Empathize and define empathy map


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Empathize and define empathy map

  1. 1. Empathy Map By: Grecia Justo Villegas
  2. 2. Considerations • It is very important to understand what Empathy Map means. • First of all, I watch all the videos, make some research in forums and read the guidelines. • Then, I worked on looking for people to interview. I found 3 people: A university student, a high school student and a chef with high experience.
  3. 3. People interviewed Mode: personal interview – face to face •22 year-old men •Industrial engineer student •Near to graduate •He is working as an Intern in a Pharmaceutical company. •He wants to be promoted, he wants a permanent job. •High school student, 16 years old. •She doesn´t know what to study at university. •She loves cooking. •She is interested in studying Business Administration. •She constantly goes to career workshops because she is very interesting in university • With more of 20 years of experience •She studies Account Management, but she prefers being a chef •She works in a restaurant (she is a co-owner) •She is afraid of taking cuisine courses because of her age
  4. 4. Interview: University student of Industrial Engineering • I choose this person because, in the interview I could notice that he has several problems about getting more responsibilities on his job. • He looks unmotivated, but he believes in his skills and proficiency. • He is going to graduate next week.
  6. 6. SAY I always look for some aditional job on the internet I have excellent degrees at university I’m always looking for new knowledge I have friends of my career that have a better job than mine A friend works as Analyst without being graduate in a big company I like my current job, but I don´t have the functions that I should I describe my former jobs as good experiences I learned to work in teams and listening to others in my school All the courses that I had are helpful in my professional performance
  7. 7. DO He looks very anxious He looked at his mobile phone by several times He demonstrated endeavor answering the questions He was punctual and very respectful He showed me his CV, it was impeccable He is very nervous because of his graduation
  8. 8. FEEL He feels disappointed because he deserves a better job He feels very prepared and trained He feels excited about his future as a professional He feels a loyalty link with his job, he would like to stay there He feels very capable of working with efficiency
  9. 9. THINK He thinks that grades are not enough for being successful He thinks that Industrial Engineering is the best profession He thinks that student are not considerate as workers He thinks that the courses are very important in the professional life He thinks that personal relationships are very important in the life
  10. 10. Problem Statement • A hard-worker, young, motivated, student of Industrial Enginnering near to graduate STAKEHOLDER •Needs to be promoted on his jobNEED •Because he strongly believed in his skills and knowledge. For that reason, he thinks need more responsibilities INSIGHT