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So Your looking for Best Prepaid Smartphone Plan 2013

Prepaid mobile plans in 2013 are completely different then couple years ago. Now people are looking for prepaid service that is much cheaper prepaid MNVO plans that are Unlimited talk, text and unlimited DATA Web.

Having the best prepaid plan for 2013 are a great way to save money on voice and SMS and that’s true for data too.

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Here are my top picks for affordable prepaid mobile data on U.S. national carriers.

Be very careful my friends after looking at these option notice that these plans do not have unlimited data.

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Best prepaid smartphone plan 2013

  1. 1. May 12, 2013Best Prepaid Smartphone Plan 2013So Your looking for Best Prepaid Smartphone Plan 2013Prepaid mobile plans in 2013 are completely different then couple years ago. Now people arelooking for prepaid service that is much cheaper prepaid MNVO plans that are Unlimited talk, textand unlimited DATA Web.Having the best prepaid plan for 2013 are a great way to save money on voice and SMS and that’strue for data too.Here are my top picks for affordable prepaid mobile data on U.S. national carriers.Be very careful my friends after looking at these option notice that these plans do not haveunlimited data.PTel (866-CALL-ME-1): This T-Mobile MVNO has two monthly unlimited plansthat are good values. Both plans include unlimited voice, messaging and data.The $40 plan comes with 250 MB of high speed (HSPA+ “4G”) data. After 250MB, speeds are throttled to a glacial128 kbps. The $50 plan includes 2 GB ofhigh speed data before throttling to 128 kbps. That’s four times as much highdata as you get with T-Mobile’s own $50 unlimited plan.PTel also has some of the best pay as you go rates for voice, SMS and data. Voice is 5cents/minute, texts are two cents each and data is 10 cents/MB. The minimum spend is $10 everytwo months. There is one quirk to watch out for. Unused balances do rollover if you top up beforethey expire. However, any residual balance from a $10, $20, $30 or $50 refill that was added over ayear ago disappears. Funds added with a $100 refill rollover indefinitely as long as you top upbefore they expire.You can use any T-Mobile USA or unlocked GSM device with PTEL provided it supports for the1900 Mhz band and ideally (for maximum 3G coverage) the 1700 Mhz AWS band.T-Mobile (877-778-2106): T-Mobile has five monthly plans. The $50, $60and $70 month plans all include unlimited voice, messaging and data. Thedifference is the amount of full speed 3G or 4G data that you get beforespeed is throttled. The $50 plan has a soft cap of 500 MB/per month. Exceed that and your dataspeed is severely throttled to about 120 kbits/second. The $60 plan increases the soft cap to 2.5GB/month. T-Mobile’s $70 plan is aone of the rare few that includes unlimited data with no cap orthrottle.Confusingly there are two $30 plans. One provides a bucket of 1500 minutes or messages and amere 30 MB of data with no way to buy more if you run out before the month is up. That plan isonly available at T-Mobile stores, not online.T-Mobile’s other $30 plan is more interesting. It provides 100 voice minutes, unlimited messagingand unlimited data with the first 5 GB/month at full speed before throttling to 120 Kbps.Unfortunately, this plan is saddled with restrictions. It’s available only online or with new phonespurchased at Walmart and requires activating a new account with a new SIM. If you have this planand switch to another plan you can’t switch back to it without activating another new SIM! To getthis deal you need to activate a T-Mobile Prepaid Activation kit (a SIM and an activation PIN) online
  2. 2. at You can buy the kit online at, or some independent mobile phone shops. T-Mobile stores do not sellunactivated SIM kits.A free BlackBerry add-on is available on request for the $50, $60 and $70 plans. It provides BISsupport which is required for BlackBerry Messenger and Email on RIM Blackberry devices.T-Mobile’s prepaid service includes data with two Daily unlimited plans. Both provide unlimited talkand text. The $2/day plan includes unlimited 2G (approximately 120 kilobits/sec maximum) data.The $3/day plan gives you unlimited data with the first 200 MB/day at full 4G ( up to about 10megabits/sec) speeds and the rest capped to 2G speeds.For users on Pay As You Go, there’s no data other than access to the T-Mobile prepaid mobilehome page ( which lets you check your balance, add minutes and change plans.You can use it to temporarily switch to a day plan on days when you need data or anticipate a lotof calls or texts.All of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans include voice and SMS