Creating an App for your Business


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This is a short slide set on how to use to different companies to create an app and how they could benefit your company

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Creating an App for your Business

  1. 1. By: Chad Rericha
  2. 2. • There are many companies that will make you an app such as Conduit, I Build App, and The App Builder. They will create and app for you based on your budget and what exactly you would like to do with your App when it is finished. Many claim to be completely free and then try to charge you after you have already started so be careful and do find out what will be best suited for you company individually. Because there are so many and with different price ranges I am choosing to talk about just Conduit and The App Builder.
  3. 3. Gold Basic • Free • Up to 5 app users • 5 mobile site visits/month • $39/month • Unlimited app visits • Unlimited app users • Push notifications • Customer support • App submission to social media sites Platinum • $99/month • Unlimited app visits • Unlimited app users • Push notifications • Customer support • App submission to social media sites.
  4. 4. • Conduit seems to be very user friendly and really tries to express that anyone can use there services to create an app. They also strongly emphasize how their apps can connect to social media Benefits: • Full control • Platform support • Fast results • Dynamic solutions • Native features • Mobilized site • Promotional tools • User engagement
  5. 5. Starter • Free • No credit card required • Upgrade when required • Free Preview • Tech Support Premium • $30/user/month • Instantly update the content and structure of your app after it has gone live in the app stores. • Android coming soon • No contracts • Downgrade or upgrade when desired • Email Support Enterprise • Contact for pricing • Create multiple native enterprise apps for iOS and Android. • End to end data encryption • Distribute enterprise grade apps securely to employees, partners and clients. • Create apps that integrate with your existing Microsoft SharePoint and Active Directory infrastructure (setup cost applies). • Encourage innovation that has real-world business impact.
  6. 6. • App builder claims that they’re process is very user friendly with drag and drop ease. You can also incorporate a multitude of widgets such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, all while getting help form tutorials. Other Features include: • Private distribution options • Enterprise Library App brings apps to employees and clients • Easy to update • Security • Integrated with existing security policies • Increasingly user friendly with customer
  7. 7. • Pictures and videos, everyone loves pictures and they convey ideas products better than words can in most cases. The ability to export media from the app will also be a great asset. • Very beneficial to be able to link to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. • Clear idea of what the goal of app will be whether it is to inform, collect data, or entertain such as a game or interactive picture app. • Infrastructure to take on business extra business created by app if it takes of rapidly. • Time to evaluate and make changes is also needed as apps will constantly need to be updated with new technology and information to keep them up to date and a valid resource.
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  9. 9. • A very well thought out phone app such as what Pioneer has done could benefits it customers greatly. Pioneer’s app has a wide range of tools available to its customers from weekly crop news too a very helpful agronomy guide with detailed description of pest and diseases just to name a few. All the way to a weather report. • Therefore a well designed app such as this one could benefit your customers and gain their loyalty by not only trying to sell them your product but help them solve some of there other problems all the while seeing you name on an everyday basis. Which is about the best advertising you can get for the price that a phone app cost.