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This presentation on app development for/by brands is a strategic provocation that aims to hit all the 4 digital - birds with one stone. Eliminate: (1) app - irrelevance to consumer (& hence decrease/fight app-clutter), (2) buzz and promotion around a new app, (3) expensive problem of driving downloads and frequency of usage - post download (4) Using consumers & app developers to motivate each other to produce great apps. Thereby making innovation a fun thing, adding back the buzz around the brand and also cutting both creation & promotion costs by leveraging co-creation.

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App my life digital initiatives

  1. 1. In collaboration with Leon Traazil App my life
  2. 2. Most Important: OIS 2 nd Most Important: Apps
  3. 3. The yin & yang of smart phones sales Hardware Apps converged technologies While the hardware dictates what can be done. The apps enable ‘how’ part of what can be done. Our focus
  4. 4. Worldwide sales of smartphone devices will reach 2.5 billion between now and 2015 as consumers take advantage of the wealth of available applications and technologies, according to a new report by Coda Research Consultancy. Company founder and report author Steve Smith said that the main reason for this dramatic rise will be the breadth of services the devices can support. Applications form one of the main reasons for the growth of smart phones. We would not be seeing the level of sales if it wasn't for the level of converged technologies smartphone devices can offer compared to standard mobile devices," … source:
  5. 5. How do non-android platform based brands stand in this app-drive?
  6. 6. iPhone a clear leader on all the parameters Blackberry second on OIS & a distant second on apps. Even Blackberry users/loyalists though have rated BB OIS as superior, they have rated BB apps as very inferior to iPhone. Nokia hardly features & LG, Sony etc almost non-existent.
  7. 7. Mining deeper into the app perceptions
  8. 8. Most consumers have rated apps usefulness in their daily life either for fun or functionality as the most important factor in the choice & use of an app.
  9. 9. How do consumers rate BB on apps
  10. 10. … apps of other brands are either rated as “a few good ones, but mostly not great or their apps suck. While all/most iPhone apps are rated as cool…
  11. 11. Issue 1: Being rated very low on apps, an important driving factor in the sale of a smart phone.
  12. 12. While the consumers think their apps are not cool, the key question is why don’t they have apps that are cool?
  13. 13. The other factor in having great apps: The app developer End user/Consumer
  14. 15. Even though brands seem to be making efforts, why is it that app developers still seem reluctant…
  15. 16. Even though brands seem to be making efforts, why is it that app developers still seem reluctant…
  16. 17. Efforts are not lacking…
  17. 18. Efforts are not lacking…
  18. 19. The chicken & egg situation
  19. 20. While there seem to be some OS & processes issues, on which Brands are working, there are other powerful softer issues as well…
  20. 21. Let’s unearth motivations beyond just the rational efforts on part of brands to woo developers…
  21. 22. App: developers A deep dive into their mindsets… getting to understand them
  22. 23. The app developers : (sel image of app innovators) Creator, intense yet fun, open source a philosophy, technology their canvass for creativity, above normal (others: mere mortals), the need to create, the high of ‘cracking something new’.
  23. 24. Yesterday Today Obsessed with technology only, socially handicapped. Only for the love of ‘creating’. Uni-dimensional lives etc; GEEK Still obsessed with technology, but socially active. Multi-dimensional lives, rich, wealthy & FAMOUS . KEWL DUDE
  24. 25. The new age innovator has dual issues: product & perception Our focus
  25. 26. To sum-up the app developer issues : They need to believe that the brand is cool & open to doing something really innovative & creative. They need to think that the brand is also one of the tickets to their fame & wealth. They need to think that the brand will be perceived as cool & ‘with it’ by consumers/end-users. They need to feel our intent to change. They need a visible & palpable demonstration of the change we have been promising…
  26. 27. The strategic issue
  27. 28. app developers app users iPhone, android, etc. are way more cooler to develop apps for. Too much red tape. The chance of your app making it big is more on iPhone & Android , ppl think these brands are damn cool. Not cool enough apps on other brands. Also the way to access the apps is tedious. “ iPhone & Android apps cooler Vs apps of other brands ” Cyclic issues, each feeding the other!
  28. 29. So how do we conquer this problem? Is there an opportunity in the app space, that is left unexplored, unexploited? Is there a need on the part of the app developer & the end-user that we can address?
  29. 30. Let’s take a look at the 3 parties involved: The app developers The platform owners The end users & let’s understand what they have to say:
  30. 31. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  31. 32. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  32. 33. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  33. 34. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  34. 35. Iam actively interested in new apps (high desire) “ but ”
  35. 36. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  36. 37. & “ to top it… ”
  37. 38. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  38. 39. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  39. 40. Between the 3, there seems to be: “ tension & miscommunication ”
  40. 41. Platform owners don’t understand me. I sink in so much time & money & they just reject me or wanna drown me in processes. & after all of this, I get to make money only if the end-users buy my apps. Platform owners feature crap. I don’t interact much with app developers themselves, but when you do some of them seem to be peddling crap. Most apps out there are not good, what use are of they to me. App developers don’t understand the need to ensure the efficacy of the app, they just have an idea & they think that’s the best. They don’t understand what the end users want. Yet we need the good ones to produce the good apps. The app developers The platform owners The end users
  41. 42. While 3-party fight is on… what does the future hold – where is the digital space headed? The app developers The platform owners The end users
  42. 43. The future of all things… … Digital
  43. 44. & “ specifically about apps ”
  44. 45. The future of all things… … Digital
  45. 46. “ The big opportunity ”
  46. 47. What the consumer wants What the category offers “ apps with a purpose ”
  47. 48. & the best way to bring that about is…
  48. 49. The platform owners The app developers The end users to not operate in a linear fashion… The app developers The end users To truly become a platform & Create direct interface
  49. 50. The idea
  50. 51. “ app my life ”
  51. 52. Hire a cool app developer. “ Brand X” app team Brand X app world Pair him up with a charismatic anchor Excite & invite end user about interaction with app developer. The Brand app team interacts with the person for a day & understands their needs. Post interaction, app team of the phone brand, takes the user’s phone away to the Brand’s app lab. apps which serve a purpose in the user’s life are developed at the state of the art Brand’s app lab These custom made purpose apps are loaded on to a Brand’s device & then gifted to the user. The newly developed purpose apps then get featured on the Brand’s app world for other users who find them useful to download & buy.
  52. 53. We hire a YouTube channel & broadcast the show there & link it to social media to fuel both enlisting into the program, as well as interaction & debate.
  53. 54. Best of all, the other major issue with apps is getting it into the consumer’s mind space. This idea slingshots an app as the apps are taking birth right amidst their life & not in some secret lab  .