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Mfm coaching


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An overview of coaching for students at Western Seminary.

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Mfm coaching

  1. 1. Coaching for Students at Western Seminary presented by Chad Hall, MCC
  2. 2. welcome Chad Hall, MCC Director of Coaching for Western Seminary
  3. 3. agenda why coaching how coaching works how coaching is different coaching in the MFM program learn more
  4. 4. why coaching • it’s a relationship with a high ROI • • RETURN: focus, growth, progress, results INVESTMENT: about two hours of concentrated conversation each month
  5. 5. why coaching ➊ a coach helps you dream farther • by extending your horizon of what’s possible
  6. 6. why coaching ➋ a coach helps you move faster • by speeding up your progress toward accomplishing important goals
  7. 7. why coaching ➌ a coach helps you sustain momentum • by aligning your actions with your natural strengths and skills
  8. 8. how coaching is different Coaching is like a taxi or limousine service. • The coach doesn’t tell you what to do, where to go, or set the agenda. • The coach simply facilitates you getting from where you are to where you need to be. • The coach rarely advises or teaches.
  9. 9. how coaching is different Mentoring is more like having a trail guide. • The mentor has experienced some aspect of what you are now experiencing. • He shares his experience and expertise with you so you can make your journey with greater ease and effectiveness. • The mentor often teaches and advises.
  10. 10. who gets a coach? "Anyone can hire aa coach, but the people who "Anyone can hire coach, but the people who are most committed to success get the most out are most committed to success get the most out of of coaching. coaching. These These are are the the people people who who understand that by having aa coach they will understand that by having coach they will enhance enhance their their process process and and become become more more efficient. efficient. As long as the determination and As long as the determination and drive to change aa person's life are present, drive to change person's life are present, they should consider hiring aa coach to help they should consider hiring coach to help make needed changes and enhance their journey.” make needed changes and enhance their journey.” Linda Miller, a personal and professional coach based in Phoenix
  11. 11. who gets a coach? In business... • professional coaches are paid between $100 and $500/hour by companies willing to make the investment in their top people
  12. 12. who gets a coach? In business, typical clients include CEOs and executive leaders high potentials new managers key performers
  13. 13. who gets a coach? In ministry, typical clients include: lead pastors key ministry staff church planters churches experiencing change
  14. 14. who gets a coach? at Western Seminary... students enrolled in a Masters degree students transitioning from seminary to ministry setting
  15. 15. what a coach does A coach partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your potential from the International Coach Federation
  16. 16. what a coach does Your coach will… ask lots of questions listen to you and for you guide you in the coaching process
  17. 17. a coaching conversation In a typical 60-minute coaching conversation… 1. You bring a topic 2. Narrow to a clear focus 4. Finally, narrow to action and commitment 3. Widen to expand and explore options
  18. 18. how to be coached You and your coach will talk for about an hour, every other week. Most of these conversations will occur via phone. Typically, each coaching conversation will result in new learning and new action -- both coming from you.
  19. 19. coaching at western • you will be matched with a coach for a total of 10 sessions • all coaches are trained and qualified • you should talk with your coach one or two times each month -- this is your responsibility
  20. 20. next steps • to take advantage of coaching, let Chad Hall know of your interest
  21. 21. learn more Chad Hall, Director of Coaching for Western Seminary - International Coach Federation