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Mediacom or Starcomm in Australia already have helped Pedigree launch this cafe  
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complete consumer engament strategy

This is a consumer engagement presentation with digital at core. It is a strategic provocation which aims to create an eco-system that can be implemented for any and all brands. In an increasingly fragmented media-scenario and an emerging digital scenario (where everyone is still learning), it is important that the discipline of building a brand is brought back even more strongly. There are simply still too many innovations people are chasing and getting distracted by. No matter which media the consumer basic human emotion and need remains the same. Their behaviour in fulfilling this need is what differs from medium to medium and digitally - channel to channel - basis the DNA of that channel. Hence the core still has to be the larger purpose of the brand and the channel strategy still has to be guided by that core. It's high time we stopped monkeying around with a brand and get back to orchestrating a brand. If you think orchestration, then you will see all new additions and innovations as wonderful and new musical instruments that
add more depth and colour to the fabric of your brand. Instead of stitching together several knee-jerk reactions to every new thing and calling it strategy.

A few opinions - right or wrong, atleast provocative.

Left out CRM as part of this - maybe my next thlog (thought blog).

Thank you for your patience :)

complete consumer engament strategy

  1. 65. Mediacom or Starcomm in Australia already have helped Pedigree launch this cafe 