Digital delight: customer service in digital age


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In the digital age, custimer service means far more than answering a phone call or replying to a mail or handlinga complaint.

It is going beyond these basics and enabling a great purchase & usage journey for the customer.

This presentation hopefullt helps you think, what are the pain points for customers & how can we ease them? what are teh pleasure points and how can we enhance them and most importantly how can we value add beyond what they expect and digitally delight them.

Happy reading...may it provoke you!

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Digital delight: customer service in digital age

  1. 1. “Digital-delight” Towards consumer delight: “digitizing your customer service”
  2. 2. A few customer service “ha-ha-ha’s”…
  3. 3. “ A customer phoned to complain following the delivery of a curtain pole. On finding no one home, the driver decided it would be possible to still deliver the pole - through the letterbox. When the customerreturned they found their dog pinned to the wall.”
  4. 4. “ A new business was opening and one of the owners friendswanted to send flowers for the occasion.They arrived at the new business site and the owner read thecard.It said "Rest in Peace".The owner was angry and called the florist to complain. After hehad told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry hewas,The florist said:"Sir, Im really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angryyou should imagine this: somewhere there is a funeral takingplace today, and they have flowers with a notesaying Congratulations on your new location."
  5. 5. What, you didn’t know was that there wereapproximately 14,000 people who read them, shared them… If it was a story about your brand.. …its not that’s funny…aint it?!
  6. 6. As marketers, we need to WAKE-UP!!Gone are the days, when we consumers used to write one-to-onecomplaint letters or mails to us, which we could read and chose to respond to or not…
  7. 7. The consumers now have a loudspeaker, a contagious – social mouth piece
  8. 8. Where a single bad experience can put off 000’s of people off the brand…If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends. JEFF BEZOS
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  17. 17. & most importantly an opportunity to leave an indelible impression
  18. 18. Each customer service experience is either a profitable opportunity made, or lost…
  19. 19. But more importantly, in todays age – digital customer service is another strong way to “ customer belief”.It leads directly to brand equity & preference!
  21. 21. CUSTOMERS WANT BRANDS TO NOT JUST PROMISE, BUT TO PROVE TO THEM THAT THEY WILL DELIVER ON WHAT THEY PROMISE… When hungry, will When in a car accident, our orange force When in urgentreach you in 30min. will reach you to help you on the spot. need of cash, we will help you find an ATM.
  22. 22. These customer digital-delights, have multiple advantages:(1) Faster, easier & in most cases low-cost (as compared to manual services involving heavy restructuring and investment in manpower and training)(2) Once set-up, need only maintenance(3) If there is a strong consumer need behind the idea of these digital- delights, they can last a very long time.(4) These initiatives most importantly help you target a whole new set of consumers who are increasingly not available otherwise to you.(5) Most definitely helps in making your brand new age.
  23. 23. DO NOT FORGET: if even one of your digital-delights are downloaded and used frequently by customers, technology enables you to turn these into your own private & personal media channel with the customer.Via, this personal media vehicles, You could:1. Announce all your new news to the customers2. Cross-sell3. Reward them and incentivize them4. Launch your new campaign (if done right)5. Etc; This is going to be a big part of media planning, buying & selling of the future.Strong digital-delights have already started making money by becoming a platform for other brands…
  24. 24. No wonder, brands are bending over backwards dying to deliver a wow customer digital-delight experience…
  25. 25. Let’s look at what brands are doing in the area of customer service…
  26. 26. Helping customers change habits, cut costs,Extending way beyond product enabling them to do better and easing the& focussing on reaching out to customers. decision making process. Brands are…extending service to make thingseasier for them & simplifying in the Tapping into customers passions &financial services category. enabling them.
  27. 27. Extending way beyond product& focussing on reaching out to customers.
  28. 28. Ikea’s Interactive catalogue• Brand: IKEA• Category: Retail• Media: Mobile app• Country: Spain• jM – Winner of the Cannes gold cyber lion (2010) – entry from span (Madrid)
  29. 29. HomePlus subway virtual store• Brand: Tesco (Home Plus)• Category: Retail and e-commerce• Media: Technology – mobile app + outdoor• Country: South Korea• er_embedded&v=nJVoYsBym88 – Winner at Cannes (2011) – Gold Media Lion (Retail and E-commerce)
  30. 30. Dominos Pizza location-based App• Brand: Domino’s Pizza• Category: Retail• Media: Mobile app• Country: Japan• er_embedded&v=DjyttGaaq_k – Bronze winner at Cannes (2011) – Promo & Activation Lion
  31. 31. Helping customers change habits, cut costs,enabling them to do better and easing thedecision making process.
  32. 32. Westpac’s Impulse Saver• Brand: Westpac• Category: Financial Products & Services• Media: Mobile app• Country: New Zealand• er_embedded&v=M9v9HpR4qTU – Winner of a Bronze at the Cannes (2011) – Promo & Activation
  33. 33. The CommBank Property Guide Application• Brand: CommBank• Category: Real Estate• Media: Mobile app• Country: Australia• MB_w&feature=player_embedded – Winner of Silver Media Lion at Cannes (2011)
  34. 34. U-Late Hotline• Brand: UA Cinemas• Category: Entertainment & Retail• Media: Telecommunication• City: Hong Kong• late/index.html – Winner of Spikes Asia Mobile silver spike 2011
  35. 35. Tapping into customers passions & enabling them.
  36. 36. Pedigree’s Doggleganger & Dog-a-like• Brand: Pedigree• Category: Pet care and Adoption drive• Media: Adoption center + Innovative software + Mobile app• Country: New Zealand & Australia•• bile/ – Winner of Spikes Asia Digital Grand Prix 2011 and Mobile Gold spike
  37. 37. Starbucks ‘Sparks’• Brand: Starbucks• Category: Retail• Media: Integrated• Country: USA• /4362 – Winner of Effie 2011 Bronze
