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Deploying Facebook shared photo album for brands!

This is a strategic provocation from wolfzhowl around the deployment & usage of Facebook's newly launched "Share Photo Album" feature.

This attempts to understand the mechanics of the feature, how human beings will use it for which possible emotional - social needs and how brand hence can leverage it.

This provocation again clearly demonstrates as to why Digital/Social are driven by people, their emotional personal & social needs and hence how it is important to understand their behaviour and then map the channel insights of that particular medium's facilitates & satisfies those emotional human needs (which is where channel mechanic kick-in).

This is the reason why DIgital media brands like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc; actually need behaviour strategy experts in-house to help design features as well as to explaining to brands & agencies on how to employ them!

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Deploying Facebook shared photo album for brands!

  1. 1. Facebook is launching “Shared Photo Album”” in an era where digital photography & smart phone has made every a semi- professional clicker!
  2. 2. Facebook “Shared Photo Album”
  3. 3. Index • Mechanics explained: App functions • Facts about the application • How will the social-surfer employ it? • How Brands can leverage it?
  4. 4. Index • Mechanics explained: App functions • Facts about the application • How will the social-surfer employ it? • How Brands can leverage it?
  5. 5. Shared Photo Album - Functionality
  6. 6. Index • Mechanics explained: App functions • Facts about the application • How will the social-surfer employ it? • How Brands can leverage it?
  7. 7. 10,000 photos can be added on the album, 50 contributors can be added and every contributor has a limit of 200 photos. Sounds Vast! But lets get real No user will add 200 photos individually in one album No album will have 50 contributors at once No album will have 10,000 photos uploaded It is always good to have more space - 10,000 photos, 50 contributors, 200 photos each But more space is not a necessity, so don’t go with the numbers above . Keeping it simple, small and real is what makes a tool work on social. Think even 3/5 people uploading a pic each – but boundaries are as large as 10k pix, 50 ppl & 200 pix per person as the flexibility (maybe Woodstock, F1 etc, big fat Greek or Indian wedding; will see utilization of the outer boundary) About the Application - Facts
  8. 8. At the core, the feature simply put is: # for a set of pictures, possibly around a single purpose. A moot point, a single bucket which capture visuals from multiple pic-up loaders!
  9. 9. Index • Mechanics explained: App functions • Facts about the application • How will the social-surfer employ it? • How Brands can leverage it?
  10. 10. How will it be useful for Aam Janta? • Education – Sharing notes for an upcoming exam with the entire classroom by uploading Jpegs on the album. An important project slide can also be shared through screenshots uploaded. Hence creating a knowledge hub wherein all important notes and projects are stored. These notes can be referred at any point of time, even after completing a certain course. • Planning a trip – Planning a trip with fiends for the upcoming vacations? Creating a group wherein friends can pool in their suggestions by uploading a photo of their desired vacation spot. This will open conversations and build a beautiful content for the album. In short, creating a discussion group. • Surprise Birthday gift or a friend - This tool can be used to plan a surprise birthday gift for a friend. Friends can suggest a perfect birthday gift by uploading Jepg on the album. Or one of the friend can visit a showroom, take a few pictures of the desired gift, get feedback and comments on it and then come to decision. Friends who have pooled money to buy a friend a gift, often employ one friend t be the procurer, but want to have a say in picking a gift out of multiple options that the procurer socuts for. • Relive the past – Some precious moments from your school/colleges days can uploaded in one single album. Rather than gathering scattered piece of information, this tool will be a hub where your special moments can be stored. A great way to interact with old friends and keep in touch with them. This could be a photo book for many years to come. • Wedding - This tool can be used as a wedding album which will remain as a memory for years to come. Wedding is a great occasion for friends, relatives to interact and have fun. Multiple photos are taken on this occasion by ,multiple clickers. This tool can be used to add thousands of photos by multiple users thereby creating a wonderful and colorful album. With the tag option, one can tag as many guests as they want. The wedding couple could create an empty album and nominate friends whom they know are shutter-bugs – who can then pool their individual expressions collectively in one bucket, which Is easily accessible to the wedding couple. • Etc;
  11. 11. Index • Mechanics explained: App functions • Facts about the application • How will the social-surfer employ it? • How Brands can leverage it?
