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2011 ms flb


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2011 ms flb

  1. 1. Mar ket ing & St r at egyForrester Leadership BoardsFor Marketing & strategy executives F O RRE S T E R L E A D E RS H I P B O ARDS
  2. 2. F o r r e s t e r l e a d e r s h i p b o a r d s F o r M a r k e t i n g & s t r at e g y e x e c u t i v e sCMO grOupinteraCtive Marketing COunCile B u S i n e S S & C h a n n e l S t r at e g y C O u n C i lCuStOMer experienCe COunCilCuStOMer intelligenCe COunCilMarket reSearCh COunCil
  3. 3. In today’s global business environment, marketing and strategy professionals face a score of challenges that directly affect the performance of their organizations. F O r reSt er l ead er Ship BOar d S d ir eCt ly ad d r eSS t hiS iSSue.“Forrester Leadership Boards help you make key decisions by providing insight and best practices from your peers, Forrester analysts, and a personal advisor whose sole focus We prOvide an exe Cutive is helping you succeed in peer COMM unity With the your role.” M iSSiO n OF MaxiM izingVictoria Bough yO ur SuCCeSS.Vice PresidentForrester Leadership BoardsMarketing & Strategy Client Group F O r r e S t e r l e a d e r S h i p B O a r d S F O r M a r k e t i n g & S t r at e g y prOFeSSiOnalS n CMO Group n Interactive Marketing Council n eBusiness & Channel Strategy Council n Customer Experience Council n Customer Intelligence Council n Market Research Council
  4. 4. FOrreS t e r l e a d e r Sh i p de di Cated tO yO ur SuCCeSS and t he SuCCeSS O F yO ur O r ganizatiOnBOardS FOr Marke ti n g & Membership in the Forrester Leadership Boards recognizes your responsibility as a thoughtStrate gy prOFe S Si O n a l S leader and supports your achievements with peer best practice insights, exclusive research, dedicated research resources, and access to Events. If you are in one of the six roles served by Forrester Leadership Boards, you may qualify to join.“a significant benefit What can you expect as a Leadership Boards Member? of being a member p e r SO n al ized adviSO r of the Forrester A dedicated research Advisor acts as an extension of your team, proactively connecting Leadership Boards you with relevant research and peers based on your current projects and performance goals. cMo group is that i can email questions r e l e va n t Cut t ing- ed ge CO nt ent to my advisor. she not only supplies me As a member of the Forrester Leadership Boards, you vote on what research is important with answers, she to you — you direct the research agenda. You’re exposed to Forrester’s in-depth data and is also proactive in forward-looking analysis in advance of other Forrester clients. Your Advisor understands your connecting me with needs and ensures that the information you receive is relevant to your priorities and goals. fellow cMo members whose counsel and t r u St e d peer CO MMunit y advice are invaluable.” Tap into the collective wisdom of your peers to gain insight on best practices and provenMonica WooChief Marketing and strategies. You’ll have the opportunity to share your own expertise and help fellow members.Merchandising Officer You can also connect 24×7 through our member-only online community.1-800-FLOWERS.COM the Forrester Leadership Boards help you and your organization succeed G a In C O Mp Et I t I v E a Dva n taG E RE D u C E C O S tS Yo u r Yo u r o r g a n i z at i o n ’ s su c c e ss Sav E t I ME su c c e ss S t I Mulat E M a kE B Et t E R I n n OvatI O n B u SI n E SS D E CI SI O n S
  5. 5. a Fu lly ta il Ore d Se rvi Ce e x Cl u Si v e MeMBer Ship BeneFit SWith p e rS On a l a n d Save time by collaborating with your dedicated Advisor to increase efficiency.Organ iz at iOn al B e n e F i tS Your time is precious — we work to help you maximize your productivity. Through a deep understanding of your unique challenges, we recommend specific research, analysts, and peers to provide the help you need to achieve success. According to one member “A single conversation with a peer helped me avoid two months of pitfalls.” Reduce costs by leveraging peer best practices. As a member, you have access to peer insights and best practices through the exclusive member online community, virtual and face-to-face meetings, and your Advisor. Members frequently suggest that the support they receive saves hundreds of thousands — and even millions — of dollars. Make better business decisions by collaborating on tough challenges. Because we restrict membership, you can be sure that the people you collaborate with are facing challenges similar to your own. Your membership is designed to help you tap into the wisdom of many peers in the same role in a safe environment. Through collaboration, even the best ideas can be improved. Leading thinkers love the ability to test their concepts on the peer community. Stimulate innovation by changing your thinking. In these challenging times, companies must continuously innovate. Because members come from a broad range of industries, your thinking will be stimulated and challenged. Discover how peers are doing things differently — sometimes the simplest change can make the biggest difference. Gain competitive advantage by positioning yourself to evolve. No market remains constant. As a result, companies and organizations must evolve or die. By becoming a member of Forrester Leadership Boards, you are positioning yourself — and your company — for continuous evolution that will form the basis of sustained competitive advantage.
  6. 6. FOrreS t e r l e a d e r Sh i p CM O g rO upBOardS FOr Marke ti n g & Members of this group are senior marketing executives within large organizations whoStrate gy e x e C ut iv e S typically must: n Establish a customer-centric culture n Develop business-driven global marketing teams n leverage the power of emerging technologies Cu StO M er exper ienCe CO unCil Members of this council are professionals within large organizations who typically must: n Implement an effective “voice of the customer” program n prioritize customer experience site improvements to deliver greater business results n Ensure that customer experience remains a priority during shifts in the business cycle Cu StO M er int ell igenCe CO unCil Members of this council are professionals within large organizations who typically must: n Employ best practices in customer analytics n leverage the customer database to drive business results across the organization n Select marketing technology and service providers e B u Si n e SS & Channel St r at egy CO unCil Members of this council are professionals within large organizations who typically must: n Increase online traffic and sales n Implement next-generation improvements to their sites n Develop a long-term eBusiness strategy i n te r aCt ive Mar ket ing CO unCil Members of this council are professionals within large organizations who typically must: n Justify investments in interactive marketing tactics n Integrate interactive marketing tactics with traditional marketing programs n Maximize the results of interactive marketing investments M a r ke t r eSear Ch CO unCil Members of this council are professionals within large organizations who typically must: n Justify investments in new market research strategies n Synthesize research into action-oriented recommendations n Optimize their market research capabilities To learn more about becoming a member of the Forrester Leadership Boards, please contact your Forrester representative, email, or visit
  7. 7. Making Leaders Successful Every DayForrester has research Global Headquarterscenters and sales offices Forrester Research, more than 25 cities 400 Technology Squareinternationally, including Cambridge, MA 02139Amsterdam; Cambridge, USAMass.; Dallas; Dubai; +1 617.613.6000Foster City, Calif.; Frankfurt;London; Madrid; Sydney;Tel Aviv; and Toronto.For the location of theForrester office nearestyou, please© 2010, Forrester Research, Inc. all rights reserved. Forrester is a registered trademark of Forrester Research, Inc. F O R RE S T E R L E A D E RS H I P B OARDSMS.FlB.Q210