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  • AirVend has built and deployed pos and Saas solution (what we like to call the brains) for the unattended retail which is made up of vending, gaming and kiosk markets. What can you do with a vending brain? For starters real time inventory, cashless transactions, not to mention help you comply with a new federal law, advertising. We offer a vending machine brain for less than the cost of a credit card reader. We work with new and old vending machines. We ship it out and operators install it in 15 minutes with a screw driver.
  • I am sure everyone is wondering about IP so I want to share we have a clear path. We paid a firm to verify no existing IP. Our software will be copy righted and with funds we have several ideas for future IP.
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    1. 1. New distributed POS & SaaSplatform in unattended retail:mobile payments & ad media
    2. 2. • $119 Billion Dollar Industry• Technology painfully absent• New regulatory catalyst• Quick path to ROI, 20% Sales lift, 30% Cost reduction• Now shipping product & establishing partnerships
    3. 3. Vending vs. Computing Payment80’s90’sToday
    4. 4. No Technology = HIGH costs• Payment is limited to cash/coin• Over 95% of vending machines are “unconnected”• New Healthcare Act requires nutritional info – FDA estimates compliance will cost operators 14,068,808 hours/year
    5. 5. Solution: AirVendDecrease costs by 30% Increase sales by 20%• Interactive, capacitive touch screen• Cashless payment options• Nutritional information• Wireless 3G connection• Camera, microphone• AirVend Live – Cloud-based software – Line-item Inventory – Machine alerts
    6. 6. Disruptive Business Model 3.5Millions 3 2.5 2 FREE $95 1.5 $195 $295 1 0.5 0 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    7. 7. Revenue Model
    8. 8. TeamLance Ellsworth, Co-founder/Business Development & Sales18 years’ sales and business development. Most recently, Lance helped form keypartnerships to help launch FotoPunch in the time-and-attendance market.Chad Francis, Founder/CTOChad founded [io]development, a custom software firm developing technologyfor Disney, Costco, and many others. For Disney, Chad helped create a 3-D facemodeling application and has a background in facial biometrics.David Loveland, Co-founder/Marketing & OperationsCo-founded CORA Software, a Costco event management software techstartup .Peter Skalla, FinanceFinance and operations executive with 18 years’ experience.John Comfort, Vending Technology20 years’ experience in vending developing control, interface, audit, loyaltyand payment products.
    9. 9. Sales & MarketingPath to Market 1. OEM, integrated solution via manufacturers 2. Direct to operators: retrofit existing machines Current Customer & OEM Partner Current Strategic Partners In talks with 3 of the top 5 manufacturers: Strategic partnership talks:
    10. 10. Investment Opportunity & Use of Funds • Raised $200k Angel Seed round in April, 2012 for R&D to get initial product built • Currently Seeking: $500K – Additional follow-on $1M in Series A in April/May • 3.5 MM Valuation Use of Funds Milestones Working ProductHardware Capital, $19 Certification, $45k 0k • Improve 7” RF (commercial components) • Develop OEM Product • Develop 5” RF Product ImprovemeSoftware nt, $95k • Polish Device App (User Experience & Stability) S&M, $35k • Rewards/Loyalty Programs • PCI Compliance Inventory, $ 135kSales & Marketing • Close at least 2 of top 5 manufacturer OEM • Achieve 1,500 units/month OEM • Achieve 1,000 unit/month Retrofit
    11. 11. Competition
    12. 12. Exit Strategy• Acquisition in 2-4 years• Potential Acquirers (media, payment, vending technology)
    13. 13. Creating a perfect startup stormLance EllsworthCo-Founder/EVP BusinessDevelopment585.217.2236lance.ellsworth@air-vend.comChad FrancisFounder/CTO801.787.4117chad.francis@air-vend.comAirVend, Inc. | 202 E Center St., Provo UT 84606 | 800.321.9601 | www.air-vend.com