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Modern Quilting: A Twist on Tradition


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Modern Quilting: A Twist on Tradition

  2. 2. Overview Modern inspiration Design Lack of rules Color Fabric
  3. 3. Modern inspiration Crosses Quilts, Denyse Schmidt
  4. 4. Modern inspiration Improv piecing, Urban Patchwork blog Rossie Crafts
  5. 5. Modern inspiration Tangerine Ladder, B/perrino quiltsWonky Pinwheel Tutorial, Greenleaf Goods
  6. 6. Modern inspiration Modern Crosses, Modern Log Cabin Quilting bookFault Lines, Kathy Loomis
  7. 7. DesignDesign isn’t Use asymmetry in quilt designbalancedDifferentdesigns oneach side ofquilt
  8. 8. DesignFewer Less repetitionrepeatingblocksRandom
  9. 9. DesignFlying Geese Reinterpreted traditional designsUpdated colorsMore “whitespace”Majority issolid fabrics
  10. 10. DesignOrange Peel Reinterpreted traditional designsGraphicfabrics withlarge printsBold solidsNo borders
  11. 11. DesignLog Cabin Reinterpreted traditional designsImprovpiecingModern colorsModernfabrics
  12. 12. DesignGraphic Amish QuiltsSolid fabricsBold colors
  13. 13. DesignGraphic Quilts of Gee’s BendSolid fabricsBold colors
  14. 14. DesignLarger Embraces simplicity and minimalismswatches offabricHighlights theindividualfabrics moreMore graphicpresentationwhich makes abolderstatement
  15. 15. DesignIncreased Embraces simplicity and minimalismnegativespaceMore focus onthe individualelements:shapes, linesA single focus
  16. 16. FabricsHighlights the Embraces simplicity and minimalismfabricVery simple
  17. 17. DesignDesigning Utilizes alternative block structures or lack ofquilt top as a visible block structure“whole” ratherthan blocks orpieces
  18. 18. DesignAlso referred Increased use of negative spaceto as “whitespace”Gives the eyesomewhere torestDesignelementBackground orwithin a block
  19. 19. DesignAnni Quilt by Inspired by modern art and architectureHeather Jones Homage to the Square: Soft Spoken, 1969 Josef Albers
  20. 20. DesignNew York Inspired by modern art and architectureSkyline Quiltby JessicaBlomquist
  21. 21. Design“No Rules” Use improv piecingCreate as yougoImprovise asyou sew andcutPerfection notimportant
  22. 22. DesignPieced stripes Pieced backsDesignelementReversibleUse extrablocks orfabric fromfront
  23. 23. DesignPut as much Pieced backseffort into theback as thefrontEconomical,using whatyou have onhand
  24. 24. DesignLack of rules“…Originality and untamed lines areapplauded over perfection. There is NOFEAR in the modern quilter. No fear ofshame for not having perfect points, no fearof seam allowances being measured, nofear of angles or colors. When the fear ofbreaking rules is gone the creative juicesflow with much more force…”Essay #4,
  25. 25. DesignInspiration Lack of rulesfromanywhereCombiningpatterns tomake oneunique pattern
  26. 26. ColorFresh BoldBrightCombinedwith whitesand grays
  27. 27. ColorAllows the Neutralscolors to popUsing allneutrals withjust a hint ofcolorContrastUsing in afresh way
  28. 28. ColorUpdated color Unusual or trendy combinationscombosFollow thetrendsUpdate atraditionalblock by usingcurrent colors
  29. 29. ColorModern color choices in fabrics
  30. 30. ColorTraditional block + updated color = Modern & Fresh
  31. 31. FabricsPrints Fabric designGraphicBoldLarge printsUpdated
  32. 32. FabricsPrints Fabric designGraphicUpdatedneutralsUpdatedsmall prints
  33. 33. FabricsIncreased use Solid fabricsof solidsBackgroundPiecedHighlightprinted fabricEntirely solidDesign is clearGraphic/bold
  34. 34. Learn More 
  35. 35. Learn more   Tutorials  Newsletter  100 Days of Modern Quilting  QuiltCon
  36. 36. Learn moreBooks
  37. 37. Credits Presentation adapted from definition found on The Modern Quilt Guild’s web site: Credits unless otherwise noted on page: Page 2: Both images from Page 7: Version of Sparklepunch Quilt –by Elizabeth Fransson of ; Barbara Perrino Page 8: Barbara Perrino; “Whats for Breakfast” by Karen Anderson Abraham Page 9:; Birds of a Feather Quilt by Rita Hodge; Color Flight by Alexis Deise Page 10:; Denyse Schmidt’s new book MODERN QUILTS TRADITIONAL INSPIRATION; Portland Peel quilt by Tabslot on Page 11:; Susan Beal’s book Modern Log Cabin Quilting Page 12: Vintage Amish Quilt at William Jenack (; shelburne-1951 Stars and Bars, a collection of Amish Quilts of Barbara and Michael Polemis Page 13: Loretta Pettway, born 1942. Housetop, 1963 Page 14: Rashida Coleman Hale; Intersections, by Alissa Haight Carlton; Big Wonky Blocks Quilt by Jenni at Simple Beans Page 15: Alissa Haight Carlton - Modern Minimal: 20 Bold and Graphic Quilts Page 16: Ashley at Page 17: Barbara Perrino; Banner Quilt by Cristin Wilson Page 18: Midnight White, Barbara Perrino; Quilt for Kate by ellebeesquilts; Page 21:; Wonky log cabin from the Flickr stream of “SUPPOSE - create - delights”; Page 22: ; Rita Hodge, Red Pepper Quilts Page 23:; QuiltCon Fundraiser Quilt Elizabeth Hartman; hope-valley-quilt-4-back1 filminthefridge; Page 24: Octagonal Orb Block, Elizabeth Hartman, Page 25: Cherry House quilts Page 26: Amish Impressions Zigzag Quilt by Sujata Shah;; Page 27: Modern and Colorful Patchwork Quilt, Rita Hodge with Red Pepper Quilts; Steely, Jacquie Gering Page 28: Belinda Gelhausen; City Lights by Robyn Croft; Color Half Square Triangle Love by Katie Pedersen Page 29: Joel Dewberry Collection: Notting Hill Voile; Jane Dixon, High Tide; Parson Gray, Curious Nature; Jessica Gonacha Swift Collection: Blomma, Cloud 9 organics; Andover (A-5900- BE) Designer: Alison Glass Collection: Lucky Penny; Andover (A-6006-MN) Designer: Lonni Rossi Collection: Fairmount Park Page 31: Jay McCarroll, City Center; Alexander Henry line – Tribeca; Ruby Star Sparkle collection; Anna Maria Horner – Field Study; Dear Stella line – Bukhara; Amy Butler, Alchemy Page 32: Carolyn Friedlander – Architextures; Lotta Jansdotter- Glimma Canvas line; Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley ; Lizzy House, Hello Pilgrim Page 33: Orange Boxes, Barbara Perrino; Theas Puzzle Quilt,; Greek Cross Block Faith at Fresh Lemon Quilts