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  1. Confidential and Proprietary The Power of an Engaged Workforce 1 Whitney Eichinger
  2. Overview • Employee Recognition • A Company who Cares • Creating Lifelong Customers • Sharing the LUV 2
  3. 3 Confidential & Proprietary Employee Recognition
  4. Proprietary & Confidential Page 4 Winning Spirit/LUV Mail
  5. 5 Confidential & Proprietary A Company who Cares
  6. Proprietary & Confidential Page 6 Volume of issues As the variety of topics to assess increase, so does the volume of issues raised to Southwest. Frequency Because access to information is immediate and multi-faceted, the frequency in which Southwest receives inquiries has significantly increased. Expectations Expectations of Customers & Employees for companies to engage in social issues is becoming more and more standard. Type of issues More and more topics for discussion are being brought to light through social advocacy. Did you know? *Southwest Airlines Privileged and Confidential Growth of social advocacy We used to think, if it doesn’t affect the airline industry or Southwest Airlines specifically, why would we get involved? Social advocacy is an unwavering part of our world. Through social media, we have a window to understand what is important to our Customers and also detect possible issues or even problems that could arise, allowing us to determine how to prepare or respond. Outside of our brand, we are able to see issues that are important to our Customers, Employees, and the communities we serve. Those insights help inform the issues we wish to take a stand on—both proactively and reactively. 12 hours The Southwest Social Topics Committee is committed to convening within 12 hours of receiving an urgent request for action We continue to see consistent interest in these topics !
  7. Proprietary & Confidential Page 7 Committee Responsibilities Reviews and discusses social topics and inquiries Employs guidelines to measure impact and perception Routinely engages Senior Executives on proposed level of engagement and responses The Social Topics Committee reviews, evaluates, and proposes responses to current social topics raised.​
  8. 8 Confidential & Proprietary Creating Lifelong Customers
  9. Proprietary & Confidential Page 9 Lifelong Customers
  10. 10 Confidential & Proprietary Sharing the LUV
  11. Proprietary & Confidential Page 11 Summer with Heart
  12. Proprietary & Confidential Page 12 Summer with Heart
  13. 13 Confidential & Proprietary Thank You!!!