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Smart Chemical Services - Culture Code


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Smart Chemical manufactures chemical products for drilling, completion, fuels, production and water treatment. Our products and services are proven to increase the performance, profitability of our customers' operations.

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Smart Chemical Services - Culture Code

  1. 1. Creating An Innovative Culture
  2. 2. Smart Chemical Service’s philosophy is based on FAMILY STEWARDSHIP SAFETY
  3. 3. Who Is Smart Chemical? Smart Chemical manufactures chemical products for drilling, completion, fuels, production and water treatment.
  4. 4. Our products and services are proven to increase the performance and profitability of our customers' operations.
  5. 5. Smart Chemical was founded in 2008. Headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, Smart Chemical has satellite locations and labs in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. We operate in the major oil and gas production regions of the U.S. You can find our chemicals throughout the midwest, southern and eastern U.S.
  6. 6. We value our employees and appreciate that they have lives outside of the workplace. That is why we focus on safety, first and foremost, so our employees make it home to their families and loved ones each and every day.
  7. 7. Although we are a small company, we provide our employees with great benefit packages and an incentive program that encourages hard work, loyalty and rewards.
  8. 8. What Sets Smart Chemical Apart? At Smart Chemical, we "THINK OUTSIDE THE PIPE."™
  9. 9. All of our chemicals are lab-tested and approved. Before applying them to any situation, the project is thoroughly researched and evaluated. Contributing 20% of every profit dollar into research and development demonstrates Smart Chemical’s commitment to providing innovative, safe solutions to the industry.
  10. 10. We not only pride ourselves on our dedication to safety and research, but also our breadth of knowledge and skills. Our owners have a combined 200 years of experience in chemistry, engineering and management.
  11. 11. Smart Chemical’s Vision In addition to family and safety, Smart Chemical is dedicated to stewardship.
  12. 12. We understand that we must act as stewards to our colleagues as well as our customers. Smart Chemical provides customers with more than just a product — we deliver a unique formula and an efficient, cost-effective solution they can trust. From start to finish, Smart Chemical is committed to our customers, and every day we work to improve our chemicals and processes.
  13. 13. Smart Chemical’s 10 Business Rules Here at Smart Chemical, our actions revolve around our 10 Business Rules. The rules provide us with a core foundation, and standards to live and work by. They help us navigate workplace decisions. In essence, the 10 Business Rules are our guiding principles.
  14. 14. 1. The Safety Rule: Every job is so important that it must be done safely. You are so important to your family and company; you are irreplaceable. If you don't go home at night, the other rules don't matter. Rule 1
  15. 15. Rule 2 2. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.
  16. 16. Rule 3 3. The Trust Rule: Give trust, earn trust.
  17. 17. Rule 4 4. The Fun Rule: When possible, have fun doing your job. You invest more time at work than anywhere else. You should enjoy it!
  18. 18. Rule 5 5. The Debate Rule: A vigorous debate is encouraged on business matters, but always refer to Rule 2.
  19. 19. Rule 6 6. The Best Rule: Whatever your role, do your job to the best of your ability.
  20. 20. Rule 7 7. The Zig Rule: Help others get what they want and eventually you will get what you want.
  21. 21. Rule 8 8. The Commitment Rule: Don't try; either make a commitment or say no.
  22. 22. Rule 9 9. The Celebrate Rule: Celebrate business and personal victories.
  23. 23. Rule 10 10. The Learning Rule: Learn from failures and repeat success.
  24. 24. Smart Chemical is a sister company of Integrated Advantage Group (IAG). To learn more about Smart Chemical Services, or to inquire about available positions within our company, visit us at