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The Avalon Legacy 1.4


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The Avalon Legacy 1.4

  1. 2. “ Come my darling. Let us go and tell the others. I’m so happy, I want to tell everyone!”
  2. 3. They burst back into the foyer, laughing and dripping with rain. Maria was making her morning rounds and nearly died of fright when she saw them. “Zeus’ lighting! What’s this?!”
  3. 4. “ Maria it’s alright! In fact, everything is wonderful!” King Eric ran forward and swept her into a big hug. Over his shoulder, Maria saw the ring and gasped. Princess Abigail beamed with happiness.
  4. 5. “ I must tell Mistress Hannah at once! We must celebrate!”
  5. 6. Maria whipped up a glorious celebratory breakfast. King Eric and Princess Abigail would not be parted long enough to change out of their wet clothes, but nobody seemed to mind.
  6. 7. “ Oh, I am just so elated!” Hannah had been randomly bursting into tears since she heard the news. “We shall have to plan a summer wedding--how fashionable!”
  7. 8. “ Will we have it here at the palace? A wedding in the gardens would be lovely!”
  8. 9. “ Actually Your Majesty, official royal weddings must take place in Westminster Cathedral.”
  9. 10. “ A royal wedding!” Princess Abigail sighed. “My, that will take some getting used to!” Don’t worry about any of that now, my love. I will see you through it!” The lovers gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled.
  10. 11. After breakfast, the new couple finally allowed themselves to separated. Princess Abigail changed into a fresh dressing gown, and Hannah took her to see her new quarters. “This is your new bedroom, Your Highness: The Queen’s Chamber!” Princess Abigail was amazed. “Oh my, it is beautiful! I can help you move my things this afternoon!”
  11. 12. Mistress Hannah chuckled. “That won’t be necessary. You see, this room also comes with it’s own wardrobe! Now come along--there is more to see!”
  12. 13. “ Here is your bathing suite. You should find it most accommodating.” “ Hannah, I just can’t believe all of this is for me!”
  13. 14. “ Well, we don’t run a charity here in the Kingdom of Britain, my dear. I think you will find that all of this magnificence comes with a price.” Hannah winked at her and turned for the next room.
  14. 15. “ And here is the nursery, where the next King of Britain will be born and reared.” Princess Abigail gulped, and Hannah laughed. “But don’t trouble yourself about that now--we have a wedding to plan! Oh but first, I almost forgot!”
  15. 16. “ Ah yes, it complements you beautifully! The tiara is the most important part of your new station. As the Crown Princess, you must not appear in public without one. After your marriage to the King, you will officially be the Queen of Britain, and will be entitled to wear even finer ones.” “ I feel overwhelmed, Hannah. This is so much to take in!” “ Indeed it is, your Highness, but I am here to help, and so are Master Christopher and Maria. We all love you dearly, so do not be afraid!”
  16. 17. The next morning, King Eric came to greet his new bride to be in her sitting room. Hannah had helped her dress in an opulent grey-blue silk taffeta gown with lace from the Irish Isle. “My darling, you look exquisite!” “ It’s hard not to in a gown so fine! I must admit I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of this luxury!” Princess Abigail blushed.
  17. 18. “ My dear, you deserve the world and more! Now, I’ve come to fetch you this morning because I have invited some guests to spend the afternoon with us. They are my only living relatives: My cousin Baron Marcus von Windsor, and his new wife, the Baroness Regina. I think it is only fitting that they be the first to hear of our engagement officially.”
  18. 19. “ Oh darling, I should be delighted to meet your relatives!” “ I must warn you though, there has been some quarreling between our families in the past. I only hope our engagement will help us to start fresh.”
  19. 20. At that moment, Mistress Hannah entered. “Your Majesties, I wish to inform you that the Baron and Baroness von Windsor have arrived.” “ Wonderful, Hannah. We shall be right down!”
  20. 21. “ So Marcus, tell me again why your guileless cousin has summoned us all the way out here.”
  21. 22. “ I don’t know , Regina, but perhaps if we act smartly, we can work this to our advantage…”
  22. 23. “ My esteemed Baron and Baroness, the King is ready to receive you now. Please follow me.”
  23. 24. The Baron and Baroness entered the royal receiving chamber, and King Eric greeted them immediately with a wide smile. “Cousin! It has been too long! Please, allow me to introduce you to the reason for your visit. I am proud to announce my new betrothed, Crown Princess Abigail of Avalon!”
  24. 25. “ Oh! I am so pleased to meet you both! Soon we will all be family!” Princess Abigail swept an unsuspecting Regina into a big hug.
  25. 26. “ Indeed, none more pleased than us, I am sure.” Regina grimaced as she thought of her dress getting wrinkled in the embrace.
  26. 27. The four went outside and sat at a table in the garden.
  27. 28. “ I’m so pleased to finally be sitting down with you both, and on such a lovely day!”
  28. 29. “ Certainly cousin. The Baroness and I are charmed to hear of this engagement, but I must admit you have taken us quite by surprise. We weren’t even aware that you were looking to marry.”
  29. 30. “ Ah, well to be honest he wasn’t! He took quite a bit of convincing!” Princess Abigail laughed and winked at Baroness Regina, who wore a pained expression.
  30. 31. “ Haha, yes! But now I’m a believer! I assure you, I could not have found a more able and loving woman to be my queen, even if I had been searching high and low!”
  31. 32. “ Well, what a lovely story.” Baroness Regina cleared her throat. “When is the wedding?”
  32. 33. “ We are to be married before the end of the summer--I believe in just a few weeks!”
