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  1. 1. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Music for the Local Area. Welcome
  2. 2. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Main Objectives To create a unique music magazine, focusing on the local area. To inspire and recognise local unsigned talent. Magazine will be 28 pages.
  3. 3. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Why Music? Research into the audience showed: 80% of students listen to music on average 5+ hours and spend £10-20 regularly on music related products.
  5. 5. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Client Constraints Limited Funding – Northern Echo needs to conserve money. Less Risky – Risky content/style has a chance of not selling. Target Local Audience – A local business, a local audience. High Production Standards – Product must be professional. Less Profit – 33% revenue goes to Newsquest.
  6. 6. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE ACCURACY - The information, such as interviews, must be entirely true. CHILDREN - Interviews, photographs etc of people under 16 must have parent or guardian’s consent. PRIVACY - Content must not contain unnecessary information, such as a person’s private life.
  7. 7. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE The Audience Students who love music – Young Alts Ages 16-24 The content must be suitable for under 18’s Not watered down. Have a rebellious edge
  8. 8. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE The Audience Cont. 80% spend £10-£20 on music related products
  9. 9. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Genre Research Looking at existing magazines, to inspire the design. Music magazines have similar design and content.
  10. 10. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Genre Research Cont. Typical Content: Interviews Reviews – Bands, Albums, Gigs Previews – eg Albums near release Front cover has an image of the featured band/musician
  11. 11. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Experimenting I began experimenting with ideas for the design. 2 Digital Mock-Ups – Alternate DPS 4 Hand Drawn Plans – Cover, Contents and two DPS
  12. 12. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Mock-Up One Follows a three-colour ^ scheme, green, blue, white Headline – stands out from rest of page.Introduction paragraphSeparate from body text > < Main article. Formal/serious tone. A lot of text
  13. 13. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Mock-Up Two < Headline stands out due to unusual positioning Article has a more informal tone, using Follows a three-colour scheme, colloquial language red, black, white. < broken up paragraphs Ripped effect gives off Make it seem there’s less rebellious tone > text.
  14. 14. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Mock-Up Feedback Mock-Up Two was preferred by the audience. They “like the ripped effect” The “colour scheme stands out” [Red, White, Black] I decided to develop the design of Mock-Up Two.
  15. 15. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Flat Plan - CoverUsing the colour scheme:Red, Black, White. < Image uses ‘pyramid angle’ similar to Kerrang! example.Headline doesn’t reveal all > < A competition which also Offers, which entice the entices the audience. audience to buy >
  16. 16. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Flat Plan - Cover Continues using three-colour scheme.Contents shown on left side – < ‘Exclusive’ intrigues theas people read left to right > reader.
  17. 17. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Flat Plan – DPS 1 < Headline stands out because of unusual position < Article broken up into stepThree colour by step. Makes it easier to read.scheme, red, black, white.Torn effect gives rebellioustone. Model is of same age as the audience. Readers find it more relatable > Improvement of mock-up two
  18. 18. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Flat Plan – DPS 2 < Headline is large, so draws attention. < Image takes up a lot of space. < Introduction is Breaks up text different colour to body text, so it stands out < Quote stands out due to box around itThree colour schemeused, Red, Black, White Layout follows same scheme as all the other pages, ie ripped effect.
  19. 19. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Income Price per issue - £1.00 Distribution – ~5000 Sales; £5000 copies Advertising; Majority of income £11,250 comes from advertising. Advertising spaces generate the most income for a business.
  20. 20. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Advertising Rates Double Page £1300 Full Page £800 Half Page £500 Quarter Page £250 Eighth Page £1200 Outside Back £1200 Inside Front £950 Inside Back £850
  21. 21. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE Expenditure Post-Production has the largest cost! Distribution; Production; £3,952.00 £4,364.00 Post Production; £6,233.00
  22. 22. OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE NET Profit - £1,701 Expenditure Expenditure£14,549 Income Income£16,250 NET Profit£1,701 47% 53%
  23. 23. Thank you.