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Data to Insight to Action resources over an extended period of time1. The Today’s flat and wired world and increased competitiveness has shifted the focus more and added burden of managing such a program and more towards the customer.
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Data Insight Action Ver3

  1. 1. Data to Insight to Action Today’s flat and wired world and increased competitiveness has shifted the focus more and more towards the customer. It is an absolute necessity that the companies understand their customers well and address their needs proactively. Author – Nagaraj Kulkarni e-mail – 1 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
  2. 2. Index Data to Insight to Action …3 Framework …5 Value Propositions …7 About the Author …8 2 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
  3. 3. 1 Data to Insight to Action resources over an extended period of time1. The Today’s flat and wired world and increased competitiveness has shifted the focus more and added burden of managing such a program and more towards the customer. It is an absolute systems over a period of time makes it difficult to necessity that the companies understand their sustain such programs in house. customers well and address their needs proactively. The reliable and integrated customer The typical challenges and pain-points go as data is an important asset to every company that follows: recognizes the value of this quot;Customer Information Enabled” competitive market • Multiple, disparate data sources across multiple business lines and multiple customer databases advantage. • Challenges with ETL, Integration and consolidation The siloed customer databases across business of multiple disparate systems and systems units and geographies add to consolidation and • Integration with operational (enterprise, channel, integration challenges. The data that is not partner) systems as well as downstream marketing correct and current will lead to wasted efforts and systems such as campaign management or email marketing systems dollars. A scenario of unutilized or underutilized • Customer data quality, cleansing, de-duplication, customer data will mask several competitive ongoing data quality maintenance business advantages (and disadvantages) the • Defining, managing and maintaining Customer company could otherwise discover and leverage hierarchy and relationships upon. In the increasingly global market scenario, • Defocus of the business users from the core single customer view across the enterprise is a business towards the pre-requisite of having a definitive competitive weapon. It will serve the integrated, consolidated, cleansed customer customer well and help build the customer loyalty. database • Lack of adequate and required information and While the advantages of having a single customer insights into the customer base (leading to view are well understood and recognized, the suboptimal servicing and potentially unhappy complexity and long cycles coupled with large customers) investments make decision makers shy away • Maintaining required levels of access and security from leveraging the hidden customer data assets. permissions towards safeguarding the customer data Businesses find it difficult to justify the upfront investment in such applications – in terms of hardware, software, system integration and 1Most data warehouses are built by hand, which suits systems integrators just fine (all those yummy billable hours) but does not serve customers well. TDWI reckon an average data warehouse takes 16 months to deploy, USD 3 million to build and costs 72% of the development costs in support every year. 3 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
  4. 4. CEQUITY-ACE Hosted Customer Solution CEQUITY-ACE hosted customer environment licensing model that makes it easier for the (HCE), eliminates these pain-points to the companies to scale in data- size and usage-value business. It jumpstart the “customer information in an iterative quick-hit (DMAIC) cycle mode. enabled” competitive advantage. Cequity’s expertise with customer data cleansing and Providing for the business ownership of customer integration cuts cycle time and increases data data ensures its success with robust data quality competency. It takes out the nuances of upfront frameworks, based on CEQUITY’s industry investment, long cycles, added systems, the experience that is further augmented by business learning cycles and instead focuses business users. The benefits of such an empowered users in using the enabled data to unleash customer data can be reaped and leveraged competitive advantage. It puts the power of across business units spanning sales, service, reliable customer data coupled with the power of marketing, shipping etc. analysis and analytics in the hands of the business users. The ongoing data quality focus The power of CEQUITY-ACE Analytics on the helps maintain continued data quality and hosted environment can provide jumpstart ensures no redundant or inconsistent data analytical solutions to help answer and address elements are introduced by individual business business directives such as: units. • How do I build a ‘one view’ of my customers? • How do I identify loyal customers? Cequity’s strong understanding of underlying • How can I segregate customers based on customer data and the ability to address the behaviour? entire marketing lifecycle right from prospecting, • How can I turn my customers into high value customers? acquisition, development, retention to relationship • How do I calculate the lifetime value of my top management and measurement will help our customers? clients realize the value of their investments. It • What is the churn pattern? Which of my customers also enables the business to take advantage of are possibly thinking of leaving me? sophisticated customer acquisition and retention • Is there an aberrant behaviour amongst my customers that I should watch out for? tools that can help grow their customer base and • Where are the strategic white-space opportunities increase the customer lifecycle value. in the market landscape? • What is customer’s lifecycle value to the business? All this, without any significant upfront capital • What is my ideal target customer for new investment2. It provides for a use as you go acquisition? 2According to Gartner’s guideline for enterprise CRM rollouts, a typical midmarket CRM rollout can run into 20 million over a three year period. 4 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
  5. 5. 2 Framework • Cequity ACE Analyser™ gain insight into CEQUITY-ACE hosted customer environment is characteristics and behavior of customers and realized based on the CEQUITY’s 5E prospects methodology. It delivers the business needs in a • Cequity ACE Campaigner™ transforms the simple, scalable, iterative, prioritized model. insight and intelligence gained. It delivers Each phase can be tied down to clearly defined campaign planning and management functionality KRAs with business ownership and participation. • Cequity ACE Modeller™ enables predictive The Cequity ACE solution suite bundled with the modeling and data mining hosted solution provides a complete customer • Cequity ACE Operations & Measurement lifecycle management solution. Following are the Services provide the Measurement Frameworks various solutions that are available: and Dashboards • Cequity ACE Snapshot™ gives one view of the Customer data with dependencies 5 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
  6. 6. 3 Value Propositions • CEQUITY ACE simplifies the complex and Capture all marketing communication touch points and results, enabling right-time tracking arduous chain of processes and projects to, an and monitoring engagement with CEQUITY. We take out the IT • Managed security with multiple access and and Data Integration challenges, shrink the time permission levels to rollout to few weeks, provide a flexible and • Tested methodology, domain expertise leading to scalable model. We complement this with end to lower costs, faster implementations and faster return on investment end solution offerings with CEQUITY ACE • Out of box, quick rollout (weeks), with end to end companion products and solution offerings. functionality leveraging the CEQIUTY ACE suite We take care of all the data and technology of solutions challenges and requirements and put your focus • Realize Business Value with CEQUITY ACE hosted solution and CEQUITY ACE solution back on the customer and business. Our domain offering and business vertical expertise complements the • Faster, easier & more efficient execution of solution offering. promotions and campaigns • All Operational issues including ETL, data • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of acquisition and retention marketing integration, data quality and cleansing are • Improve overall ROI by marketing to most addressed by CEQUITY, saving time for valuable customers businesses to focus on managing the customers • Insight into customer characteristics and buying • A consistent view of customer data with patterns across product suites standardized key data elements • Ability to run precision marketing campaigns • Ongoing data quality and maintenance with right designed for specific target audience time cleansing and updates to ensure current and • Power of Analytics with Customer Banding, accurate data Profiling, Segmentation, Trending and Predictive models towards identifying best customers and • Enhanced customer profile and ability to integrate prospects and enabling precision marketing with external and third party data sources 6 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
  7. 7. Key Benefits • On demand managed analytics with single view • Our industry knowledge and deep understanding of customer data of customer lifecycle with business vertical expertise will jumpstart the effective, complex and • Out of box dashboards and reports that help you extendable customer environments in weeks measure the success of the marketing programs • Our tested approach to ETL and integration, Data Quality and Cleansing, customer database CEQUITY brings in customer experience and design and management will act as a catalyst to marketing domain expertise, industry vertical your organization’s ability to leverage customer insight and experience, technology expertise insights with the end to end fulfillment solutions to • We combine our knowledge of identifying manage your customer engagement and business objectives, insight of customer events experience. We do this starting with customer and data expertise to extract maximum value out data integration, hosted solution with reference of customer databases customer master, data cleansing, de-duplication • Our solution assets coupled with technology and and enhancement, augmented by CEQUITY business expertise enable us to deliver better ACE Snapshot, Campaigner and Modeler to returns on marketing database investments and enable seamless and single point of campaign campaigns and loyalty management powered by the • Our focus on time to market (6 weeks for initial customer insights gained. We manage this with a iteration and jumpstart), iterative refinements and measurement framework and dashboards that pay as you go models help jumpstart your we design and implement to help you monitor business objectives the success of the business intent and the engagement. • Enables business with the possibilities of customer data and insights, a must have competitive advantage 7 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
  8. 8. 4 About the author Nagaraj Kulkarni brings over 16 years of technology and business solutions experience across large enterprises, global consulting firms and start-ups. His focus areas include enterprise strategy, technology and business systems architecture, business intelligence & data warehousing, data architecture, information life cycle and knowledge management. He has applied technology solutions to realize business benefits and value for companies in India and US across Leasing and Retail Finance, Banking, Trading, Cerdit Card, Telecom Billing and Collections, eCommerce, CRM & Customer lifecycle and Manufacturing and Supply chain. He is an alumni of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and University of California in Santacruz. 8 © Copyright 2008 Cequity
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