only (no data) off-network roaming.Page Plus (800-550-2436): Is an MVNO that uses the Verizon network.Page Plus will activate all non-LTE Verizon postpaid phones as well ascompatible CDMA phones from other operators. The iPhone is officially notallowed but it seems to be possible to activate and use one with no issues. Phones sold for or lastactive on Verizon’s prepaid service are also not allowed. Non-Verizon phones will require manualprogramming for basic activation and some additional tweaking to get the data settings rightbefore data and MMS will work. Non-LTE Verizon Smartphones usually work out of the box withPage Plus’s data features.Data is available on all plans:The $69.95 Plan includes 5 GB of data and unlimited voice and texts. The data overage rateis 5¢/MB.The 55 Plan provides 2 GB of data and unlimited voice and texts. The data overage rate is5¢/MB.The $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text Plan includes 200 MB of data with a 5¢/MB overagecharge.The $29.95 Talk n Text 1200 Plan comes with 1200 voice minutes, 3000 texts and 250 MBof data with a 5¢/MB overage rate.The 12 Plan includes 250 minutes, 250 texts and 10 MB of data for $12/month with a 10¢/MBoverage rate.Data is a pricey $0.99/MB on Page Plus’ pay as you go plan plan.TalkForGood (888-649-1713): is a new Verizon MVNO that currently hasthe best deal for low to moderate data use on the Verizon network. It’sthe $6/month Smart Plan. The plan only includes 10 MB of data but theoverage data rate of 6¢/MB is the lowest pay as you go data price on theVerizon network. Voice and SMS rates are good too.TalkForGood can activate all Verizon and Alltel non-LTE postpaid phones, including iPhones and
  3. 3. compatible CDMA phones from other operators. Non-LTE Verizon Smartphones should workwithout manual programming. Non-Verizon phones will require considerable manual programmingto be fully functional. Verizon LTE phones are difficult and in some cases impossible to getworking on any Verizon MVNO.GoSmart Mobile (877-582-7788) is owned by T-Mobile USA. GoSmartphones and SIMs are sold online and by independent mobile dealers butare not available at T-Mobile company operated shops. GoSmart offersmonthly plans only, including two plans with unlimited data. GoSmart’s$45/monthUnlimited Talk, Text & High-Speed Web plan delivers 5 GB of“3G” data which is throttled to about 910 Kbps. After 5 GB data speed is further throttled to 118Kbps. The $35/monthUnlimited Talk Text and Web plan includes unlimited “2G” data that’s severelythrottled to 118 Kbps right from the first byte.GoSmart has native T-Mobile network coverage with no roaming. Any T-Mobile or unlocked phonewill work with GoSmart.Virgin Mobile (888-322-1122): Sprint owned Virgin has three BeyondTalkpackages that include unlimited data and messaging. The packagesvary only by the number of included voice minutes; 300 for $35/month, 1200for $45/month and unlimited for $55/month.There’s a soft data cap. Users consuming over 2.5 GB in a month will have their data speedsthrottled to 256 Kbps or less for the rest of the month. 2G, 3G, 4G WiMAX and LTE data isavailable on phones that support it.There’s no BYOD. you must use a Virgin Mobile phone. All of Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk phonesare smartphones. Current models include iPhone 4 and 4S and and an extensive range of Androidphones.Boost Mobile (866-402-7366): Owned by Sprint, Boost offers CDMA service usingSprint’s native 2.5G, 3G EVDO and 4G LTE network as well as 4G WiMAX on theSprint/Clearwire network.Boost has unlimited and pay as you go plans. The unlimited plans include unlimitedvoice, SMS, MMS data. There’s a soft data cap, after 2.5 GB is used in a month,data speeds are throttled to 256 Kbps or less for the rest of the month. The monthly unlimitedplan is priced at $50 for feature phones, $55 for Android devices and $60 for BlackBerrys. Boosthas a loyalty discount called Shrinkage that reduces the monthly plan price by $5 for every sixontime payments. The maximum Shrinkage reduction is $15.Boost’s pay as you go only works with feature phones. Unlimited pay as you data is available for$0.50/day, charged every day whether you use it or not. Pay as you go data can be switched onand off as needed online.EcoMobile (855-825-8855) is a Sprint MVNO. Unlike Sprint owned Boostand Virgin Mobile, EcoMobile can activate any Sprint phone exceptiPhones, BlackBerrys and WebOS phones. EcoMobile is able to activateSprint WiMax and LTE phones. WiMAX works on EcoMobile’s $60/monthplan, LTE doesn’t.EcoMobile has a wide range of plans including a pay as you go plan with good rates, 5¢ voiceminutes, 2¢ texts and 10¢/MB data. A $50 nonthly plan includes unlimited voice, messaging and 3Gdata. EcoMobile’s $60/month plan is the same but includes unlimited 4G WiMax.
