Network Solutions: 2048QAM


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Featuring 2048QAM and making use of Ceragon Networks’ powerful in house radio, the FibeAir IP-20C effectively boosts the net radio capacity:

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Network Solutions: 2048QAM

  1. 1. Ceragon Networks Solutions: 2048QAM
  2. 2. Network service providers have contributed a lot in today’s society. Through these companies, people are able to enjoy fast and reliable mobile and data communication whenever they need. However, with demands of the people always increasing and changing, it can sometimes be very difficult for network service providers to maintain their high quality networks. For this reason, it is important for them to be able to find products that can help them in maintaining the quality of service that they provide. This is where Ceragon Networks comes in. This company offers various products such as solutions and other services that would assist network services providers in giving unparalleled network connectivity.
  3. 3. FibeAir IP-20A
  4. 4. One of the most sought after solutions of Ceragon Networks is the FibeAir IP-20A. This solution is high in power and the most compact indoor radio solution available in the market nowadays. The FibeAir IP-20A allows network service providers to create cost efficient and highly reliable networks that guarantee the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership).
  5. 5. Featuring 2048QAM and making use of Ceragon Networks’ powerful in house radio, the FibeAir IP20A effectively boosts the net radio capacity. Amplifying the power of transmission greatly improve the availability of microwave link. The 2048QAM feature along with other amazing features of FibeAir IP-20A allows network service providers to give unparalleled and strong wireless connectivity even during long distance transmission challenges.
  6. 6. Other solutions provided by Ceragon Networks
  7. 7. Aside from the FibeAir IP-20A that features 2048QAM, Ceragon Networks provide other solutions for the different needs of network service providers.
  8. 8. For mobile networks  Ceragon Networks market proven solutions for mobile networks take fronthaul and backhaul networks to a higher level by allowing resource utilization and maximum performance through deployment flexibility and unparalleled spectrum efficiency. Furthermore, the solutions offered by the company are made to be compatible even with technologies that are still currently being developed. The solutions are also incorporated with a wide range of features that enables high capacity networks that are 4G/LTE ready
  9. 9. For public sectors  Ceragon Networks’ wireless solutions greatly improve the responsiveness and availability of various government services across the world. The transfer of information is further enhanced through flexible and highly efficient microwave links. Different public safety networks around the globe make use of Ceragon equipments to effectively enhance capacity and decrease the latency of networks. At the same time, Ceragon equipments will provide the smoothest modernization course to support critical public safety and security activities such as first responders.
  10. 10. Beneficial solutions  With all the solutions made available by Ceragon Networks to different network providers, the people round the world are greatly benefitted. Through enabling network providers to give unparalleled and uninterrupted quality of services, people can now stay connected to anyone wherever they may be.