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Wayne Eckerson: Secrets of Analytical Leaders


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In this Wayne Eckerson delivers an overview of his new book "Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders." Imagine spending a day with top analytical leaders and asking any question you want. In this book, Wayne Eckerson illustrates analytical best practices by weaving his perspective with commentary from seven directors of analytics who unveil their secrets of success. With an innovative flair, Eckerson tackles a complex subject with clarity and insight.

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Wayne Eckerson: Secrets of Analytical Leaders

  1. 1. Big Data Thought Leadership WebinarWeb:  Twi)er:    @CetasAnaly/cs  Blog:  YouTube:   © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. IntroductionsDavid Morris, HostBig Data Analytics Marketing – Cetas, By Please submit your questions at anytime throughout the webinar via the chat tool.2
  3. 3. The  Secrets  of  Analy;cal   Leaders:    Insights  from  Informa;on  Insiders   Wayne  W.  Eckerson   President,  BI  Leader  Consul/ng      
  4. 4. Wayne  Eckerson   •  BI  thought  leader     •  President,  BI  Leader  Consul/ng   •  Director,  BI  Leadership  Forum   •  Director,  BI  Leadership   •  Former  director  of  research  at  TDWI   •  Author  •  Wayne  Eckerson  •  •  @weckerson   4  
  5. 5. Analy;cal  Leaders   Dan  Ingle,  Kelley  Blue  Book   Tim  Leonard,  USXpress   1.  Incremental  development   1.  Talk  language  of  business   2.  Teamwork   2.  Let  business  present   3.  One  size  doesn’t  fit  all   3.  Deliver  quick  wins   Amy  O’Connor,  Nokia   Kurt  Thearling,  CapitalOne   1.  Data  is  a  product   1.  Curate  the  data   2.  Create  an  ecosystem   2.  Sta/s/cians  are  craUsmen   3.  Change  management   3.  Manage  model  produc/on   Darren  Taylor,  Blue  KC   1.  Create  the  right  team   2.  Get  execu/ve  support   Ken  Rudin,  Zynga   3.  Deliver  a  quick  win   1.  Ques/ons,  not  answers   2.  Impacts,  not  insights   3.  Evangelists,  not  oracles   Eric  Colson,  NeIlix   1.  Eliminate  coordina/on  costs   2.  Work  fast,  cohere  later   3.  Build  with  context   5  
  6. 6. Purple  People    •  Straddle  business  and  technology  •  Talk  the  language  of  business  •  Run  the  analy/cal  group  like  a  business  •  Recruit  business  people  to  their  team  •  Manage  “front”  and  “back”  offices  
  7. 7. Success  framework   CULTURE   PEOPLE   ORGANIZATION   PROCESS   Performance  Measurement   Development  Methods   Fact-­‐based  Decisions   Project  Management   Embedded  Analysts   ARCHITECTURE   Business-­‐oriented  BI   Data  Developers   Structured   Top-­‐down   Bo^om-­‐up   Analysts     Internal   External   DATA   Unstructured   Sandboxes   Cross-­‐func/onal  Collabora/on   Analy/cal  Center  of  Excellence   Casual  and  Power  Users   Data  Treated  as  a  Corporate  Asset  
  8. 8. Culture  Create  an  analy;cal  culture   Rou;ne   Test  hypothesis   Cue   Reward   Idea   LiU  and   Ken  Rudin   sa/sfac/on!   Keystone  habit:    “Be  evangelists,  not  oracles”  
  9. 9. People   Team  members   BI/DW  Developers   (Centralized)   TOP  DOWN   “Business  Intelligence”     Corporate  Objec;ves    and  Strategy                 Repor;ng  &  Monitoring  (Casual  Users)        Data  Warehousing           Predefined                               Casual  Users   Architecture   Data  architects,  ETL  developers,  report   Metrics   developers,  data  administrators,  DW   administrators,  technical  architects,   requirements  specialists,  trainers,  etc.           Analysts   Analy;cs     Ad  hoc     Power  Users   (embedded)   Architecture    queries             Analysis  and  Predic;on  (Power  Users)       Processes  and  Projects   Super  users,  business  analysts,     sta/s/cians,  data  scien/sts,  data   BOTTOM  UP     analysts   9  