  12. 12. How brands can benefit Nescafe creates an album called "pappa rappa paa raa ra" and says: "upload your favourite Nescafé morning moments" - best one wins. Consumer has to put-up a picture, give it a caption and the one with the most likes wins a Nescafe morning brunch/breakfast in a nice location - where Nescafe is served. What's in it for the brand?: People on Social Media get to see and associate other's morning moments with Nescafe & you are influencing others to have Nescafe in the morning! #Nescafe mornings pictorially. “pappa rappa paa raa ra” “Birthday’s ” Making birthday parties a special moment for all, brand can add photos of the birthday parties and also capture emotions, expressions of other users present at the outlet. These photos can be uploaded on their brand page with a Mc Donalds logo on the picture, this is not only giving the user importance but also promoting the fact that birthday parties at McDonalds can be exciting for all. Hence influencing another set of parents to celebrate their kid’s birthday at McDonalds #Mcbirthday pix..
  13. 13. “Fizz Facts” Users to upload Interesting Meme highlighting current affairs (sports, politics, entertainment). The best Meme wins a fizz-treat Memes help in reaching a wider audience as it works in the mechanism of sharing! Who is the cool-buddy to hang out with & cool hang-out moments can be a cntest as well, where #coolhangoutmoments pix are mooted and hence brand proposition is brought alive to the consumer.
  14. 14. Upload your let's go moments and win x% discount on your alto spare parts etc. A brand which already involves propositions like Family, emotions & relationships, seems like a perfect tool to leverage upon This campaign will be targeted for newly married couples planning to buy a first car, who are then influenced by the “let’s go moments of a young ouple who already owns an ALTO”. #momentsoflet’sgo pics. “Alto Lets Go Moments” Automotive brands can push contestants/participants to share live pictures from the drives . For Example, Ford Urban discoveries, here the participants can share live photos from the drive thereby generating higher user content. User content with highest likes or reach can win a week with car. So a contest within a contest . #moments of discovery pic – hence possibly establishing a SUV brand as the best discovery brand – igniting need to offroad and dscover on the part of others. Best pics can be rewarded by A Mahindra Scorpio with free-stay on their next off road trip by Club Mahindra Holidays. “Live updates from launch or drives” How brands can benefit
  15. 15. “A Live Car Launch by users” A campaign where random users have to collect clues on ground about the upcoming car, take a picture of it (Tyre mark, a particular design element of the car) and upload it on Facebook. With the completion of all the clues, the brand will then unveil the car. Every user will be gratified with their names being highlighted on the brand page. This campaign is suited for car enthusiasts and is useful for niche brands whose popularity quotient is good among fans (Audi, BMW, Merc,). A #of different parts of the car which are spotted in a treasure hunt fashion by auto-enthusiasts. Only after all X number of parts are uploaded to the album will the new car be revealed. “Look Vs occasion” Users will be given a new situation/occasion everyday, they have to take a picture of themselves with the look that will suit the best. The best suited look will win a hamper. Photos will be open to suggestions and comments. A #of styles mapped over life-moments which drives both the brand core as well as seeds usage occasion ideas to the consumer. How brands can benefit
  16. 16. “On-ground events” A lot of people come for a brand’s on-ground event. Launch function, engagement camps etc; A lot of people post pictures of them & their friends. But a lot of pictures get spread away from the brand. Hence the brand can actually create an album and tell all the foot-falls to upload to this album. These tagged uploads then automatically increase reach & viral-potency of the brand activity. #event pictures.
  17. 17. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Consumer behavioral insights always come before the channel insights. Both are equally important, but the sequence of thinking is as important too. Digital an interactive, almost biological alive medium is even more so dependent on the emotional needs of a behaviour which are then facilitated using channel behaviour/usage insights!
  18. 18. Source: #stratalogues Strategic instigation by: @wolfzhowl Who is @wolfzhowl? @wolfzhowl is a behaviour & brand strategy consultancy, which believes in: Problem-loving: We love all kinds of behaviour/brand problems. Whether it is the end- consumer, influencer, sales force motivation issues, communication issues, perception change issues, getting your HR team to incorporate your brand vision based KPI’s into the evaluation system etc;…We feign over problems. So the specialization is in problem- solving (yes! As undefined as that & facilitation of solution management & implementation) Un-tooling: Too many tools in the world. One tool does not fit all – hence we do bespoke. Custom built solutions and approaches for unique problems. It’s painful for us, but fruitful too. Why the name wolfzhowl: Because it is about animal instincts, intuition and transformation. Our inspiration to self & to others: In-detail: #stratalogues on Facebook & twitter
  19. 19. …howl