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Chalkboard Project, May 2007


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Chalkboard's May 2007 update to the community.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Chalkboard Project, May 2007

  1. 1. Inspiring Oregonians… to do what it takes to make our schools among the nation’s best. CLASS Project Meeting • May 30, 2007
  2. 2. 2007 Chalkboard legislative priorities • Ensure educator excellence • Create early learning success • Increase efficiency, accountability and savings through better financial practices • Strengthen school funding An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  3. 3. THE ISSUE: Highly qualified teachers are critical to raising student achievement • Provide each new teacher and principal with mentors • Establish statewide public/private partnership to strengthen ongoing professional development for educators House Bills 2574 (mentoring) and 2614 (prof. development) Status: 2574 passed House Education Committee, budget passed by Joint Ways & Means Committee; 2614 passed House Education Committee, pending in Ways & Means An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  4. 4. Oregon Collaborative for Educational Excellence • Independent, public/private partnership • $1.2 million committed by state; foundations will match • Provide infrastructure for research- and standards- based professional development for teachers and administrators • Will work in partnership with many stakeholders to support high-quality teaching and school leadership • Tangible results will include: • 6 regional professional development centers, using existing infrastructure • Web-based virtual learning network • Standards for high-quality, job-embedded professional development • Guidance and support for new mentoring program An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  5. 5. THE ISSUE: Students must be readers by the end of third grade or face long odds in school and life • Reduce class size to 15 students in K-1 • Provide a reading tutor to every child not reading at grade level in K-3 • Provide placeholder funding for full-day kindergarten and future middle/high school interventions House Bill 2612, Senate Bill 318 Status: Joint Ways & Means Committee included performance measures in school improvement fund budget; SB 318 includes “soft targeting” of school improvement funds An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  6. 6. THE ISSUE: 40% of Oregonians believe schools already have all the money they need, and just need to be more efficient • Identify and share best financial practices with all districts, and monitor all districts regularly • Restructure transportation funding formula to encourage more busing cost efficiency House Bill 2613, Senate Bill 47 Status: Joint Ways & Means Committee added transportation study to ODE budget; amendments to SB 47 still pending An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  7. 7. THE ISSUE: Oregon has one of the most unstable school funding structures in the country; 82% agree that instability is an obstacle to school success • Establish guaranteed level of per-student spending that maintains current services and invests in more research-proven practices • Double the size of the state’s school stability fund, and use a combination of sources, including the corporate kicker, to fill it House Bill 2615 Status: Rainy day fund passed and signed by governor, HB 3338 provides legislative study on per-student funding An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  8. 8. Lessons learned • Forces promoting status quo are formidable; more research needs to drive process • Progress made to support teachers, stabilize funding and take modest steps toward more financial accountability • Work is incomplete -- much more to accomplish in next legislative session and beyond Chalkboard will be back! An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  9. 9. Other updates • CLASS Project moving forward • Phase 2 of the Open Book$ Web site launching soon ( • New partnership with OASBO to develop and share best financial practices for running school district business operations An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon
  10. 10. An Initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon