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Glossary for hw


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Glossary for hw

  2. 2. TRANSITIONS>>>
  4. 4. WIPE
  5. 5. SUPERIMPOSITIONSuperimposition in video editing refers to combining two ormore pieces footage together to create a single video. Thismeans overlaying the first video on top of another video,then allowing both to be seen on the same frame by alteringtheir opacity.
  6. 6. FADE IN AND FADEOUTOne shot fades in and the other shot fades out.
  7. 7. CUTMost common, ongoing straight cuts.
  8. 8. CUTTING>>>
  9. 9. GRAPHIC MATCHIs a cut between either two different objects, two differentspaces, or two different compositions in which an object inthe two shots graphically match, often helping to establish astrong continuity of action and linking the two shotsmetaphorically.
  10. 10. PARALLEL EDITINGA device of narrative construction in which the developmentof two pieces of action are presented simultaneously. Oftento reach an important climax.
  11. 11. SHOT REVERSE SHOTThe camera alternates back and forth between twocharacters.
  13. 13. ACTION MATCHPerspective of the camera changes to create a continuousediting shot.
  14. 14. JUMP CUTTwo sequential shots of the same subject are taken fromcamera positions slightly vary. This causes the subject of theshots to appear to "jump" position in a discontinuous way.
  15. 15. CROSS CUTTINGTo demonstrate action happening at the same time in twodifferent scenes. Similar to parallel editing.
  16. 16. CUTAWAY AND CUT INSHOTSA shot away from the main scene and a shot close up in thescene.
  17. 17. GENERAL TERMS>>>
  18. 18. CONTINUITY EDITINGPredominant style of film editing and video editing in film andtelevision. The purpose of continuity editing is to smoothover the inherent discontinuity of the editing process; itestablishes a coherence between shots. 180’ Rule
  19. 19. MONTAGE EDITINGSeries of shots edited to condense time, space &information.
  20. 20. LONG TAKE & SHORTTAKELong: An uninterrupted shot in a film which lasts muchlonger than the conventional editing pace either of the filmitself or of films in general. It usually lasts several minutes. Itcan be used for dramatic and narrative effect.Short: Used in montage, rapid edits from shot to shot.Opposite of long take.
  21. 21. SLOW MOTIONEmphasises a scene...reduces the pace.
  22. 22. ELLIPSISIt is an apparent break in natural time continuity as it isimplied in the films story.
  23. 23. EXPANSION OF TIMEThe same shot can be shown from multiple angles andrepeated...common in sports shots.
  24. 24. POST-PRODUCTIONVISUAL EFFECTSOccurs after the actual end of shooting. Post production alsoincludes:•Video editing•Sound effects•SoundtrackVisual effects done by green screen...