  4. 4. Ting (855-846-4389) Another Sprint MVNO. Ting can activate most Sprintphones except iPhones, BlackBerrys, and PTT and WebOS phones. WiMAXand LTE phones get working WiMAX or LTE. Ting also sells LTE phonesstarting around $300.Ting has an unusual pricing model that’s a hybrid of pay as you go and amonthly plan. There’s a $6 monthly fee plus separate buckets (Ting callsthem tiers) of voice minutes, messages and data. There are five tiers foreach type of usage. Minute tiers run from $3 for 100 minutes to $52 for 3000. Data tiers are from$3 for 100 MB to $60 for 3 GB. Prices across all tiers average around 2¢/minute, 1¢/text and 5¢/MB.Ting is a good value for moderate users. The sweet spot seems to be about 75-1000 minutes, 75-1000 messages and under 500 MB of data which costs between $15 and $42 before taxes andfees which run between $1 and $10/month.A major plus with Ting is that no-extra cost voice and SMS roaming on Verizon and other CDMAnetworks.Air Voice Wireless (888-944-2355) is AT&T MVNO that offers a varietyof unlimited voice and text plans with varying amounts of data priced at$40 to $55/month.Air Voice is notable for having well regarded US bases support and for the most affordable AT&Tbased pay as you go plan, with prices of 4¢/voice minute, 2¢/text and 33¢/MB of data.Red Pocket Mobile (888-993-3888) is another AT&T MVNO with gooddata pricing on monthly and pay as you go plans.Red Pocket’s best deal is a $59.99/month plan that includes 2 GB of data(more than any other AT&T based prepaid option) along with unlimitedvoice, SMS and MMS and data. Red Pocket charges $9.99 for a SIM, but they always seem to beavailable on eBay for less than a buck, including shipping.AT&T (800-901-9878): The largest US GSM operator offers an a $65 SmartphoneMonthly Plan with Data that includes unlimited voice and messaging and 1 GB of dataper month.There’s also a $25 monthly plan with unlimited messaging and 250 minutes. The $25plan doesn’t come with any data but add-on data packages are available at $5/50 MB,$15/200MB and $25/1 GB. The packages expire after 30 days, but if you add anotherone before expiration, the unused data rolls over. So if you add a $25 package and use less than 1GB in that month, on the 30th day of your package’s duration you can add another $5 or $15package to retain your balance. To add a data package to your account you can either call 611from the handset and wade through the voice response menus or use the AT&T’s Pay As You GoOnline site. It’s also possible to set up automatic refills using the web site.AT&T also offers a $50/month unlimited voice, messaging and web plan. While this sounds good,only feature phones get unlimited data included on this plan.AT&T’s best choices for smartphone data use are either the $65 smartphone plan or the $25 or$50 monthly plan coupled with one or more data packages per month, You can use any phonethat supports ATT’s 850/1900 bands and isn’t locked to another operator. To get data working on
  5. 5. iPhones, use WiFi to visit with the iPhone’s Safari browser and follow theinstructions.Verizon (800-901-9878) has a couple of prepaid smartphone plans that includeunlimited voice and messaging . There’s a $70 plan that includes 2 GB of dataper month and a $60 plan with 500 MB of included data. Any Verizonsmartphoneexcept phones that support LTE data can be activated on theseplans.For feature phones on Verizon’s basic 25¢/minute pay as you go and $2/day unlimited plans,unlimited data is available for $1/day, which is only charged on days when you actually use data.Verizon doesn’t allow any smartphones, BlackBerries or even feature phones that require whatVerizon calls an “Nationwide” plan on the basic prepaid plans that include dollar a day data.Verizon also has a $50/month unlimited talk, text and web plan. It’s even more limited than the payas you plan in terms of allowed phones. Only recent and some older Verizon phones soldspecifically for prepaid can be used. A post on Howard Forums details which phones can and can’tbe used on the $50 Unlimited plan.MetroPCS (888-8metro8), which was acquired by T-Mobile in May 2013, offersunlimited talk, text and (throttled after 500 MB) data for as low as $40/month.The operator’s roaming agreements give users no extra cost texting almosteverywhere in the country as well as voice and and 2G data roaming on Sprint.Available phones include basic feature phones and numerous Android devices. Many non-MetroPCS CDMA handsets, if professionally flashed with MetroPCS firmware, can also beactivated on the service. MetroPCS is a good option if you spend most of your time in the areaswhere there is MetroPCS data coverage. MetroPCS will begin switching from its own CDMAnetwork to T-Mobile’s GSM technology in 2013. Current MetroPCS CDMA devices will work until2015.Straight Talk (877-430-2355): América Móvil’s $45/ month StraightTalk Unlimitedplan includes “unlimited” data.Straight Talk allows you to use your own unlocked GSM or locked T-Mobilephone on the $45 