in their country. and that works perfectly for them. A big reason for this is that the retired NRI couples experience more loneliness abroad as compared to their Indian counterparts.. and long for that community feel. Or even Indians living in India who can afford properties outside India and split their year in India and abroad
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  • A section of NRI's are like 'kova kajjikaaya' (google images) Andhra/Telugu sweet which has khova/peda on the top and coconut sweet in the middle.
    while the westernised/urban indians are like coconuts
    brown on the outside & white inside.
    Now the NRI's are returning to roots - but some are getting disillusioned and going back as well.while some white Indians are happy staying back in INdia or going abroad and coming back
    but the palpable larger trends are: (1) White Indians - still hung over the wet, also wanting peace & quiet that India cant afford to give them - wanting to go out
    while NRI's returning to roots and wanting their children to be around their grandparents etc;
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  • a clarification was sought by one of my readers, which made me realise that I need to explain something: White Indians = western valued Indians (urbanised & westernised) - living in a parallel economy (driving through dharavi in Mumbai in their mercedes/bmw - but never been in the bylanes), parallel society. They have crossed even the 'esteem' part of maslow and can afford to look at return to roots in an exotic way. Strangely enough they are re-inventing their old traditions in a modern - very nicely packaged form example: Auyrveda - Sundari etc;, Bespoke - Samadhi clothes etc; & so on & so forth!
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#Stratalogues retire in the West!

  1. 1. #Stratalogues Live, learn & earn in the east, retire and spend in the west. The urban-rural migration conversations we had show this as the next big trend amongst the white-Indians. The white Indians have a growing need to find self-actualization in the lap of nature. They have a need to return to hamlet-living and a simple life. However they want aesthetically manicured hamlets, which have all the modern day amenities, the greenery of yesteryears (their childhood nostalgia and memories filled) villages. However the hunger for urbanization amongst the villagers (with concrete jungles seen as progress) will leave this desire of white-Indians unfulfilled in India. Hence they will look to settling down in the west, where there is an abundance of green-land and ability to provide the necessary infrastructure to make retirement comfortable. The "Baghban" phenomenon in India, where the retired old now have to live independent of their children will further fuel this trend. This will augur well for western countries who will simply import the wealth from India, by providing them green, beautiful retirement landscapes. The destinations my consumers told me are ones which would be closest to home-country & is safe (crime, racism & cultural-tolerance levels of the locals), so relatives, friends & close-family can visit them. So ASEAN, Kiwi-land, Parts of Africa – watch out!. This will not just be an India- trend, this will be a SAARC-trend soon. Note: Europe is top on the list, but costs EURO VS Rupee concerns put a dampener on this. However in the future if the Indian economy is resurgent with a stronger rupee, Europe will also be a preferred choice. Singapore which struggles with multiple visits by a single tourist, can actually leverage this. Frequent visits by relatives of these white-Indians will drive the tourism economy. #stb Implications for: finance category, realty category, tourism boards etc;.
  2. 2. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Questions you might have:
  3. 3. What is #stratalogues ? #stratalogues is an effort to immerse in the consumer world and really get to know people, rather than sitting in air conditioned cubicles and pretending to know consumers. People & their lives. #stratalogues 2013 has been a 4 & ½ month journey through Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu with more than 180+ hours of people-immersions. People from social-custodians, retailers, traders, teachers, sociology & economics professors, journalists, theater artists etc; Note: There have been a wide range of topics that we blogged, updated, tweeted, FB-posted which possibly did not lead to total clarity on what were the focal points of #stratalogues. The key focal areas are: Digital triggers for heartlands (UX/UI, Social Media content drivers, Mobile phones, Laptops etc;) Male grooming tirggers Health care triggers Urban/Rural migration (This is purely for a better understanding of the kind of things to come in India) #stratalogues is soley owned & completely done by @wolfzhowl
  4. 4. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Who is @wolfzhowl? @wolfzhowl is a behaviour & brand strategy consultancy, which believes in: Problem-loving: We love all kinds of behaviour/brand problems. Whether it is the end- consumer, influencer, sales force motivation issues, communication issues, perception change issues, getting your HR team to incorporate your brand vision based KPI’s into the evaluation system etc;…We feign over problems. So the specialization is in problem- solving (yes! As undefined as that & facilitation of solution management & implementation) Un-tooling: Too many tools in the world. One tool does not fit all – hence we do bespoke. Custom built solutions and approaches for unique problems. It’s painful for us, but fruitful too. Why the name wolfzhowl: Because it is about animal instincts, intuition and transformation. Our inspiration to self & to others: http://www.slideshare.net/ChallapalliKalyanRam/wolfzhowl-anthem-1 In-detail: in.linkedin.com/in/challapallikalyan/
  5. 5. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Processing: • Digital triggers for heartlands (UX/UI, Social Media content drivers, Mobile phones, Laptops etc;) • Male grooming tirggers • Health care triggers • Urban/Rural migration (This is purely for a better understanding of the kind of things to come in India) What’s next? Note: Some of the content is for our commercial purposes & for clients only, while some more stuff we will be publishing.
  6. 6. …Howl