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The Brand Audit Process


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Now that you have your exciting new corporate brand, do you know how to roll it out across your organisation?

Take a quick look at a presentation I prepared on the Brand Audit topic for some key considerations to quickly and efficiently apply your branding across your organisation.

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The Brand Audit Process

  1. 1. The Brand Audit Process Now that you have your new brand, do you knowhow you are going to roll it out across your business? Presented by Chailee Richards Branding and communications specialist P | 0439 511 338 E |
  2. 2. What strategy will we adopt with ourrollout?Start by considering how big of a change you are making andhow your stakeholders might react.Ask yourself: How much loyalty do our stakeholders have toour old identity? How much time and resources do our staffmembers have to dedicate to rolling out the rebrand? Is therean event or moment in the coming year that would make senseto roll out the new brand to our community?
  3. 3. Who needs to be involved?Identify key personnel who are best equipped to identifyexisting materials needing to be updated in the new style toform a working party (or similar).
  4. 4. What is the best process to engage keypersonnel?Is a one on one meeting where the team leader sits with eachmember of the working party at their computer to go throughthe shared drive to identify all materials needing to be includedthe best method?Can the working party be left to their own devices to gothrough the shared drive and knowledge bank to develop a listof materials needing to be updated?
  5. 5. How do I communicate what isrequired to personnel?Send a generic staff communiqué advising that the new logo has beenapproved and work is currently underway to produce corporatestationery and key marketing collateral. Also include informationregarding an internal audit that will take place with select staff on aworking party, and that their input may be required in the comingweeks.Send working party a communiqué outlining the process required forthe internal audit, what materials they need to consider may need tobe included in the audit. Decide on the best method for determiningmaterials needing to be included on the audit list.
  6. 6. What is the best way of collatingmaterials needing to be rebranded?Decide where and how materials will be collated as part of therebrand rollout exercise. Should a folder on the shared drive becreated where electronic materials can be stored? Is aspreadsheet required for key personnel to develop a list ofmaterials needing to be rebranded?
  7. 7. What information needs to be captured about each item requiring rebranding?Materials will take many forms, therefore you will need to considerwhether the item is electronic, or what material the item comprises(ie: metal, wood, plastic etc...), dimensions, what information iscontained within each item, do images or samples of the imageexist? If images are available electronically, reference URL’s or filefolder locations are essential.Essential to this stage is the item owner – the person or personswho have authority to approve any rebrand work undertakenon each item.
  8. 8. What approvals process will beadopted as part of the rebrand rollout?Develop roles for key personnel involved in the rebrandprocess. Who needs to be involved in artwork approvals?Who has ultimate authority?If materials are identified in time that need to be updated withthe new branding, who will take charge of this work? Whoneeds to approve this work being undertaken?
  9. 9. How do I prioritise rebrand workrequired?Once the finalise audit list is approved, engage with marketingconsultants to develop a staged approach to updating materials inorder of priority.Determine which materials require external design services anddevelop a budget for producing these materials.As above, who has authority to approve artwork for items requiringrebranding.Develop timeline for updating the materials on the audit checklist.
  10. 10. Train your staff and Board on the newbrand.Your staff are your brand’s ambassadors. They need tounderstand and feel excited about the new brand so engagethem in the journey. Walking staff through the new brand andguidelines for its use will make staff feel more confident inapplying and promoting the new brand.
  11. 11. Out with the old, in with the new.Identify where old brand relics (ie: logos, document templatesetc...) may be hiding within staff computers. Have thesematerials removed and replaced with the correctly brandedmaterials.Make it easy for staff to put their fingers on the mostcommonly used brand materials. Where is the best place tostore the new materials?
  12. 12. Engage your stakeholdersOnce your brand rollout strategy has been determined, decidethe best way to introduce your stakeholders to your new brand.
  13. 13. ContactsChailee RichardsTwenty Twenty MarketingA | PO Box 511 Wanneroo WA 6021M | 0439 511 338E | chailee2020 Twenty Twenty Marketing chailee2020