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How to order kits acrylic paint


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How to order kits acrylic paint

  1. 1. How to Order Ceramic Kits to Paint at Home. Acrylic Paint Option
  2. 2. Visit Our Online Store
  3. 3. Click on the ceramic piece you would like to paint
  4. 4. Choose the option for your ceramic piece
  5. 5. When you choose Acrylic paint you can choose colors Price change for paint Your choices
  6. 6. Here Are Your ColorChoices
  7. 7. Click Add to Cart.Your Order Is Complete You can review the colors then click “add to cart”
  8. 8. Review Your Order. You can add more items or checkout Checkout
  9. 9. Fill out the shipping and payment information
  10. 10. Choose your shipping option Make sure the shipping option matches your paint choice
  11. 11. Place Your Order And get ready to paint your very own masterpiece!Have Questions: contact us at or 623-780-2323