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Company profile Firstmed Pharma 2013


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Company Profile of Firstmed Pharma 2013

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Company profile Firstmed Pharma 2013

  1. 1. Company Profile - 2013 Firstmed Pharma LLC 1975 Ross Clark Circle Dothan, AL 36301 tel. 334-403-4057
  2. 2. Firstmed Pharma has been dedicated to the research and development of innovative nutraceuticals. Firstmed incorporated in June 2007 and acquired Ampro Services founded in 1997 and Inso Laboratories from Ecuador. Both of this companies brought vast experience and technology in Nutraceuticals . In 2010 The company dropped its Firstmed Holding name an stared using Firstmed Pharma. Our commitment to science and quality control has earned Firstmed recognition within the industry as a trusted supplier of products of the highest quality. Firstmed is the Developer, Manufacturer, Exporter of the most remarkable alternative and complementary herbal health products and raw material available today. Firstmed develops and manufactures superior nutraceutical products. Our main markets are South America, Central America and the Hispanic Markets in the United States.
  3. 3. A Commitment to Quality We are committed to bringing you clinically proven and high quality herbal supplements and natural creams. Our products are manufactured in our in house plant, using the same rigorous manufacturing standards usually reserved only for pharmaceutical products. We manufacturer according to GMP standards and have undergone SGS auditing of GMP processes. The procurement of raw materials and the production process are subjected to strict quality control using state-of-the-art technologies. Our factory is equipped with a full laboratory and modern pharmaceutical production equipments and is staffed by skilled professionals
  4. 4. In order to meet the individual needs of our market, Firstmed spends 30% of gross profits in R&D developing new products and conducting clinical tests. maintains a wide range of qualifications. Clinical Tests conducted include double blind tests. All raw materials must pass our internal quality control testing before being used in any product. All products are monitored throughout the manufacturing process, and must pass our rigorous quality assurance laboratory testing before being released for sale.
  5. 5. Customer Services Our customer services department is committed to giving you the very best attention and services. Our customer-focused policy means you always receive the finest products as quickly as possible without compromising low prices. We steadfastly believe the "voice of the customer" is the top priority! By maintaining continual two- way communication with all of our customers--both large and small, from distributor, to retailer, to end user Firstmed will attain an international position in this dynamic marketplace. 2011 will mark an important point in Firstmeds’ growth. This year we will begin to market key products in the United States.
  6. 6. Product Bio-Slender Category Weight Loss Aid Sub-category Increases metabolism – reduction of appetite Dosage Adults 1 capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule before lunch Packaging Bottle HDPE White 250cc - 60 capsules UPC 02107800485
  7. 7. Product Julvelin Category Anti diabetic, oral hypoglycemic Sub-category Dosage Adults take 1 capsule with meals twice daily. Packaging Bottle HDPE White 250cc - 60 capsules UPC 021078004844
  8. 8. Product Caffeine – 200mg Category Energy Sub-category Increases Energy Dosage 1 every 3-5 hour period / max 3 per day Packaging Bottle HDPE White 250cc - 60 capsules UPC 021078004844
  9. 9. Product Confitron Category Male Sexual Enhancer Sub-category Dosage Adult Male: 1 capsule per day Packaging Bottle HDPE White 250cc - 30 capsules UPC 021078004844
  10. 10. Product Cardiospan Category Heart Support Formula Sub-category Dosage 1 capsule per day Packaging Bottle HDPE White 250cc - 60 capsules UPC 021078004899
  11. 11. Product Energizate 24/7 Category Energy Caffeine 200mg Sub-category Increases Energy Dosage 1 every 4-6 hour period / max 3 per day Packaging Blister 12 capsules with card packaging. UPC 021078004899
  12. 12. Product Gioxil-36 Category Treatment of ED Tadanafil 10mg Sub-category Male Sexual Enhancer Dosage For use as needed: Starting dose: 10 mg up to once daily. Increase to 20 mg Packaging Box containing 4 capsules. UPC 021078004882
  13. 13. Nutrilera is a new division and marks the companies entry into Medical Nutrition business. Nutrilera will develops and distributes nutritional-medical products for the nutritionally at risk who are under medical supervision. We focus on evidence-based research to develop better clinical outcomes for nursing home residents, dialysis patients, Diabetic , Post Surgery Wound Patients, Intestinal health and bariatric surgery patients. Our primary customers are long-term care facilities, hospitals, dialysis clinics and bariatric surgery clinics and their patients who looking for a source of natural herbs which will help improve their health and live better lives.
