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Turning Your Content Into Cash


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A quick overview of affiliate marketing for sports bloggers and the best practices, strategies, and tips that help make them successful.

Created by, Fanatics and Under Armour.

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Turning Your Content Into Cash

  2. 2. Learn How To Monetize Your Website In A Non-Intrusive Way Chad Waite | @ChadW8
  3. 3. Learn How To Monetize Your Website In A Non-Intrusive Way Affiliate marketing gives bloggers a unique opportunity to “advertise” on their website without the use of tacky, ugly ad campaigns while maintaining total control over what’s being advertised.
  4. 4. What Is Affiliate Marketing? Three parties involved: 1. Affiliate: Website owner or blogger that places affiliate links in their content. 2. Merchant: Online retailer who runs a program allowing affiliates to advertise their brand/products (ex. Fanatics, UA). 3. Networks: Tech platforms that give you the affiliate links and tools, track referrals & sales, and pay you commissions.
  5. 5. How Does It Work? Step One: You place an affiliate link on your website, a visitor clicks on that link and is taken to a merchant’s web YOUR SITE AFFILIATE LINK
  6. 6. How Does It Work? Step Two: Customer browses products and purchases any number of item(s). AvantLink tracks this successful referral that resulted in a sale. PURCHASE SALE TRACKED
  7. 7. How Does It Work? Step Three: The merchant pays you a commission based on the sale price of the item, reported on and paid to you through the AvantLink system. Commissions are based on the commission rate established by the merchant. COMMISSION PAID PURCHASE TRACKED
  8. 8. Why Affiliate Marketing? 1. Total control over what’s being advertised on your site.
  9. 9. Why Affiliate Marketing?
  10. 10. Why Affiliate Marketing?
  11. 11. Why Affiliate Marketing? 2. Very competitive commission rates, great earning potential. Commissions range from 5-15% for every sale, depending on the merchant.
  12. 12. Why Affiliate Marketing? 3. Access to very powerful, product level tools.
  13. 13. Why Affiliate Marketing? 4. Ditching the traditional “ad feel” for far more streamlined, non- intrusive advertising related to your content. Good, right? Want to see an example of a fully optimized, affiliate blog post? Head to: (
  14. 14. The Tools Banner Ads: Quintessential and cool 15 years ago.
  15. 15. The Tools Custom Links: Powerful, embeddable links that lead to a destination of your choosing. Any real fan who knows the Bruins will crush the Caps will be sporting their Bruins jersey on Saturday. tt=app&ti=1019&mi=11081&pw=46205&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fanatics. com%2FNHL_Boston_Bruins_Jersey
  16. 16. The Tools Affiliate Link Encoders: Automate predetermined custom link placement in your content. This is cool...
  17. 17. The Tools Product Widgets: Completely customized widgets showing items relevant to your content.
  18. 18. Quick and Practical Guide to Cashing in with Affiliate Marketing Wade Tonkin -
  19. 19. SnapLinker Demo 5 minutes from login to posting targeted affiliate links to your Facebook or Twitter followers. Advantages: Let’s you promote any live page on site including product pages. Awesome for hot markets and sale events.
  20. 20. Hot Markets Stanley Cup World Series NCAA Championship NBA Championship World Cup Soccer Conference Championships Big-time short term opportunities. Hit them hard and fast.
  21. 21. Best Practices Engagement is HUGE Audience Trust is your friend, don’t abuse it. Promote products that are cool and interesting Don’t forget about HOT MARKETS
  22. 22. Best Practices (continued) If you have a dedicated audience - ask for their support:
  23. 23. Best Practices (continued) Passing on great deals without the risk of embarrassment:
  24. 24. Next Steps? Join our program on AvantLink: If you need help, you can reach me at Facebook support group at
  25. 25. The Under Armour Opportunity Morgan Foland, Under Armour