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#stratalogues Digital education a biz opportunity


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This is a teaser for a strategic provocation on a biz opportunity arising out of the impact of digital on education.

So please do get teased and be a little patient as the module is getting processed and be ready for public-sharing by tomorrow/day-after tomorrow.

#stratalogues is a human-immersion initiative by wolfzhowl strategic instigation, a brand consultancy focussed on solving interesting human behavioural problems (whether the human being is an end-consumer, influencer, sales person, retailer, marketing team mate or anybody who has impact on making a brand successful & profitable).

#stratalogues 2013 has covered the states of UP & AP comprehensively and briefly touched upon coastal Tamil Nadu.

The major subjects of conversations & findings have been around:

(1) Digital (Covering Social Media, Smart Phones, Computers & content). Digital education is an important finding, but a mere by-product of what was our key focus under the digital module.

(2) Health care

(3) Male Grooming


(4) Rural - Urban migration

We are just about to conclude #stratalogues 2013 on he 17th of August and we shall start processing the pit put for both clients and some bits of it given away on the web in the spirit of "open source" - the spirit of tomorrow's world led by co-creation :)

For now, with this 2 slides, get teased ;)

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#stratalogues Digital education a biz opportunity

  1. 1. #stratalogues Digital Module: Digital impact on education! Watch-out for this space for an in-depth yet crisp report on impact of digital on education . @wolfzhowl
  2. 2. @wolfzhowl #stratalogues Digital Module: Digital impact on education! Watch this space for a strategic provocation on a digital education business opportunity!.