  14. 14. Nutrilera is a new division and marks the companies entry into Medical Nutrition business. Nutilera introduces Nutracrunch a new cereal formulated from Quinua, Maca, Kiwicha, Tarwi and Kaniwa all organically grown. These grains are considered super foods becasue of the high nutrient value for more information
  15. 15. Nutrilera is a new division and marks the companies entry into Medical Nutrition business. Nutrilera is currently developing products in following therapeutic categories. Medical Nutritional products are an important part of nutrition therapy in preventing and caring for patients with chronic diseases like Gastric Intestinal Diseases, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Cancer and Heart disease. Nutrilera is currently developing products in following therapeutic categories. Gastrointestinal Diseases Gastric Ulcers Support has developed a nutritional beverage with cytoprotective activity on gastric mucosa. Combined with hemostatic activity is currently in Stage II testing but with promising results. Nutrilera Pipeline 2011-2016
  16. 16. Irritable Bowel Syndrome We have been investigating bioactivity in plants and have found remarkable Antidiarrheic, antifungal, antioxydative, antiviral, bacteriostatic activity in simple phenoles, saponines, steroides, sterols, triperpens, triterpenoides, xanthons Cancer We are investigating natural plants that have proven their anti-tumor activity in lab and clinical studies to show a benefit in certain types of cancers such as Colon Cancer. Diabetes Support We currently study the use of Fructooligosaccharide, or FOS. FOS is a dietary sugar that our bodies are unable to metabolize. Since the body is unable to fully digest the sugar. The Hypoglucemic property of our HerbDF23 is due to the high content of inlulin a substance that provides similar effects of the insulin.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. The future is bright at Firstmed Pharma. We will continue to invest in research Development of nutritional medical products that help people live healthier fuller lives.
  19. 19. In 2013 we are opening a new manufacturing facility in Lima Peru. This plant will manufacturer capsules and new products under the Nutrilera line.
  20. 20. INVESTMENT Sector Investments in Peru -2013-2016 Manufacturing facility Compounding Pharmacies Integrative medical centers
  21. 21. Economía peruana creció 7.21% en julio, su mayor avance en casi un año It is rich in copper, silver, lead, zinc, oil and gold. The country experienced an economic boom in the 2000s, and in 2011 Peru was said to have one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Why Peru?
  22. 22. A new report by the International Monetary Fund suggests that Peru’s economy will keep growing in 2012, despite the international financial crisis. Peru’s economy will end the year with 6.75% growth, and an inflation rate of around 3.75%, according to the IMF. Peru's economy expected to grow in 2012, according to IMF
  23. 23. Perú: mercado de productos farmacéuticos factura unos US$1.400M Lima. The pharmaceutical market in Peru turnover of around U.S. $ 1,400 million a year and for years to continue to grow at rates above the growth of the country, said Thursday the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL). The Drugs Subcommittee Chairman of the CCL, Mario Mongilardi said that this was driven mainly by economic development and improvement in the purchasing power of the people, who are investing more in their health..
  24. 24. In 2010 we opened our office in Lima to distribute Bio-Slender and our other products. We currently have 11 employees in Peru 4 in sales covering the national territory of Peru. Because of market conditions we feel it is a good opportunity to expand our operations in Peru. In 2013 we have finished our manufacturing facility in Peru for capsules and Nutrilera Product Line.
  25. 25. The pharmaceutical market will grow 25% in Natural products.
  26. 26. In August 2013 we opened our first Compounding Pharmacy in Lima. Av Angamos 2541 San Borja Lima Peru Tel. 224- 4093 Store No. 1:
  27. 27. Name Title email Gonzalo Tovar President & CEO Cesar E Cuneo ND VP Marketing and Planning Terry Wolf Plant Manger Frank Cuneo Legal counsel Dr. John Davidson New Product Development Guillermo Alvarez Marketing
  28. 28. Banking Reference Wachovia Bank N.A. 401 Linden Street Winston Salem , NC 27150 Assistant Vice President: Judd Burleigh tel. 704-427-712 Account No. 2000043326914
  29. 29. Trade References Custom Plastics LLC Dothan , Alabama Tel. 334-798-2384 email: Tom Freeman President Seong-Min Keyongwon Hitel 1216,5 Chengdam-dong Kangnam-Gu, Seoul – Korea tel. 82-11-9887-4680 email: Mr. Shan President HANGZHOU COFNA Lydia Ling Address: 8-2,Jiaqi Road,Xianlin Industrial District,Xianlin Town, 311122 Hangzhou,China TEL;0086-571-88696666 EXT 8315 OR 8316 Direct Tel: +86 571-89081315 FAX:+86-571-89081240 E-mail: Mobile: 0086-13805784523 D&B No. 80-838-4817
  30. 30. Company websites