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The good news is that most of what banks need already exists throughout their organization in the form of data. While information about customers is plentiful, actionable customer intelligence often remains elusive. Customer data pours in from every conceivable channel.
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Cequity Soluiton For Actionable Analytics

  1. 1. Acti o n a b l e A n a l y t i c s For Ret a i l Ba n k s In an increasingly competitive business environment, understanding your customers and markets for a bank has never been so challenging. Today, customer needs are sophisticated and ever changing and finding prospects most likely to buy is a huge challenge. Banks all over the globe are trying to find answers to: How do I increase customer value? How do I increase my share of wallet? How do I enhance customer experience and then maintain it? How do I increase efficiency in operations? How do I migrate customers to electronic channels of Retail Banking? How do I identify my risky and profitable customers? How do I reduce dormancy and attrition? These ever-growing list of challenges are forcing banks to rethink strategies and develop business models that will keep them operating competitively in today’s high-tech, multi-channel banking industry.
  2. 2. The good news is that most of what banks need already exists throughout their organization in the form of data. While information about customers is plentiful, actionable customer intelligence often remains elusive. Customer data pours in from every conceivable channel. Banks have not leveraged the full potential of the data and therefore have not started using data driven decisions inspite of the richness of the data. Customer Information Management Inbound Call Center Data Integration Quality Higher profitability Media through selective investment in high Online value customers Direct Orders/Transactions Customer Events Intelligence Partner Channels Application WoM of Customer Analysis of Customer Data Intelligence Outbound Source: Aberdeen Group, March 2006 Cequity offers a suite of banking specific analytical solutions and thereby ensure integration of business intelligence and information. We believe that these analytical solutions can help you differentiate from competition. Customer Profitability Model Channel Migration Customer Balance Build Framework Analytical Predictive Modeling Solutions Customer Life Time Value Customer Satisfaction Analysis Decision Tress - Chaid Cluster Analysis Prospect Model Acquisition Offer-Channel Optimization Association Rules Analytical Cross-sell Model Solutions Logistic and Linear Up-sell Model Regression Analysis Customer Propensity Scorecards Retention Churn Prediction Models Analytical Dormancy Prediction Models Solutions Loyalty Models
  3. 3. Key Benefits Cequity Analytical Solutions can help banks in: Bringing market intelligence to customer data Anticipate and understand customer desires and needs Help in the full marketing strategy of customer push instead of product push Lower cost of acquisition Increased profits Reduce churn and enhanced customer experience Cultivate relationships with loyal and profitable customers Market in real time and react quickly to changing needs Help to develop targeted and templatised campaigns and delivering through multi channels
  4. 4. Our Services CEQUITY’S services are powered with deep domain expertise and process excellence by adding Intelligence to Information. Our banking Analytics consultants are capable of generating effective solutions to your business problems and quickly provide you with a competitive price and turn-around time. Choose from a wide array of reports covering demographic trends, consumer spending potential, business profiles, consumer segmentation, activity volumes and more. Our Analytical Consultants are qualified to provide deep insights by objectively analyzing vast amount of customer transactional lifestyle and secondary data to help make quick business impact. Our consultants have rich experience in key verticals like: financial services, insurance, mortgage, retail, travel, entertainment & telecommunications. Our analytics services include: CEQUITY BIZACTION - Modeling Services Insight2Action Acquisition Models Insight2Action Value-build Models Insight2Action Retention Models Prospect Modeling and Scoring Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Analytics Churn Prediction Lead Scoring and Enhancement Lifecycle Profiling Attrition Models Optimal Contact Strategy Development Response/Conversion Modeling Portfolio Analysis CLTV Modeling Segmentation Models About Cequity Customer Equity Solutions (Cequity) Pvt. Ltd. is an IT-enabled Customer Experience Management Company which will help enterprises improve marketing performance and accelerates customer relationships. We help enterprises by combining data, technology and services to build actionable analytical marketing frameworks, optimize marketing performance and accelerate real-time customer engagement. Thereby, enabling greater ROI on their marketing technology investments. Cequity brings a blended perspective which allows companies to bring the power of Marketing automation technology to business problems. Our services include: Customer Management Consulting Managed Campaign Management Services Managed Analytics Marketing Operations and Measurement Services Marketing Database Solutions Event Driven Marketing Services Contact us: Customer Equity Solutions Pvt. Ltd. INDIA Mumbai Office: USA Chicago Office: 105-106, 1st Floor, Anand Estate, 189-A, Sane Guruji Marg, 626, Grove Street, Evantson, IL 60201 Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400 011, India Phone: +91 22 23000133 / 23054039, Fax: +91 22 23053809 Website: www.cequitysolutions.com Email: info@cequitysolutions.com