  33. 34. “ So soon!” Regina blurted out. Marcus nudged her from under the table. “Uh, well it shall be the event of the season, certainly…”
  34. 35. “ That is quite normal for the royal couple to have a short engagement. We are just pleased you have found happiness so quickly, cousin, and we are delighted to welcome Abigail to the family.” Baron Marcus smiled at King Eric, and Princess Abigail noted that he had refused to look her in the eye all afternoon, or use her title.
  35. 36. The Baron and Baroness stayed for an appropriate length of time with the King and his Crown Princess before taking their leave. “Soon their marriage, and then sons. With each step your claim to the throne diminishes.” Regina said, stiffly.
  36. 37. “ They can do what they please, Regina. It will make no difference. The days of the Britons’ reign are numbered.”
  37. 38. “ Well that went well today, don’t you think, my love?” King Eric had walked Princess Abigail to her room to say goodnight.
  38. 39. “ I do think so! They seemed very nice!” Princess Abigail paused and her face fell. “Oh my darling, I do not wish to part with you this evening! Is it possible to move the wedding up to an even earlier date?”
  39. 40. King Eric laughed, and pulled her too him in a passionate kiss. How lucky was he, to be able to kiss her whenever he wanted! And soon…
  40. 41. “ Ahem.”
  41. 42. “ I do hope I’m not interrupting anything, your Highnesses, but I believe it is time for the Princess to retire.” “ But Hannah!” “ I’m just doing my job, dear. Now if you would, please say your final goodbyes. You’ll see each other in the morning, for god’s sake.”
  42. 43. “ Well, until the morning then, my love.” King Eric kissed his bride-to-be’s gentle hand, and backed away to his own room. Princess Abigail scowled at Hannah, and flounced off to her bed.
  43. 44. The next few weeks passed like a blur for Princess Abigail. Her days were spent approving flowers and entrees for the wedding, getting fitted for her dress and veil, and lunching with the various noblewomen of the land, who were quite interested in meeting their new mysterious sovereign. Before she knew it, the fateful day of her wedding had arrived.
  44. 45. They had driven over to the Westminster Cathedral early that morning, and Hannah had secluded Princess Abigail in the Bride’s chamber of the rectory immediately. There was an unmistakable excitement in the air, and Abigail couldn’t stop looking out the window, trying to catch a glimpse of the festivities.
  45. 46. “ Get away from there! What if the King were to walk by?! You know you’re not supposed to see him!” “ Oh Hannah! Do you think he is here already?” “ Well I should hope so--it’s his wedding day too! Now come, it is time to start getting you dressed.”
  46. 47. The King had indeed arrived at the Cathedral. He’d been pacing up in the balcony all morning. “You should really sit down, Majesty. If you keep this up, you’ll be too exhausted to stand during the ceremony!” “ I’m sure this is all very amusing for you, Christopher. Meanwhile I’m trying not to sweat through my nice robes. I mean, I’ve looked death in the face on the battlefield…why does this little pomp and circumstance make me quiver like a fawn?”
  47. 48. “ Haha! That’s the third time you’ve asked that in the last week. Personally, I enjoy leaving the ‘quivering’ to the ladies, but you’ll see what I mean about that tonight, won’t you?” King Eric blushed slightly. “No jokes today, Lorenzo. If you’re going to be up here, you need to be constuctive.”
  48. 49. “ Oh, you know I am! Honestly, you shouldn’t let those bluebloods distract you. Today is all about you and Abigail.” “ Why Lorenzo, what surprisingly insightful advice!” Don Lorenzo scoffed. “Well, I can’t keep this up for much longer, I’m going back downstairs! I’ll see you down there!” King Eric clapped him on the back as he left, laughing.
  49. 50. King Eric inhaled deeply and looked at Christopher. “I think it is time, my friend. Shall we go to meet our fate?” “ After you, Majesty!”
  50. 51. “ Are you certain I look alright?” “ Don’t be ridiculous, child! Would I let you walk down the aisle if you didn’t? I assure you, today you are the most beautiful woman in Christendom. Now let us hurry, the messenger just arrived saying they are ready for us!”
  51. 52. The Marriage of King Eric and Queen Abigail of Britain
  52. 70. The King and his new Queen returned home, exhausted and a little tipsy. Hannah escorted Queen Abigail to her chamber and helped her out of her dress and into a delicate ivory lace chemise.
  53. 71. Hannah took her hand in a motherly gesture. “Are you nervous, my dear?” “ No Hannah. I love him. I am ready.” “ Then I shall leave you. The King will arrive shortly.”
  54. 72. Queen Abigail crawled onto the bed and waited. She focused on her breathing to steady herself. Maybe she was nervous after all…
  55. 73. A knock at the door caused her to jump to her feet. King Eric entered wearing nothing but his underclothes. His tight breeches and opened silk blouse made her blush deeply and she looked away, unsure.
  56. 74. He approached her slowly, and took her into his arms. He kissed her passionately. Seeing her there in the candlelight took his breath away.
  57. 75. He wanted her so badly, he could hardly contain himself. “My Abigail, you are so beautiful.”
  58. 76. She laid back onto the bed, and pulled him on top of her. She felt the strong muscles in his back and trembled with her desire for him.
  59. 77. He gently slipped her flimsy nightgown from her shoulders and tossed it on the floor. His hands explored her naked body, and he was obsessed by her beauty. Suddenly, she stopped him. “This is not fair, I cannot be the only one naked.” She teased.
  60. 78. She pulled off his shirt and he kicked off his breeches. He laid back on the bed and she climbed on top of him. They released their bodies to instinct.
  61. 79. Eric pulled her under the blankets and they made love long into the night.
  62. 80. Finally, they were exhausted, and laid down with their limbs tangled together in a whole body embrace. Queen Abigail watched her new husband’s face as he drifted off to sleep, and sighed contentedly as she too fell into slumber.
  63. 81. A hearty thanks to Pronupsims, a one-stop shop for all of your Sims’ wedding needs!