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Mapping Evaluation of Community based FASD Programs

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Ces 2013 presentation

  1. 1. Mapping Evaluation of Community-based FASD ProgramsCanadian Evaluation SocietyEvaluation Across BoundariesJune 9-12, 2013
  2. 2. Project teamCarol Hubberstey, MASharon Hume, MSWNancy Poole, MA (PhD cand)Deborah Rutman, PhDMarilyn Van Bibber
  3. 3. Agenda What is FASD Situating the project Project Objectives Process Evaluation Maps Next steps
  4. 4. What is FASD Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & Fetal Alcohol SpectrumDisorder Neuro-developmental disorder caused by maternalalcohol consumption during pregnancy Learning disabilities; behavioural issues; socialvulnerability; health and mental health issues Lifelong adaptive living challenges
  5. 5. Situating the project Organizations are diverse Professional to grass roots Prevention – prenatal and young children Supportive Intervention – youth and adults
  6. 6. Project objectives Identify promising evaluation methods, tools,indicators of success Create common evaluation frameworks and toolsfor FASD programs Support the capacity of community-basedorganizations to undertake evaluation We also discovered the need to do the same forFASD prevention and support programs inAboriginal communities
  7. 7. Process Consultations across the country Review of available evaluations Began with support programs and preventionprograms Need for separate Aboriginal map emerged
  8. 8. Conventional Approach
  9. 9. FASD Prevention and FASD Support Programs
  10. 10. Going Forward1. Adding to the project website, additionaloutcomes, indicators, and examples of tools fordata collection:www.fasdevaluation.ca1. Mentoring with programs wanting toimplement some or all aspects of an evaluationframework1. Multi-site application of the framework
  11. 11. Funder, Sponsors, ContactsFunder Public Health Agency of Canada,FASD Strategic Grants FundSponsors BC Centre of Excellence for Women’sHealth Canada FASD Research Networkcarolmarie@shaw.casharhume@shaw.ca