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Customer Equity Solutions (Cequity) is a technology-enabled Customer Experience Management Company. Our end-to-end suite of integrated services includes customer management consulting, marketing database & information management solutions, analytics, metrics & dashboards and campaign measurement. We use best in class proprietary methodologies, to create a cohesive, easy-to-use platform and generate measurable results throughout the entire customer lifecycle in very less time.
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Modeling Factory

  1. 1. Cequity ModelingFactoryTM Analytical Models - in - a Box It’s quick. You can see the difference. VISION: The vision is to transform the modeling processes into a “ModelingFactoryTM” using an engineering approach, quality principles, automation and best practices. STRATEGY: Separate the repetitive processes from the analysis Standardize, streamline and automate these tasks OUTCOME: Increased speed of Model building Robust Models built
  2. 2. Why “ModelingFactory™”? Because, change is the only constant in your business. Having a repository of models is always better than having individual models which might re-invent the wheel at times. Hence the “ModelingFactoryTM” concept utilizes the “more” approach to optimize performance of models. Using More Markets Are More Focused Current Data Different Models Customer Situations Customer Are Change Different The Environment Products / Channels Changes are Different Updated More Frequently Company Strategies Change “ModelingFactory™” - Architecture “ModelingFactoryTM” has a systematic approach to modeling. The tiered architecture organizes various stages logically and optimizes their functionality. The result is a well defined architecture to support chain of activities smoothly and effectively. Hence, Multiple Data-marts, Data Staging, Model development and Implementation are managed in a better way. The modeling processes are organized in a formal structure: Data Score & Models & ETL Reports Modeling Factory in a Box Model Repository - Version Data Base Control and Scoring Modules Data Scoring Single View Warehouse Engine Models Metadata Distributed Modeling Architecture Data Audit - Metadata - KXEN Extract, Pre- Post Scoring Transform, Modeling Modeling Modeling and Load Analysis Analysis Reporting
  3. 3. Key Features Optimized Environment: “ModelingFactoryTM” clearly defines the steps involved in Modeling exercise and divides them into 3 categories – Redundant, Automatable, Optimizable. Using the numerable historical models from its repertoire it is able to remove redundant steps, automate processes as required and optimize the rest. Optimized Environment: Measureable Benefits ”ModelingFactoryTM” can improve the velocity of model building, reduce repetitive tasks, and achieve quicker turn-around time and ensure faster delivery. Speed to implement Reduce redundancy Lower costs Save time to execute Automate for quicker results
  4. 4. Driving More Business Value Enabling a More Relevant Message Scored Using More Current Data Updated More Frequently More Focused on a Particular Objective More Model Developed More Rapidly About Cequity Customer Equity Solutions(Cequity) Pvt. Ltd., is an IT-enabled Customer Experience Management Company which will help enterprises improve marketing performance and accelerates customer relationships. We help enterprises by combining data, technology and services to build actionable analytical marketing frameworks, optimize marketing performance and accelerate real-time customer engagement. Thereby, enabling greater ROI on their marketing technology investments. Cequity brings a blended perspective which allows companies to bring the power of Marketing automation technology to business problems. Our services include: Customer Management Consulting Managed Analytics Marketing Database Solutions Managed Campaign Management Services Marketing Operations and Measurement Services Event Driven Marketing Services Contact us: Customer Equity Solutions Pvt. Ltd. IndIA USA Mumbai Office: Chicago Office: 105-106, 1st Floor, Anand Estate, 189-A, Sane Guruji Marg, 626, Grove Street, Evantson, IL 60201 Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400 011, India Phone: +91 22 23000133 / 23054039, Fax: +91 22 23053809 Website: Email: