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What Makes A Successful Leader

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What Makes A Successful Leader

  1. 1. What Makesa SuccessfulLeader
  2. 2. "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." DwightD.Eisenhower
  3. 3. Is leadershipan inborn quality, or canit belearned?
  4. 4. Leadershipcan be learned through:  Experience  Conditioning  Exposureto specificsituations
  5. 5. Leadershipis a collectionof: Understanding,knowledge, values, communication,teamwork, and vision
  6. 6. Leadershipcoachesfocus on helping you:  Findyour leadershipstyle  Increase your influencethrough communicationskills  Creategoals  Developyour employees
  7. 7. "In the end, it is importantto remember that we cannot become whatwe need to be by remainingwhat we are." MaxDePree Connect with us!