plan. T-Mobile based SIMs are $14.99 and are only availableonline and from Walmart. Prior to january 2013 Straight Talk alsosold SIMs that worked on the AT&T network but currently only T-Mobile based SIMs are available.Straight Talk also sells its own line of phones which, depending on phone model, run either theVerizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile network. Straight Talk’s smartphone selection includes theiPhone 4, 4S and 5 and a BlackBerry Curve which all use the Verizon network as well as a numberof Android phones which run on the Sprint, Verizon or AT&T network depending on model.Although Straight Talk advertises data as unlimited, users, especially those using AT&T network,report having their data severely throttled after using as little as 30 MB in a day or 800 MB in amonth. Straight Talk’s terms of service prohibit “continuous” video streaming but Straight Talkcustomer service representatives say audio and video streaming regardless of duration is banned.NET10 (877-836-2368): Another América Móvil brand with an unlimitedmonthly plan that’s similar but not identical to Straight Talk’s. Keydifferences:NET10 phones, SIMs and airtime are sold by independent dealers and
  6. 6. national chains like RadioShack, BestBuy and Walgreens. Straight Talk is only available atWalmart and online.NET10′s unlimited plan is $50/month, Straight Talk’s is $45. But NET10 gives users on autopay a $5/month discount making the effective price the same.Straight Talk no longer offers AT&T SIMs, NET10 does.NET10 AT&T SIMs have a hard data cap at 1.5 GB/month rather than arbitrary throttling.Recommendations:If you need unlimited voice and messaging combined with a sizable amount of high-speed data,good choices are:AT&T network: Airvoice $40 for 500 MB, NET10 $50 for 1.5 GB, RedPocket $59.99 for 2 GBSprint network: Boost Mobile Unlimited $55 ($40 afer shrinkage) for unlimited data throttledafter 2.5GB or EcoMobile if you want to use your own Sprint phone.T-Mobile network: Straight Talk or GoSmart’s $45/month plan or PTel’s $50 plan.Verizon network: Straight Talk $45 for approximately 2 GB before throttling or PagePlus$69.95 5 GB.If you use mostly data and SMS, with minimum voice usage, the best data deals are:AT&T network: AT&T $25 plan with rollover data add-onsSprint network: Virgin Mobile $35 unlimited data, first 2.5 GB unthrottled, , unlimited texts,300 voice minutes.T-Mobile network: T-Mobile $30 unlimited data, first 5GB unthrottled, unlimited texts, 100voice minutes.Verizon network: PagePlus $29.95 plan for 250 MB with 5¢/MB add-on data or PagePlus $12Plan (10 MB, 10¢/MB overage).For light users of voice, messaging and data, the best bets are:AT&T network: Airvoice $10/month pay as you go planSprint network: EcoMobile $10/month pay as you go plan or Ting’s $6/month plus usageplanT-Mobile network: PTEL’s $5/month pay as you go.Verizon network: TalkForGood’s $6/month Smart PlanHere are tables summarizing all the plans discussed above.1 Page Plus deducts a 50¢ maintenance fee from your balance each month on pay as you goplans.2 AT&T deducts a monthly 911 fee of between 25¢ and 96¢ from your GoPhone balance in somestates
  7. 7. 3 ad-hoc data – 0.02¢/KB not available with smartphones.Updated 3-May 2013 - Rewritten and expandedBest Prepaid Smartphone Plan 2013About The Author: Scott RaleyLike so many people, I grew tired of worrying how the bills would get paid every month.I grew tired of working a job I didnt really enjoy, and that I knew would never createthe life I wanted and deserved. But there was nothing worse than going to bed everynight with the feeling that what I was reaching for, felt so far away. So I decided to do somethingabout it. Believe it or not, the decision alone did wonders for me. It gave me a feeling of controland hope that I never felt working for somebody else! And now I know why. Working from homehas been an absolute blessing. Its taught me how to work smarter, rather than work harder. Itshelping me make more money, and at the same time create more time to enjoy it. It provides mewith an opportunity to meet people just like me, and help them create the life and lifestyle theydream about. If youre friendly and have a goal in mind, Id love to work with you. In fact, theres ateam of people behind me that devote every day of their lives to helping good people succeedwith this incredible opportunity. Whether you have a lot of experience or none at all… a lot of timeto invest or just a little… its all good! Our company, our team, and our proven system work withwhat youve got - and help you bring about the results youre looking for. If you have anyquestions, contact me! If you have any concerns, let me know! If youre ready to go, Im right therewith you! Im also living proof that this business really can change your life! ***Exclusive BONUSCoaching session with myself & David Wood aka the "The Guru Slayer" Reveals How To Make$1,500 a day by Blogging. Email me at for a free insider access tothis exclusive interview.***