Renovation Concepts Style Guide


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The first piece of marketing collateral produced under Renovation Concepts exciting new brand.

A great resource for home owners and buyers looking to give their properties a facelift and looking for interior design ideas.

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  • Very proud of this Style Guide for my company, Renovation Concepts. It would not have been possible without the truly intuitive Chailee Richards from Twenty Twenty Marketing, and ably supported by Loretta Agostino from Lime Tree Creative. Love your work ladies!
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Renovation Concepts Style Guide

  1. 1. FRONT COVERStyle GuideRenovating your property from concept to completion
  2. 2. INSIDE FRONT COVER Style Matters Your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you can escape from the world, unwind and relax. When designed and decorated with this in mind, your home will be an inviting, comforting space where you can be yourself. Renovation Concepts understands how critical it is to make the right decision on the look and feel of your home at the very beginning of your renovation journey. The Renovation Concepts Style Guide is the first step in finding your home’s personality by presenting a range of styles for you to consider. Indulge yourself in these pages and let your imagination take care of the rest. We look forward to helping you identify your style, and creating it in your home with you. Deb Pearcey Managing Director 1
  3. 3. ART DECOArt Deco’s eclectic, geometric and bold styletypical to the 1930’s era combines ornate motifsand embellishments with striking colours tocreate a dramatic and mesmerising interiordesign style.Colour & FormColour is a feature used boldly in art deco design. Strongcolours such as teal blue, emerald green, mustard yellow, redand deep purple are used alongside black, white and creamto create clean lines and big impact.Textures & MaterialsLeather and velour are often used in art deco furnishingsto complement the style’s clean lines. Wood veneer isused extensively to provide depth and contrast to selectfurnishings.FurnishingsArt deco furnishings display simple, classic forms and consistof curved lines and geometric arcs. Rich, textured fabricsprovide a distinct contrast to a room’s sharp, clean lines tosoften the space and draw your eye.Decorate & AccessoriseArt deco lends itself to circles, cubes, straight lines andstrong geometry in design. Black and white checked tiles arepopular in art deco kitchens and bathrooms.Fixtures and fittings should be selected to reflect art deco’sgeometric style. Mirrored, polished chrome and gold accentsoffer a powerful foil to the overall colour scheme andfurniture styles of a room.2
  4. 4. CLASSICIf you like mixing old and new, using beautiful fabrics,and combining comfort with subtle opulence, thenthe classic style will best suit you. This style imbuesa sense of calm while being the perfect palette forunexpected touches of glamour.Colour & FormThe classic style lends itself to adding deep colour on aneutral palette. Hang long, curtains in heavy fabrics highabove windows to create an illusion of larger windows andhigher ceilings in keeping with the classic interior style.Textures & MaterialsMix more ornate pieces with a background of simplicity toadd drama and impact. A beautiful chandelier, an accentof strong colour, classic stripes or antique gilt frames willsurprise and delight.FurnishingsAdd timeless, understated pieces and minimise clutter. Aimfor polished timber and fabrics with texture and colour suchas regency stripes.Decorate & AccessoriseClusters of black and white or sepia photos in frames, objectsd’art, beautiful coffee table books and lamps are a must withthis style. 5
  5. 5. COASTALKick off your city shoes and immerse yourselfin your coastal themed home. The coastal styleis an inviting combination of natural timbers,white furniture and plush, comfortable armchairsfeaturing natural fibres with ocean inspired accents.Colour & Form Textures & Materials Furnishings Decorate & AccessoriseAdd accents in duck-egg blue, French grey, navy, lime, sea- Imagine sand underfoot as you step on light hardwood Casual and simple bamboo and wicker furnishings blended Wrought iron door handles and lights are a great contrastgreen, creams, and sand tones to your white colour base to flooring. Timber wall panelling, painted architraves and white with comfortable sofas and large, soft cushions will create a to woodwork throughout your home. Pieces of driftwood,create a clean, coastal feel. shutters instantly create a beach house atmosphere. sense of harmony throughout your home. Stripes in muted bowls of shells and natural candles highlight a beautiful tones, brightly coloured rugs, sumptuous cushions and coastal living space. Family photographs in random sizes, breezy, light curtains will brighten and lighten living spaces. framed in white and grouped together on a wall are another6 welcoming touch.
  6. 6. CONTEMPORARY If you prefer a contemporary style, you will generally stick to current trends that exhibit purposeful clean lines, minimal clutter and light-filled spaces. Colour & Form Choose a subtle colour palette and accent with a single fresh colour in multiple hues. Textures & Materials Contrasting but complimentary textures with subtle pattern differences will add depth and layer to the room. Timber, wool, cotton, leather and lacquer all make an appearance in a well decorated contemporary home. Furnishings Each piece of furniture should be selected for its clean line, design and function without sacrificing comfort. Single colour items, such as a black leather armchair are ideal to create a contemporary feel. Decorate & Accessorise The contemporary style is sophisticated without being ornate or overly decorated. Introduce no more than three colours and repeat in different hues in cushions, rugs and framed artwork. Accessories should be kept to a minimum. 9
  7. 7. FRENCH PROVINCIALElegant in style, French provincial (sometimes known as French country) overlays a muted colour palette withrustic charm and the occasional burst of colour. Antique furniture is effortlessly paired with an abundance ofnatural linens to promote a sense of serenity and charm. Colour & Form French greys, soft moss greens, muted blues and latte creams are true to the French provincial colour palette. Add accent colours in the form of antique or Persian floor rugs. Textures & Materials Natural calicos, linens and crisp white cottons for bed linen and soft furnishings guarantee a feel you will want to fall into. Search for pieces that have been aged and loved over time. Furnishings Sparse provincial furnishings with dark timbers create contrast, while softer toned timbers with an aged appearance should dominate most furniture pieces to make your room appear as if in soft focus. Decorate & Accessorise Every sofa, cushion, pillow and bed should look like it will envelop you the moment you sink into it. This is a style that begs you to relax and put your feet up.10 11
  8. 8. INDUSTRIAL CHICUsing an abundance of white and steel to contrasta mix of eclectic furnishings, industrial chic ismany things to many people. Exposed brickwork,an abundance of light and high, open ceilings arethe basic building blocks to successfully deliverthis style.Colour & FormIt’s bold, but it is purposefully monochromatic. Every room isgrounded in black, whether in the form of artwork, furnitureor window frames. Strong, clean lines and warehouseproportions typify the industrial chic style.Materials & TextureAn eclectic mix of raw materials, battered leather, flakingpaint, recycled brick and black iron juxtaposed on awarehouse style background create an authentic space.FurnitureAn old pharmacists cabinet as a sideboard and scaffolding asa dining room table paired with a beaten up old Chesterfieldlounge are all elements that may be introduced to achievethis style.Decorate & AccessoriseHalf the fun of putting together an industrial chic room isfinding items that are meant for one purpose and reusingthem in a completely different way. Fence wire as a lightfixture? An old diver’s helmet made into a lamp? Anythingworks for this style, so let your imagination run free.12
  9. 9. MINIMALIST Achieving a minimalist interior style is easier said than done. This style demands simple, clean, clutter-free and streamlined spaces. Achieve this, and you can completely escape the stress of everyday life each time you come home. Colour & Form Plain backdrops are accentuated with blocks of black to ground a room and strategically placed areas of colour saturation to excite the senses. Modern, clean lines with minimal texture are the key to delivering this style. Materials & Texture Keep things simple and avoid texture wherever possible. Simple forms, straight lines and asymmetrical representations maximize space. Furnishings Stylish, low lying furniture in natural wood, leather, glass and chrome that emphasise straight, modern lines is critical to achieving a minimalist interior. Decorate & Accessorise For this style to work, you need to maintain tidy, clean and clutter-free spaces. Edit out anything and everything that doesn’t serve a specific, useful purpose.14 15
  10. 10. RETRO/VINTAGEThrow caution to the wind, embrace your wild side andgo the full monty with retro or vintage styles. Retro(1940’s to 1980’s) and vintage (pre-1940’s) take brightand bold styles, applying iconic representations ofeach era in a modern and fun way.Apply your own interpretation of the past to createyour own unique take on this bold interior design style.Colour & FormReplace black with geometric patterns in bright candycolours to stay true to style.Textures & MaterialsHighly polished chrome, teak, pine and molded vinyl andFormica featured strongly throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s.FurnishingsRetro furniture is very abstract. Think of low lying oval orkidney shaped coffee tables, or other pieces exhibitingcurved, bubble or boomerang shapes.Decorate & AccessoriseLeave your workday behind and surround yourself with thethings you love when you open your front door. Funky lamps,hanging lights and larger than life wall clocks add that retrowow factor.16
  11. 11. TROPICAL Bring the outdoors in and make the most of Western Australia’s wonderful climate with a tropical design style. Dark solid timbers complement a neutral colour scheme, natural fibres and lush plants create a resort feel. Colour & Form Embolden the style’s soft palette of beige and cream with brightly coloured vases, cushions and prints. Textures & Materials Louvres feature extensively in Australian tropical homes to control air flow. Sheer window treatments, French doors, wide verandahs and wooden floors enhance the cool tropical feel. Furnishings Emphasise the laid-back tropical style by introducing plump cushions and floor rugs in natural fabrics. Decorate & Accessorise Potted tropical plants with strong architectural lines and differing heights blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.18
  12. 12. INSIDE BACK COVERGLOBAL NATIONThe style that embodies all styles, Global Nationwelcomes vibrancy and colour, joy and texture,children’s drawings and ethnic village art. It is thecanvas that brings to life its stylists’ travels, ortheir desire to, with an almost deliberate absenceof perfection because nothing necessarily “goestogether”.Colour & FormGlobal Nation may take on streamlined, or eclectic andindulgent forms, using splashes of unexpected colour againstan otherwise neutral background to maintain an irregular orrustic feel.Materials & TextureLocal timber, natural stone, recycled brick and painted whitewalls as a background modernize the look against eye-catching hits of colour in pinks, purples, reds and oranges.Bring in texture through the use of ethnic fabrics, wovenbaskets, and hand-beaten metallic mirrors.FurnitureChoose soft greys and warm neutral tones for larger furnitureitems, and seek out pieces that look a little battle-worn fora more authentic look. Avoid matching chairs and furnituresets, and select soft, plump upholstery wherever possible.Aim for natural timber rather than gloss finishes.Decorate & AccessoriseFill wall spaces with collectible images and framed vintageprints. Decorate with leather, hides, skins, suedes and silks.Use colour and pattern in vibrant hues and find both art andcraft pieces to set off horizontal spaces.20
  13. 13. BACK COVER Deb Pearcey Managing Director PO Box 45 Como WA 6952 t 08 9368 5757 | m 0409 088 143 e