  38. 38. Delay the workday• Brand: 361o• Category: Sports Retail• Media: Social media• Country: China• index.cfm?award=4 – Winner of Effie 2011 Bronze
  39. 39. My car is your car• Brand: IAG: NRMA, SGIO, SGIC• Category: car insurance• Media: offline, TV and social media• Country: Australia• index.cfm?award=4 – Winner of spikes Asia Promo and Activation Gold spike 2011
  40. 40. & in the financial services category,extending service to make thingseasier for them & simplifying.
  41. 41. Monarch innovation awards
  42. 42. Example #1 - Capital Access Network• Brand: Capital Access Network• Product: Daily Remittance Platform™ - a B2B financial services product• Award category: Overall most innovative product of the year – 2011• Product description: An end-to-end finance delivery system enabling small and mid-sized business (SMB) finance providers to offer “daily” remittance and recurring revenue-based finance products while driving credit card issuance and acceptance
  43. 43. Example #1 - Capital Access Network Judges’ Quote:“This is a win-win – more capital for more small and mid-sized businesses and more loan growth with less risk to banks and other capital providers. What an enormous opportunity. CAN’s Daily Remittance Platform challenges and changes accepted credit decisioning and loan management practices at a time when the entire financial industry is desperately looking to grow their loan books and mitigate risk. DRP is a proven innovation and the perfect choice for this honour.”
  44. 44. Example #2 - SunTrust• Brand: SunTrust• Product: eClaim Revenue Gateway®• Award category: Most innovative product of the year – 2010• Product description: A revenue cycle management solution designed to help healthcare providers accelerate insurance claim submissions and payment collection. This enables medical & dental practices and hospitals to focus more time and resources on patient healthcare. A key innovation is providing clients with a single, secure electronic portal for submitting claims to payers (both insurance and private payers), tracking claims, checking real-time eligibility, receiving payments and reviewing payment data relating to the claim. In addition to providing faster access to cash receivables, the benefits include maximized cash flow, improved workflow, enhanced operational efficiency and reduced errors.
  45. 45. Example #1 - SunTrust Judges’ Quote:"With the complexity of the insurance industry, the business side of running a medical practice has become increasingly hard. eClaim Revenue Gateway is an important product for the medical community; the platform that SunTrust provides is huge"
  46. 46. Example #3 - SunTrust• Brand: SunTrust• Product: Expense Manager (within SunTrusts Enterprise Spend Platform)• Award category: Most Innovative Feature (special mention)– 2010• Product description: Expense Manager is a key component within SunTrusts Enterprise Spend Platform - a single online solution for managing travel and entertainment, procurement and payables processes. The primary innovation of this product is its ability to seamlessly integrate a new expense management system with Enterprise Spend Platform – allowing clients to use one application to handle all expense management activities. Designed to help companies track expenses and reduce time involved in the reporting process, Expense Manager offers clients the ability to submit and store receipts online through both file upload and standard fax. The application can accept card transaction data feeds from multiple card issuers and is available in 15 languages.
  47. 47. Example #4 – Wells Fargo• Brand: Wells Fargo• Product: The Wells Fargo Business Insight Series• Award category: Most Innovative Feature – 2010• Product description: the goal of the program – a series of webcasts, has been to provide educational resources to small business owners in a rich media platform that deepens their relationships with their target audiences. The series positions Wells Fargo as an industry leader and trusted advisor by offering expert advice and original stories presented with quality production that aligns with the Wells Fargo brand.
  48. 48. Example #5 – Union Bank• Brand: Union Bank• Product: Remote Deposit with Account Receivables Integration• Award category: Honorable Mention in the Product category– 2010• Product description: Remote Deposit with Account Receivables Integration gives the bank’s business customers the ability to scan checks and electronically submit the images as deposits to Union Bank. Benefits include: Faster access to deposited funds Extended deposit deadlines Reduced courier and check-handling costs Reduced banking fees The integration of Remote Deposit and QuickBooks enables customers to electronically submit their deposits and reconcile their account receivables in one process flow.
  49. 49. Example #6 – U.S Bank• Brand: US Bank• Product: ScoreBoard online payments management tool• Award category: Most Innovative Feature – 2011• Product description: ScoreBoard provides trending and reporting data that allows customers to monitor their own credit card spending and also compare their card sales data to industry trends. Available through the customers existing online account access tools, ScoreBoard features easy-to-read charts and graphs that provide a monthly snapshot of their credit card purchases and payments. It also gives customers an insight into their merchant accounts, tracking sales transactions when customers use a card for payment of goods and services.
  50. 50. Example #7 – Citi• Brand: Citi• Product: Citi Treasury Diagnostics• Award category: Most Innovative Product – 2011• Product description: Citi Treasury Diagnostics is an online service that tabulates clients’ treasury practices against peer data to help identify gaps and opportunities. The benchmarking service covers the key pillars of treasury operations, including liquidity, working capital, risk, intercompany funding, technology, and policy and governance. Citi has associated advisory services to help clients prioritize execution plans to address these opportunities.
  51. 51. In summary…
  52. 52. Let’s ask ourselves:1. How are we extending beyond our product and reaching out to customers?2. Helping them change/fight habits, cut costs & benefit them or assisting & easing the decision making process?3. Enabling their passions and bridging a relationship beyond the commercial & transactional.4. Simplifying and easing their interaction inconveniences?Are we losing an opportunity or are we doing enough to gain one?
  53. 53. Are you digitally delighting your customer?
  54. 54. Other provocations by “Wolfzhowl”: