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Information Verification During Natural Disasters


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Abdulfatai Popoola, Dmytro Krasnoshtan, Attila Toth, Victor
Naroditskiy, Carlos Castillo, Patrick Meier and Iyad Rahwan: Information Verification During Natural Disasters. In SWDM workshop, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2013.

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- Video #1 (Al Jazeera):

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Information Verification During Natural Disasters

  1. 1. Information VerificationDuring Natural DisastersAbdulfatai Popoola, Dmytro Krasnoshtan, Attila Toth, VictorNaroditskiy, Carlos Castillo, Patrick Meier and Iyad Rahwan
  2. 2. Video: Boston; when themedia gets it wrongApril 2013 – Al Jazeera
  3. 3. 5Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org Marathon Bombings• April 13, 2013 - Bombings• Reddit and 4chan users post photos ofpossible suspects• April 18, 2013 – NY Post front-page storywith photos of misidentified suspects• Traditional media blames social media
  4. 4. Video: Social Media and theBoston bombings (edited)April 2013 - CNN
  5. 5. 7Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org quotes from CNN discussion• “We could wonder if the NY Post wouldhave had this terribly irresponsiblecoverage if it werent for Reddit”• “There were rational people on Redditand social media”• “Do you think everything you read on Twitteris real? -No, but it is hard to know”
  6. 6. 8Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org• It might be the case that posting funnymemes and verifying information usingsocial media require different tools• The repertoire of mass-interactionmechanisms we know of is quite limited
  7. 7. Context
  8. 8. 10Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org User-Generated Content Hub• Contrasting sources from social media• Interviewing individuals• Metrics– Number of followers, number of reputablefollowers, history of activity
  9. 9. 11Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org• “Social media news agency”• Verification of authenticity of photo andvideo evidence• Time of day (shadows), weather,landmarks, etc.• Accents spoken, ambient noises, etc.
  10. 10. 12Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org others• Truth in social media is awidespread concern• Journalists– Verify, verify, verify.• Computer scientists– Apply ML/IR/NLP/etc.Castillo C, Mendoza M, Poblete B (2011): Information Credibility on Twitter.Proceedings of WWW Conference.
  11. 11. 13Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org social mobilization• DARPA RedBalloonChallenge
  12. 12. 14Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org incentives• Winnersstrategy:recursiveincentivesPickard G, Pan W, Rahwan I, Cebrian M, Crane R, Madan A, and Pentland A (2011):Time-Critical Social Mobilization. Science 28 October 2011: 334 (6055), 509-512.Naroditskiy V, Rahwan I, Cebrian M, Jennings NR (2012):Verification in Referral-Based Crowdsourcing. PLoS ONE 7(10): e45924.
  13. 13. Design
  14. 14. 16Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org → Claim → Evidence• Crisis• Claim• EvidenceBoston Marathon bombingsLink to official police reportAn arrest has been made inconnection to the bombings
  15. 15. 17Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org claims
  16. 16. 18Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org of a claimMedia, if availableLocationTitle, description,dates, tagsWeight of evidencefor/against & importance
  17. 17. Open the “submitevidence” dialog.Promotes this claim
  18. 18. Evidence overlayin claim pageDisplayssupportingmediaAllow users tovote evidenceup/down,optionallycommenting
  19. 19. 24Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org aspects• Recursive incentives– Recruiting is encouraged• Point-based system– Gamification– Social recognition / influence• Subscription to crises, etc.• Platform actively being developed
  20. 20. Closing remarks
  21. 21. 26Carlos Castillo – chato@acm.org interaction mechanisms weknow of are quite rudimentaryWe can design specializedplatforms for mass interactionfor specialized goals
  22. 22. Subscribe at www.veri.lyFollow @VeriDotLy
  23. 23. Thank you!Carlos Castillo · chato@acm.org