PRP - 21st Century Program/Project Management


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Simple scheduling no longer makes the grade. 21st Century Progra/Project Managers Need Cutting Edge Tools. Project Resource Planning platforms are the first fully integrated automated tool set for managing projects in the 21st Century.

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PRP - 21st Century Program/Project Management

  1. 1. 21st Century Project ManagementCIO Success Through Innovative Project Controls<br />2nd-4thMay 2011<br />Christopher Grant McDaniel, PMP, MBA<br />
  2. 2. Background<br />Christopher Grant McDaniel<br /><ul><li>Head of Technology Planning & Strategy at QPM
  3. 3. Past CIO & COO
  4. 4. Large Scale Program/Project Management
  5. 5. Author</li></ul>Qatar Project Management <br /><ul><li>One of the Largest MENA Based Construction Project Management Firms
  6. 6. Large-Scale Projects in Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe
  7. 7. Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Barwa/Qatari Diar</li></li></ul><li>What Is PRP?<br />ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning<br />PRP: Project Control Planning<br />Project<br />FRM<br />FINANCE <br />RESOURCE <br />MANAGEMENT<br />Key <br /> Functions<br />Modular<br />Data Integration<br />Communication<br />Analytics<br />Business<br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />SCM<br />SUPPLY<br />CHAIN<br />MANAGEMENT<br />MRP<br />MANUFACTURING<br />RESOURCE<br />PLANNING<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />ERP<br />SYSTEM<br />PRP<br />SYSTEM<br />HRM<br />HUMAN<br />RESOURCE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CRM<br />CUSTOMER<br />RELATIONSHIP<br />MANAGEMENT<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
  8. 8. Why PRP?<br />Average Project Saves 5-7% of its cost and removes 10-25% of risk<br />Global view of entire Project Management Portfolio<br />Expose and Track vital information like risk, issue cost, quality and schedule<br />Improved Communications<br />Approvals/Workflow<br />Task Management and Tracking<br />Proactively identify trends and more accurately create projections<br />Key Performance Indicator Tracking<br />Meeting Management<br />Decision Tracking<br />Apply Custom Rules and Forms<br />Complete Auditable Audit Trails<br />Consolidated Dashboards<br />
  9. 9. Components of PRP: Best Practices<br />PRP Platform is only as good as your Best Practices<br />What Are Best Practices?<br />Process<br />Training<br />Audit Plan<br />Feedback Loop<br />Certified Professionals:<br />Project Management Professional (PMP)<br />Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) <br />Program Management Professional (PgMP)<br />PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)<br />PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)<br />QAI Quality Assurance Professional<br />Process<br />Best Practices<br />Training<br />Audit<br />
  10. 10. Components of PRP: Schedule Management<br />Plan, schedule, and control large-scale programs and individual projects<br />Provide the right strategic mix of projects<br />Balance resource capacity<br />Allocate best resources and track progress<br />Monitor and visualize project performance vs. Plan<br />Provide realistic status and value reporting to stakeholders and regulatory bodies<br />Reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns<br />Easily adjust portfolios and project plans when things change and immediately assess the resource impact<br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PCP<br />SYSTEM<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
  11. 11. Components of PRP: Document Management<br />Improved accountability by managing project communications like Requests for Information and Site Instructions to improve turnaround times between project questions and answers.<br />Immediate access to the latest information via email notification based on project requirements.<br />Reduced document upload times and printing costs with software integration for fast and accurate document uploading and distribution<br />Reduced document approval and review turnaround times via the dynamic workflow approval process.<br />Enable viewing of documents on screen plus red lining capabilities for document reviews.<br />Search Full text, content and metadata searching facility<br />Document Management version, history control<br />Reporting – customized reporting features as per of the document status<br />Fault Tolerant Upload<br />Multiple Distribution Methods<br />Messaging<br />Live Notifications<br />Automatic Deliverables Reporting/KPI Tracking<br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PCP<br />SYSTEM<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
  12. 12. Components of PRP: Risk Management<br />Risk creation and adoption workflow <br />Multiple risk security levels <br />Risk Management– detailed management and categorization, qualitative assessment, quantitative assessment, linked actions, mitigation strategies, contingency strategies, notes, trigger events, expiry events, child risks <br />Track both current and target risk profile <br />Configurable terminology, objectives, impacts, default min/max/likely values, scoring formula, color coding <br />Issue Management – multiple issue registers, create adhoc or migrate from existing Risk, child issues, linked<br />Change Requests <br />Multiple Risk/Issue Register layouts <br />Dependencies Register<br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PCP<br />SYSTEM<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
  13. 13. Components of PRP: Cost Management<br />Cost Control Bullets Here<br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PCP<br />SYSTEM<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
  14. 14. Components of PRP: Change Management<br />Export to formatted Excel spreadsheets <br />Change Requests – created ad-hoc or from Issues <br />Support for multiple forms of contract and multiple contracts <br />Automatic reminders of contractual deadlines in change management process <br />Complex Change Request approval routing based upon definable criteria <br />Integrated Instructions, Notices, Variation Orders, etc.<br />Highly configurable Decision Tracking functionality supporting the most complex decision workflows <br />Meeting Management – arrange meetings, send invitations, set agendas, table documents <br />Deliverables Tracking and performance tracking <br />Checklists<br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PCP<br />SYSTEM<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
  15. 15. Components of PRP: Tracking & Workflow<br />Queries <br />Messages<br />Attach documents already on system or attach new<br />Linked back to the system object which created the task<br />Configurable completion options<br />Multiple responses<br />Delegation<br />Sub tasks<br />Detailed management desks for searching and sorting<br />Reminders on e-mail briefs and Summaries<br />Searchable and sortable contacts directory <br />Automatic distribution <br />Formal Distribution <br />Recommended Viewing Lists <br />Full visibility of all activity across projects for authorized Users<br />Complex approval routing based upon definable criteria <br />Automatic reminders of deadlines<br />Creation and adoption workflows<br />e-Mail Integration <br />Submit documents by e-mail<br />Task/To do auto creation from e-mails<br />Inbox and To-do List – clear and simple notification and personal task management<br />Risk/Issue Actions <br />Documents Actions <br />Meeting Invitations <br />Meeting Minutes <br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PCP<br />SYSTEM<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />
  16. 16. Components of PRP: Dashboards & Analytics<br />Schedule and Control Management Analytics<br />Cost Control and Management Analytics<br />Quality Management Analytics<br />Risk Management Analytics <br />Design Management Analytics<br />Procurement and Contract Management Analytics <br />Communication Management Analytics<br />Project Vitals <br />Summary Schedule Focused on Time/Cost<br />List of Complete/Ongoing Activities <br />List of Major Concerns and Proposed Resolution<br />The ability to customize data for a specific audience (Board Members/Investors, EMT, Managerial, Site, Client, Cost Managers, Etc.)<br />The ability to customize data by faculty (Design, Finance, Risk, Etc.)<br />Simple conversion of data into intelligent Dash Boards<br />Workflow/Tracking Reporting<br />Earned Value Management Reporting<br />Cost Reporting<br />Schedule Reporting<br />Compare/Contrast<br />Projections and Forecasting<br />SCHEDULE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />DOCUMENT<br />MANAGEMENT<br />CHANGE<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PCP<br />SYSTEM<br />RISK<br />MANAGEMENT<br />COST<br />MANAGEMENT<br />