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CLASS Facts And Figures August 2009


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CLASS Facts And Figures August 2009

  1. 1. Facts and Figures August 2009 Through the CLASS Project almost one out of every six Oregon students will have the opportunity to learn in a school where teachers are leading the way to higher achievement.    12 Oregon school districts Cost of implementation:   16% of Oregon students $ 100 per student      18% of Oregon teachers  15% of Oregon ESL students • Low teacher retention rates cost Oregon $45  million a year in teacher turnover costs.     18% of Oregon free/reduced lunch students  16% of Oregon minority students • Nearly 40% of Oregon teachers leave teaching    within their first five years.      • In Oregon, 53% of the teaching workforce is    over 50, the same as the national figure.      Chalkboard Contacts:      Sue Hildick  Kate Dickson   Aimee Craig  President  Vice President, Education Policy  Communications Manager