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Nice quotes and tips for travelling


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“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

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Nice quotes and tips for travelling

  1. 1. The Best Quote For Travelling“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” travel
  2. 2. Travel Quote For Travelling“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” travel
  3. 3. Learn How to Travel with FunIf you travel with a disability, handicap,physical limitation, mobility limitation, ordevelopmental disability, have special needs,or use an electric wheelchair or handicapscooter, its a good idea to learn as much asyou can to make disabled travel easier.
  4. 4. Mature TravelerOr if youre a mature traveler or senior who is aslow walker or just wants a slower pace,becoming more informed about disabled travelservices and disability travel resources, willlessen the anxiety that often accompaniesdisabled travelers.
  5. 5. The Following Travel TipsThe followin travel tips, resources andinformation for the disabled will help make trips,tours, holidays and vacations a lot easier foryou, or for a child with a disability, whethershort-term or long-term.
  6. 6. Tips No: 11. Plan your trip well in advance! Do you needto order extra supplements, medications orrenew prescriptions, fix eyeglasses or changeprescriptions, get a physical, have dental workdone, have your wheelchair fixed or tuned up,etc.?
  7. 7. Tips No: 22. If possible, always book your travel throughan agency that specializes in helping peoplewith disabilities. This is important becausespecialized travel agents and tour operators forthe disabled are experienced and can save yousome awful headaches.
  8. 8. Tips No: 33. Besides taking along your travel agentsphone number, youll also want to take with youthe phone numbers for the travel agencies thatspecialize in disabled travel at your destination,in the event you cant reach your own agent.These travel agents may know how to solveproblems that come up regarding your hotel,car or van rentals, etc., even if you didnt orderyour tickets through them.
  9. 9. Tips No: 44. When traveling to another city, check out thelocal health and medical associations beforeyou go. For example, get the phone numbersfor the local MS chapter if you have MS. Theseorganizations can be great resources.They usually know what museums, restaurants,theaters & other local facilities are wheelchairaccessible and where you can get oxygen,emergency supplies or medical assistance.They may be able to help you with anyproblems that arise.
  10. 10. Tips No: 55. If you plan to rent a handicap scooter,wheelchair, electric wheelchair, handicap van,full van, mini-van, RV or other vehicle inanother city, dont wait until you get there. Makeall the arrangements before you leave on yourtrip.Make sure you ask any specifics like, are theretie-downs, ramps, or hoists, etc. Check on whatvan, RV, car or auto insurance youll needbefore you go.
  11. 11. Tips No: 66. Dont leave anything to chance. If you can,double-check all the arrangements your travelagent makes. Call the airlines, hotels, scooter,wheelchair, car, RV or van rental companies,medical equipment rental companies, etc., andverify the specifics, especially if youre travelingin a wheelchair or have any other special needslike oxygen.This is important if you havent used the agentbefore.
  12. 12. Tips No: 77. If you need oxygen or any other specialmedical equipment, call airlines and supplierswell in advance of your trip. Dont wait until thelast minute. Start calling them as soon as youknow youre going to be traveling or taking atrip.Then double-check with your travel agent andthe airline at least three to four days beforeyour flight.
  13. 13. Tips No: 88. Arrive early at the airport. Its better to waitaround there than miss your plane. This willeliminate some of the pre-trip anxiety you mightfeel and make for more leisurely travel. Thisseems like common knowledge but manypeople still arrive at the gate just in the nick oftime.With all thats going on in the world todaythere are many reasons why you want to allowfor more time at the airport.
  14. 14. Tips No: 99. In your airplane carry-on bag keep copies ofthe prescriptions for your medications andeyeglasses, extra eyeglasses, sunglasses, allyour medications and supplements, and a list ofyour doctor, dentist and other healthprofessionals with their addresses, and phonenumbers.Include your doctors fax number forprescriptions in case you lose yourmedications. Keep duplicate copies of these inyour luggage and at home by the telephone.
  15. 15. Tips No: 1010. When you travel, and for any other time too,if you take medications, learn their names andexactly what theyre for if you dont know.People come into the emergency room all thetime and dont know what medications theyretaking. You might be surprised to find out thatmost people say a little yellow pill or a whitecapsule, etc.
  16. 16. Tips No: 1111. If youre traveling by air, tell the flightattendants when you board, of any medicalproblem you might encounter on your flight.Note the location of the closest restroom beforegetting seated. Tell the flight attendant if youthink youll need assistance getting to it duringthe flight.You may need or want an aisle seat for easyaccess to the restrooms. Discuss seating withyour travel agent.
  17. 17. Tips No: 1212. If you need someone to travel with you, askyour travel agent for ideas or suggestions. Callthe local chapters of medical associations andask if they can recommend a travel assistant ortravel companion to help or accompany you.There are national companies who offertraveling nurses, traveling companions or travelassistants to accompany disabled travelers orpeople with serious medical issues.
  18. 18. Tips No: 1313. Make sure to take with you: any medicalcards, Medicare cards, discount cards, car orauto rental discount cards, auto insurancepolicy numbers and agents phone number,passport, airline tickets, etickets, AmericanExpress Travelers Cheques, debit cards, creditcards, and drivers license. Photocopyeverything.Keep photocopies in your luggage and at homeby the telephone or someplace where someonehas access to it in case you need it.
  19. 19. Tips No: 1414. Read everything you can about travelingwith a disability. Read disabled travel books,access guides, accessible guidebooks,disability travel articles and travel publicationsfor the disabled traveler. Read the personaltravel experiences of wheelchair users andothers who have traveled with disabilities.
  20. 20. The most inspiring Travel Quotes1. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, andnarrow-mindedness.”travel
  21. 21. Inspiring Travel Quote“No one realizes how beautiful it is totravel until he comes home and restshis head on his old, familiar pillow.” –Lin Yutang
  22. 22. Most Inspiring Quote For Traveler“All travel has its advantages. If thepassenger visits better countries, hemay learn to improve his own. And iffortune carries him to worse, he maylearn to enjoy it.” –travelling
  23. 23. Travel Inspiring Quote″A traveler without observation is a birdwithout wings.” –world