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What's Next for WebRTC


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Panel presentation from the 2015 IIT-RTC Conference. Topics include: the new supermedia - 3D, AR, VR, realtime broadcast; talking to machines - streams from IoT devices and created between people because of them; middleware - the new glue that is emerging to stitch a real-time, high fidelity, contextual experiences together.
Featuring slides from Brian Pulito from IBM, Douglas Wadkins from Skedans, Ivelin Ivanov from Telestax, Dr. Luis Lopez of Kurento, Vladimir Beloborodov of Mera Software and moderated by Chad Hart, independent consultant and Chief Editor at webrtcHacks.

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What's Next for WebRTC

  1. 1. What’s Next for WebRTC? IIT Real Time Communications October 6, 2015
  2. 2. Panelists Brian Pulito • Architect, IBM Douglas Wadkins • CEO, Skedans Ivelin Ivov • CEO, Telestax Dr. Luis Lopez • Prof & lead, Vladimir Beloborodov • CTO, Mera
  3. 3. Moderator Chad Hart Independent Consultant & Chief Editor, webrtcHacks @webrtcHacks @chadwallacehart
  4. 4. What’s NOW for WebRTC?
  5. 5. Major Browser Vendors: 3/4
  6. 6. Top social networks – 3/5 Facebook WhatsApp Tencent QQ WeChat *evaluating Google+ Ranking according to Wikipedia: List_of_virtual_communities_with_more_than_100_million_active_users
  7. 7. UC & telephony Telephony community is already doing some WebRTC or has a roadmap to start soon Many app/web-based VoIP providers are using WebRTC or have plans to (including Skype) See:
  8. 8. Top Premium Cable Channels Mentions – 1/? Jun 23, 2015 WebRTC Boston Meetup 8
  9. 9. What’s Next for WebRTC?
  10. 10. © 2015 IBM Corporation Slides for panel discussion Brian Pulito Email: Twitter: @brianpulito Linkedin: brianpulito
  11. 11. Why is WebRTC so disruptive? 11 x Eliminates complexity of delivering codecs and streaming protocols x Closely aligned with HTML 5, programmed via JavaScript x Support for mobile platforms and web browsers x Enables real-time data communications in addition to voice and video x Strong industry support 11 ü It enables contextual communications!
  12. 12. 12 So where’s the context? Internet Of Things Mobile & SocialBig Data & Analytics Systems of Engagement Systems of Record DB ERP CRM HR
  13. 13. So what does all this have to do with WebRTC? Greater customer satisfaction than non- WebRTC users 202% Increase in number of organizations deploying or evaluating WebRTC today 3x Businesses believe WebRTC has the potential to improve Contact Center Services 9 out of 10 Projected Y-t-Y Improvement in Agent Utilization rates 28% 53% Retailers have systems that don’tadequately supportcross- channel activity on the buying side WebRTC Devices that customers, partners and business people will use to collaborate 2.3B Growth potential for Unified Communication ecosystem integration 14+% AberdeenGroup- March 2015,
  14. 14. 14 What glues all this together…Middleware! Systems of Engagement Systems of Record Systems of Record DB ERP CRM HR Middleware provides the infrastructure needed to deliver highly customized and contextualized user experiences
  15. 15. WebRTC Middleware for the Enterprise What is WebRTC Middleware? ü Enables scalable, secure signaling ü Web and Mobile SDKs for client development ü Gateway for SIP/IMS federation ü SIP Servlets for customization ü Media server control for media processing ü Integration with enterprise security, messaging and APIs ü Development tooling 15
  16. 16. Use Case: WebRTC Analytic Solutions 16 WebRTC Middleware A/V Analysis Analytics Mobile Notifications Push Media Server as a Service Transcoding, mixing, recording, replaying, IVR…. Enterprise Contact Center Surveillance Network SBC/SIP Gateway Carrier Network IMS • Use media server to record, mix media streams, etc…. • Use analytics to provide context: • Customer insights • Sentiment analysis • Video analysis • Text-to-speech Real-time A/V Signals APIs SIP JSR 309 WebRTC Media = Big Data
  17. 17. © 2015 Skedans Systems, Inc Proprietary Confidential© 2015 Skedans Systems Inc Proprietary Confidential Symachinic Collaboration Douglas Wadkins President/CEO +1.408.412.3096 Skedans Sensor Collaboration Skedans platformRTC It Just Works!
  18. 18. © 2015 Skedans Systems, Inc Proprietary Confidential Enabling real time human machine symbiosis Bringing command, control, communication to intelligent machines Using data to optimize operations in real time Effectively leverage human machine operators and subject mater experts Allow person-person and person-machine collaboration
  19. 19. © 2015 Skedans Systems, Inc Proprietary Confidential Sensor Collaboration Mobile/Desktop/Web App Sensor Cells Collaboration Sensor Cell • Real-time video from any camera • Real-time video playback with slow motion • Video comparison • Tagging for filtering / access • Supervise in real-time • Integrate video chat with video obtained from sensor cells • Collaborate with others real-time on live sensor cell video • Camera drone to camera drone collaboration provides continuous coverage • User to operator realtime collaboration • Distributed video to store video close to users • Store video in the cloud for back-up and central access • HD video acquisition and transport from mobile nodes • Low power consumption for mobile usage • Video warehousing and intelligent cataloging • Integrate into workflows with APIs • Object Tracking Consultants Practice & review
  20. 20. Connected Car - Roadside Assistance
  21. 21. Home and Office Security Response
  22. 22. Manufacturing Process Intervention
  23. 23. WebRTC technologies beyond calls 23 Multimedia RTC Making calls Content and entertainment IoT M2M P2M Multimedia Making calls WARNING! Overcrowded Advertising, Broadcasting Gaming Blue Ocean Smart cities Emergencies Security Blue Ocean
  24. 24. Enablers: advanced media processing & contextual communications 24 Context Media Media Sensor Sensor Computer Vision Augmented Reality Media Blending Media Synthesis Items detected in the media Items enriching the media
  25. 25. Why? 25 Alarms Sink SRC CrowdDetector Sink SRC WebRTC IM Context Smart city scenario: see demo here WebRTC Ad Context WebRTC Advertising scenario: see demo here
  26. 26. Enablers: session super-scalability 26 Media stream One to MANY
  27. 27. Why? 27
  28. 28. @VladimirTechMan Vladimir Beloborodov Technical Manager / CTO at Mera Software Services Good 20 years of doing complex software R&D for UC, IoT, and more…
  29. 29. • Human-to-Human • Human-Machine Interactions • Machine-to-Machine (?) Why not?
  30. 30. UC / Telecom Services and Contact Centers E-Health and Rehabilitation. Accessibility. "Assistant-as-app". Performance support. Public and social functions. Transportation. “Augmenting” IoT platforms and scenarios Mix based on the photo at:
  31. 31. IoT UC “Internet of Everything”
  32. 32. Additional types of "sensory channels“ in communications Proliferation of “Wearables” and “Embeddables” Evolution of “Mesh networking” technologies “Mass production” model changes with 3D scanning + 3D printing Standardized interaction mechanisms between (Web)RTC and IoT
  33. 33. Summary so far Supermedia Middleware MachinesNew media experiences that leverage processing power Connecting & making sense of growing RTC streams Embedding & coordinating RTC inside everything
  34. 34. Some of today’s questions • How does WebRTC need to evolve to support these new use cases? • Will the evolution of WebRTC break existing platforms? • Is there a future-proofing strategy for those who are already implementing or about to? • In 2020, will there be more WebRTC streams consumed by people or by machines?