  10. 10. Organiza/on  Team  principles  •  Hire  people  with  business  knowledge  and   emo/onal  IQ  •  Align  people  with  their  natural  strengths  •  Prac;ce  the  principle  of  proximity  •  Empower  people  to  build  complete  solu/ons  •  Foster  teamwork  and  trust  •  Allow  failure   Autonomy,  mastery,  purpose  
  11. 11. Process  Deliver  value  fast!  •  Answer  a  meaningful  ques/on  •  Deliver  value  along  the  way  •  Get  a  quick  win  •  Implement  scrum  •  Empower  spanners  ...  to  gain  credibility  and  momentum  
  12. 12. Monitoring   Architecture   Casual  Users   Business  Intelligence   End-­‐User  Tools   Reports  and  Dashboards   Design  Framework   MAD  Dashboards   Con;nuous  Intelligence  Content  Intelligence   Architecture   Data  Ware-­‐   Keyword  search,  BI  tools,   Xquery,  Hive,  Java,  etc.     MapReduce,  XML  schema,   Data  Warehousing   housing   Event-­‐Driven  Alerts    and   Key-­‐value  pairs,  graph     Dashboard  Alerts   Event  detec/on   HDFS,  NoSQL   and  correla/on   CEP,  Streams   nota/on,  etc.   Repor;ng   databses   Event-­‐driven   Dashboards   &     Analysis     Analy/c   Analy/c  Sandboxes   Sandboxes   Ad  hoc  query,  Spreadsheets,   Ad  hoc  SQL   OLAP,  Visual  Analysis,  Analy/c   Workbenches,  Hadoop   Excel,  Access,  OLAP,  Data   mining,  visual  explora/on   Analy;cs  Intelligence     Explora/on   Power  Users  
  13. 13. Analy;cal  Ecosystem   Machine Event-­‐driv en  messa Data ging   Casual  User   Streaming/     CEP  Engine   Aler ts   ETL   Operational System BI   Server   ODS   Logical  or     Data  Warehouse       Physical     ETL   Data  Mart   dashboards   Interac/ve     Operational System   Top-­‐down  BI       Virtual  Sandboxes   Bo+om-­‐up  BI   Web Data Visual   Hadoop  Cluster   discovery   tools   QuerAudio/video Free-­‐standing   y   Data Analy;cal   sandbox   Upload  &  query     External Data Power  User   KEY:   Classic  BI     New  Stuff    
  14. 14. Tools  BI  tools  market   Dashboards   Repor/ng   Pixel  Perfect   Ad  hoc     Opera/onal   Casual  Users   Repor/ng   Reports/   Reports/   Dashboards   Dashboards                            BI  FUNCTIONALITY                                                Rela/onal  OLAP                       Top-­‐down         Desktop                   Bo^om-­‐up   Analysis   Analysis     Mul/-­‐ (e.g.  Excel)     dimensional   Power  Users   OLAP                Visual                       Big  Data              Discovery         Analy/cs  Planorms   Mining   Data  Mining   Workbench   Analyst   Department   Enterprise   SCOPE  OF  DEPLOYMENT  
  15. 15. Data   What  is  “big  data”?   a)  Lots  of  data   Data   b)  Different  types  of  data   “Three  V’s”   c)  High  velocity  data   d)  Purpose-­‐built  analy/cal  database   Systems   e)  Distributed  file  system   f)  In-­‐memory  database   g)  A  Java  developer’s  full  employment  act   Movement   h)  A  replacement  for  the  RDBMS   i)  A  club  for  hip  data  people   Yes!  
  16. 16. Summary   CULTURE   PEOPLE   ORGANIZATION   PROCESS   Performance  Measurement   Development  Methods   Fact-­‐based  Decisions   Project  Management   Embedded  Analysts   Business-­‐oriented  BI   ARCHITECTURE   Data  Developers   Top-­‐down   Structured   Bo^om-­‐up   Internal   Analysts     External   DATA   Unstructured   Sandboxes   Cross-­‐func/onal  Collabora/on   Analy/cal  Center  of  Excellence   Casual  and  Power  Users   Data  Treated  as  a  Corporate  Asset   Keys:   Available  at   -­‐  Deliver  value  fast   -­‐  Manage  change   -­‐  Hire  the  right  people…   -­‐  And  point  them  in  the  right  direc/on   -­‐  Create  agile  data  warehouses     -­‐  Curate  the  data  
  17. 17. To  Vote  Tweet  the  following  with  your  Favs  “tweet  handle”    I  nominate  @twi^erhandle  for  the  #bigdata100  most  influen/al  #bigdata  Twi^er  accounts  h^p://     1.  Wayne  Eckerson    @weckerson   2.  J.  David  Morris      @jdavidmorris   3.  Cetas      @cetasanaly/cs   4.  Karthik  Kannan      @KarthikBigData   5.  Rakish  Nair      @mynameisnair  
  18. 18. Ques;ons??  Available  at  •  Wayne  Eckerson   I’m  listening!  •  •  @weckerson   18  
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