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Progress report


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This presentation is my progress report for my media coursework of making a magazine cover, contents page, and double-page spread. I am doing a Rock magazine because this is my favourite genre of music to read about and research and listen to.

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Progress report

  1. 1. Progress report By Cerys Mee
  2. 2. Ideas - Cover ● Rock magazine. ● Abstract font for master-head. ● Buff texts with a wobbly effect with a colour that won’t contrast too much with the main image. ● The main photo – plain background, direct address, mid-shot, clothes not completely different to background colour, dark/plain colours, classic rock style clothes – simple, not all that revealing, natural looking (for facial expression and position), make-up (if any) is plain and simple, maybe just some dark eye-shadow. ● Contact strips – Facebook, Twitter.
  3. 3. Ideas - Contents ● Have a dark background with white text. ● Have the cover page at the top right hand corner. ● Have sub-headings for each section with page numbers with a sentence explaining what’s in each section. ● I will have another photo of the artist on this page but one that will only cover half of the page and not too much of it. ● I will include the details of the photographer for their credit. I will include things like their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  4. 4. Ideas – Double Page Spread ● I will have the artist with direct address and looking comfortable ● The background is going to be the same as the cover photo background because it will be the same photo shoot to give it a good effect. ● The quote will be abstract and quite large and it will slightly overlap the artist's picture. ● It will have the brief description of the artist underneath the quote. Also there will be the photographer credit underneath the photo. ● The text will be in a couple of columns depending on how much there is to write.