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My favourite 2


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Published in: Education
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My favourite 2

  1. 1. My Favorite PaintingWhat is your favouritepainting and why?We asked a fewstudents and teachersand these are theirresponses
  2. 2. Ms Hernandez Favourite Painting“This amazing image of an angel instained glass at the parish churchof St. Stephen in Mainz, Germanyby Marc Chagall is one of myfavourite paintings simply becauseof the colour and the way lightshines through it changes thewhole feel of the church. Plus whenI saw this I was 6 and I thought thelittle angel was cute”
  3. 3. Fatima MyFavourite Painting“This image is called TheForest by Cézanne . Itsmy favourite paintingbecause he used a lot ofgreen shades andyellows.It makesme feelrelaxingandcalm. “
  4. 4. MuhamedMy Favorite Painting“ This famous charcoal and pencildrawing by J.D Hillberry is one ofmy favourite drawings becauseonce when I saw the design anddetail that was put into this work Ithought was magnificent and soinspiring towards myself seeing as Ienjoy drawing portraits. ”
  5. 5. Flonona My Favorite Painting“ this is my favourite paintingbecause its all about nature andanimals , this art work reallyinspires me because ever since Iwas young I loved animals anotherreason I like this art work it becausethe artist makes them look reallysoft and gentle ”
  6. 6. GiuliaMy Favorite Painting“ This panting is called ‘StarryNight ‘ and is by Van Gogh. I reallylike this painting because I like thecomplementary colours blue andyellow that are in the painting. Ialso think that this is my favouritepainting because it makes methink about apeaceful night ”
  7. 7. JackMy Favorite Painting“ This spectacular scenery of aJamaican sunset by Romeo Downeris my favourite painting because itreally reflects the true colours ofthe Jamaican Culture. It also gives asense of tranquillity to theatmosphere. ”
  8. 8. DalvinFavoritePainting“ The Painting of MountKilimanjaro by Sher Nassersymbolises boldness and sendsa great contrast between it andthe greenery because it makesthe atmosphere calm althoughyou feel happy. ”
  9. 9. Joan“My Favorite Painting”“This is my favourite painting,because I was mesmerised by itwhen I first saw it, and are stillfascinated by it to this very day. Ilove her ‘smiling eyes’, whichLeonardo Da Vinci magnificentlycaptured all those years ago. Itinspired me and I sincerely hope itinspires other people, tot do whatthey are passionate about, andfollow their dream! ”
  10. 10. JasmineMy Favorite Painting“ ” I picked ‘The windy Day’ painting by Jane Burt, because I like how the artist uses dark tones of blue , green and grey, to produce artwork that feels like it had a dark and depressing mood. And she uses black also for the plants and weeds.