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AIChE is Everywhere - Join, Connect and Explore


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AIChE is Everywhere is a quick but comprehensive look into the American Institute of Chemical Engineers - its diversity, history, importance to chemical engineers and related professionals, and numerous membership benefits.

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AIChE is Everywhere - Join, Connect and Explore

  1. 1. AIChE is Everywhere
  2. 2. Working with chemical engineers from all industries in the process of collaborating, innovating and creating the future.American Institute of Chemical Engineers •
  3. 3. AIChE is The American Institute of Chemical EngineersLeading. Sharing. Providing.o The world’s leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with 30,000 members from over 90 countries.o Sharing a breadth of resources and expertise to support chemical engineers in core process industries and emerging areas, such as nano- and bio-technology.o Providing benefits, tools, and services to chemical engineers to move forward professionally and enrich the world we live in.
  4. 4. AIChE is Leading With More Than 100 Years of Chemical Engineering SuccessAIChE members make significant, lasting contributions to society and the world.1908AIChE founded 1976 First Industry Technology Alliance1915 Unit Operations Introduced by Arthur D. Little 1985First AIChE Technology Center1922 Chemical engineering first profession to utilize 1998 First international alliance: accreditation North American Alliance of Chemical Engineers1931 First female PHD in chemical engineering 2004Global “Institute for Sustainability” established1938Nylon Invented 2006SBE CHO Chip Consortium1947Chemical Engineering Progress magazine launched 2009ChemE on Demand launched1954 First AIChE Division: Nuclear 2010The Center for Energy Initiatives formed1972 AIChE becomes federal and state policy advocate 2011AIChE launches Water Initiative1973 Unleaded Gasoline 2012Instructor-Led Courses offeredAIChE’s history is inextricably bound with the history of chemical engineering itself.
  5. 5. AIChE is Impacting How Companies Innovate
  6. 6. AIChE is Impacting How Companies Innovateo Critical areas such as energy, water, sustainability, nutrition, health, and infrastructure continue to challenge the world we live in.o Global competition, rising R&D costs and the need to get new products to the market sooner are some factors forcing companies to reach beyond themselves for innovative ideas and capability.o The leadership of AIChE in advancing the profession of chemical engineering plays an ever-increasing role in how companies innovate – from contributions to establish best practices, accreditation standards and government guidelines, to technical community alliances, and much more.
  7. 7. AIChE is At the Forefront of Chemical Engineering Challenges on the frontier of chemical engineering research and developmentto help address critical issues of today and tomorrow, as the incubator andongoing supporter of national high-tech knowledge centers:
  8. 8. AIChE is Opening Forums for Industry Technical DialogueAs the pace of technology development accelerates, AIChE plays a critical rolethrough its technical societies, joint initiatives with industry, academia andgovernment that help define the issues of today and tomorrow and lead our industry. AIChE Technology Alliances and Forums include: o Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) o Design Institute for Physical Properties (DIPPR) oNanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (NSEF) o Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) o Upstream Engineering & Flow Assurance Forum (UE&FA)
  9. 9. AIChE is On Top of Industry Developments and TrendsAIChE’s diverse and reliable technical periodicals and publicationsinclude essential titles for corporate libraries and keep chemical engineeringprofessionals on top of industry-wide changes and news.AIChE members get:o A 12-month subscription to Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) in print and onlineo Access to the AIChE eLibrary, a powerful online source of information on chemical engineering and chemical industry issueso Member-only savings of up to 85% off regular subscriptions to AIChE Journal, Process Safety Progress, Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy and Biotechnology Progresso Discounts on AIChE books, CD-ROMs, professional directories and handbookso AIChE SmartBrief, a weekly email news digest summarizing the most important business and technology news for chemical engineers
  10. 10. AIChE is Sharing Industry ExpertiseThe Institute serves its members and the chemical engineering community industry-wide bysupporting professional growth and fostering the dissemination of scientific knowledge with…o Six AIChE sponsored conferences and over 30 specialty co-sponsored conferences each year, where attendees learn from industry leaders and meet thousands of industry peers.oChemE on Demand, AIChE’s 24/7 online content center containing hundreds of presentations in: • Current Industry Process, Training, and Topical Reporting • Technical Research and Professional Support o Chemical Engineering Practice o Process Safety Technical Areas o Professional and Personal Development o Biological Engineering o Energy o Fundamentals o Environment & Sustainability o Career Planning o Process Safety o Outreach o Career Development o New Research Areas o AIChE Leadership Webinar series o Chemicals & Materials • Plus, CEP magazine, archived from 2001 to date
  11. 11. AIChE is Propelling Professional GrowthAIChE provides the educational opportunities that professional members need tocontinue to embrace technological innovation and industry reinvention, including: o Professional and Technical Training Courses – providing education taught by industry experts at selected sites around the country. Topics range from energy to manufacturing to project management, and registration is discounted for AIChE members. o AIChE eLearning Center – delivering technical training, education and CEUs and PDHs. o Web Forums – featuring panels of leading experts, who give their thoughts on a topic, participate in a discussion and take questions live via toll-free 800 numbers and electronic chat. o CareerEngineer – the leading e-recruitment source for Chemical Engineers in every field, every career stage.
  12. 12. AIChE is Connecting and Networking to Broaden Your Reach and ScopeAIChE offers professional members a vast and diverse global network to exchange ideas,share with other chemical engineers in and outside of your industry or specialty, and buildyour connections. “I’ve been a member of AIChE for “AIChE has helped expand my 11 years. The most useful thing that network because I’m in the AIChE brings to me is connections consulting business and it gives to experts … connections to people me the opportunity to meet with in other industries. The networking potential clients … expand my opportunities that you can find at own knowledge base and become an AIChE meeting are a better professional.” unparalleled.” —D.H. Houston, TX —R.D. Houston, TX “I used the AIChE network to track down an old colleague and ended up finding a great job opportunity.” —M.B. Orono, ME
  13. 13. AIChE isWaitingforyou.How do you get involved and take the leadwith the premier global professionalcommunity for 30,000 chemical engineersin 93 countries? Visit the global AIChE website to learn more and to join.