Ant forklift 18


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Ant forklift 18

  1. 1. By: Oscar SANDBERG & Amrit SINGH Tutor: 04/04/12 Krzysztof Markowski Project: The pallet stapling forklifter ANT-perspective + = Falure!!! !
  2. 2. !"#$!!!"#$%&'()"*+,+-,../#"!"#$%&'()*+,-%&*"# !"#$%&'()$*+,-!./0$1$+2)34$*5,06$ !"#$%&!"'%&!"(&#)*&+',-& The project described below was conducted in the fall of 2009, as a school project. The objective of the course was for the class to, in the form of small teams, look at the operations of an enterprise, and together with them find a way to innovate the internal processes. The team that this paper describes, consisted of 4 students that all studied the same bachelor program in Lund, Sweden, called Logistics Service Management. The project started with the team visiting the Company to get an introduction about how they worked and what was important for their business. Thereafter the Contact person 1, who was the link between the Company and the University, showed the team around the warehouse and other operating facilities. During the tour, the project team and Contact person 1 talked about the problem they were having with empty pallets that were scattered around the floor of the warehouse making it difficult for the operating staff to work. The problem was that when a pallet becomes empty, there was not anybody that would take the time to remove it and put it in the right place. The Operating staff had a performance-based salary and prioritised to reach his/her daily percentage instead of taking time to removing the empty pallets. The 4 students wanted to do something about this and decided to look at ways to make this process easier for the Operating staff and make the working environment safer. There was also a demand for a more ergonomically correct working process for the employees, because the work was stressful and very physically demanding. After contacting both physiotherapists and forklift developers, the project team came up with a prototype of a forklift that was able to gather a number of empty pallets without having to go back and forth between the empty pallets and the docking point. &
  3. 3. ."/&"01#)&#2$'34&5)6'76/*&5)&$"/&83'9/2$& Name of The Actor Role in Project Interest which they Pursues Degree of buy in or Hostility into the Project Added value or Nuisance The project team In favor, find solution to pallet-problem Enhance working environment High degree of Buy in High degree of added value Tuitor In favor, Guide and support the project team Further connections with the company High degree of Buy in Low degree of added value Contact Person No-1 In favor, inform about routines and discuss with project team Seek a faster and better working environment Medium degree of Buy in Low degree of Nuisance Contact Person No-2 Against, discuss about technical possibilities A fast and smooth process Low degree of Hostility High degree of Nuisance The Company Against, decide if to invest A fast and smooth process High degree of Hostility Neutral The Forklift Developer In favor, discuss development of new forklift Possible customer in the company Medium degree of Buy in High degree of added value Employees (users) Against, the user of the forklift A fast process High degree of hostility High degree of Nuisance Physiotherapist In favor, discuss about working environment regulations Help project team/enhance working environment Medium degree of buy in Low degree of Nuisance & &
  4. 4. ."/&)'):"01#)&#2$'34&5)6'76/*&5)&$"/&83'9/2$# & Name of The Actor Role in Project Interest which they Pursues Degree of buy in or Hostility into the Project Degree of Added Nuisance Value and Tendency to Evolve Prototype In favor, the model of the fork lifter A better working environment High degree of Buy in High degree of added value Pallets In favor, cause of the problem To be handled easier and faster Medium degree of Buy in Medium degree of Nuisance Regulations In favor, the working environment was not legal A better working environment Medium degree of Buy in High degree of value added Time In favor, right time to initiate the project Make the process faster Medium degree of hostility High degree of value added Performance- related pay Against, stating the working condition A very fast process High degree of hostility High degree of nuisance Cost Against, Project was getting costlier. Low cost project High degree of hostility High degree of nuisance
  5. 5. &&."/&#2$'3&)/$,'3;&2"#3$&<&=>))'6#$'34&?/348/2$56/@& “We saw that there was a problem with empty pallets ” “Deeper analysis gave both followers and sceptics” “In the end, even the tutor switch sides. The project was dead!” “First prototype and cost prediction” “Anti-side grows as efficiency is doubted” “Both contact people are sceptic to the project” Human Actor Non-Human Actor Prototype 1 Prototype 2 Fact Fiction Oct-2009Dec-2009
  6. 6. ."/&#2$'3&)/$,'3;&2"#3$&<&=A'18#)(B4&?/348/2$56/&CA75/)$D@& & Time Transitioning Comments Actors Involved Oct-2009 There was a problem with pallets in the warehouse, and the concerned person in the company wants to deal with it. The team was assigned and started to work. Time was considered a major threat for the project. Pallets, The team, Concerned person, Regulation, Time Nov-2009 As we were working we realised that the employees was resistant to change. The performance-based salary was not favourable for the project as it was caused the employees to focus on quantity instead of quality. By this time we (company) became sceptical. The Team, Employees, Company, Cost, Performance based pay. Dec-2009 It was clear that the prototype was too costly and the tutor and contact person changed their position. We began to realize that the pallets weren’t a problem any more. Tutor, The Team, Pallets, Prototype, Company Dec-End In the end, no one was interested to carry on with the project. The Team Oct-2009 Nov-2009 Dec-2009 Dec-End Fact Fiction
  7. 7. Conclusion The prototype was delivered to the Company but they decided not to invest in this kind of machine. The main reasons why they did not want to invest was because the machine would be expensive, the management did not see the potential and it was not interesting to the operating staff, which cherished speed before comfort. Below one can see a more detailed description of the actors involved in the project and what position they took on the project.
  8. 8. Oscar Sandberg Amrit Singh The project had potential; it would have succeeded with little more support The project wasn’t realistic from the beginning that’s why it failed. I like hockey I hate hockey, love Soccer