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Draw something strategic brand usage


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Draw Something:

A set of opinions & provocations on how to deploy a 30million + player base app for the marketing needs of your brand.

  • @sonal2112: by default or design Nike's doing the right thing. Good way to go :D

    @surramas: Agree with you that these kind of phenomenon could fade fast. But in the digital era, brands do need to reach faster and a small initiative on a relatively captive database of 30million is good enough. Also te kind of activity that you will be making consumers do, shall etch teh brand top of their mind. SO I would still reccomend it as a aprt of my mracomm ix. Only thing is - does ur mrktg objecives require this, have too many brands already on it etc; are things to evaluate.

    Note: My suggestion to all game/app/platform etc; owners is to manage teh brand communication clutter. You shall have to do it by ensuring brand participation on a periodic basis, on the basis of their idea and brand fit to your property - otherwise you might piss off users.
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  • Thanks Kalyan. Name a color is a great idea. Lego could use it. So could book shops. Ideas could be endless
    Problem is the hysteria dies after 4-6 weeks from launch of such apps before people move on the next cool thing.
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  • It would be a great idea for Paint brands, to own the color pallette and brand them. It would be a great way to launch a new color/texture etc' to 30+ million people. In app shocasing is possible.
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  • I've seen the word 'Nike' a couple of times while playing the game, and ur right, other brands should do it too!
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Draw something strategic brand usage

  1. 1. Strategic deployment of “Draw Something” by Brands
  2. 2. After finishing the drawing… you see… OR Best drawing by Ads to purchase users an upgrade
  3. 3. Earn coins on every guess… OR, you could buy them! ORCoins let you buy more colours, bombs, more options, etc… OR
  4. 4. To know how to
  5. 5. 30 million downloads & clocking….A digital – pictorial – interaction with no geographic boundaries… Not just a game, a form of expression… Interactive, expressive & addictive…
  6. 6. Our focus!!
  7. 7. Advertising efforts (pushing other apps)
  8. 8. What’s wrong with this?•While to push an APP is much better than a brand message, most players would not even be looking at this banner ad equivalent.
  9. 9. • Just like the science behind an advertorial, we need to understand the editorialenvironment of this game.• What is the natural mechanism of the game and how can we weave ourselvesin as brands.• What are the natural elements and how can we get woven into the fabric of thevery game and participate un-intrusively, rather than in a very intrusive manner.Which leads to the player ignoring it and rather getting irritated by it.• First of all, let’s understand clearly that there are players & no consumers.• Also most importantly, which kind of brands should participate & with whatmarketing objectives?.
  10. 10. This is a game of probability (questionable ROI, post-estimating conversion rates per view etc;).View – click – download % per amount of players who have noticed, seen (& not dismissed the app push)
  11. 11. Let’s break it down!!What’s the core part to the game?, that all players (eventually) will interact with and shall have to act on?What’s that part of the game, that all players do want to interact with?
  12. 12. The game throws a set of words that, Players have to choose from themplayers have to chose from. and make a drawing out of that and submit it to the their counterpart for them to guess.
  13. 13. Brands should be paying for their brand names to become a part of this word set. Imagine a consumer actually drawing your brand, that is amazing amount of involvement. Imagine the amount of people who will be drawing your brand and sharing it with others, while others are guessing it. You could look at keeping your brand on TOM and drive high awareness scores.For impulse category brands like Cola, snack etc, this si a very good opportunity.While playing this, some players might even go their fridge and take a sip out ofthe cola.
  14. 14. After every single round of playing, the game throws this screen at the player –which showcases some of the best drawing from the entire fraternity. F COKE THE BEST O Let’s call it the pictorial-push • If you feature amongst the word options, which turn into pictures – then this naturally can become your ad – which is a natural part of the game. • You can throw-up consumer generated pictures & also commission some great graphic artists to play the game & create some awesome pictures – with consumption shots, brand messages etc; • The insight: Most players are very bad artists & hence stop and marvel at each wonderful picture.
  15. 15. In this digital era, nothing’s a waste. So use every byproduct to your advantage. Brands are perplexed on how to produce consumer engaging, brand relevant content to feed onto their digital platforms.• As a part of the deal you crack with the game owner, request for some the best, funniest,cutest drawings of your brand. Make a shot video out of it and upload it on youtube and link it to your brand page on Face Book. • If you can actually get these pictures with the players names & id’s on it – even morewonderful. These players would push themselves to go check out the video and also push their friends.• To top it all, these pictorial expressions – represent consumer love and also could of great interest to e-surfers. • The gameowner would love it, cause it will give his game even more publicity.
  16. 16. Why should the game owner allow it (Brand names as words)?On an average, After around 5/6 rounds with 5/6 different players, the words startrepeating themselves. This becomes boring to draw after that.The game is trying to push you to buy into the next level to unlock new words.While the game owner can still continue to do the same, the period between beingbored & needing to unlock new words can prolonged for mutual profitability of thebrands as well as the game owner and the players.
  17. 17. The next level for brands: Players want more colors, more words etc; to draw something better. The pictorial-push also whets the appetite of players for more colours & to draw something better.The pictorial-push The players need to pay money or get points to upgrade. There is impatience to earn those points and also barriers to make more money.
  18. 18. Create a brand-draw section Help players gain access to this, by playing in the brand-draw section Replace the words: • With phrases. Either brand lines like “Open happiness” or “impossible is nothing”. • Drive usage synergy. Example: draw “drink with bee hoon noodles/burger/dosa etc;”.Players also would love to tryand draw something tougher.So use this…
  19. 19. Imagine a % of 20 million people drawing your brand positioning, campaign line or even consumption occasion. It will be etched in the mind of players drawing it and guessing it. More powerful than any ad, eh?!Let players earn more points (subsidized by the brands) and unlock all the goodies they want.
  20. 20. Open…….!!!!
  21. 21. You can even open a custom name & play as a brandYou can even open a custom name & play as a brand, but don’t abuse it by overusing it!!
  22. 22. Hopefully, a % of players once they earn points, exit the brand-draw section –unlock their colors etc; - when they come back to the regular part of the game –when they see a word of the brand name (EXAMPLE: Coke) will draw/use“open happiness” and force the other player to guess.The % this shall happen will be very less, but when it does happen – the impactearned will be invaluable.
  23. 23. Create branded digital-stencils for basic shapes and become part of the things they can unlock.Not all players are terrific at drawing, infact most of them are not!
  24. 24. If you start thinking in-game environment, you can come-up with more to do.
  25. 25. Some provocations as to who can use this:• High impulse brands (Colas, snacks, chewing gums etc; - which need to haveTOM and need to be constantly in view).• Key campaign within the branded section.• New product launches – when you want to drive product USP’s (but make surethat you break the usps into a simple, human and most importantly easy to draw &easy to guess level). Note: You could negotiate a seasonal, specific time-period participation too. Example: Tourism Boards, trying to drive destinations during key travel seasons (Taj Mahal for Idia, Kerala God’s own country – by branding them as Indian Holiday as a word to be drawn etc;).
  26. 26. Key tips/learnings:• Do not mindlessly participate: think whether any of your marketingobjectives can be served by participating within the game environment.• Just like you think channel insights when you think Face Book, thing in-app/game insights to weave your brand initiative into the very fabric of the game.• Be cautious & do not overdo & become an irritation.• Think of benefits for the game owner too, otherwise he/she wont allow it.• Players are transactional too, so be unafraid to do a barter with them –know my brand, engage with it and earn something.
  27. 27. Other provocations by “Wolfzhowl”: