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Feeling a bit sluggish? Or just not looking your best? It could be that your body is in need of a detox. Fortunately, there are many foods around that can help counteract the effects of a toxic lifestyle.

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  1. 1. TOP 10 DETOX FOODS Feeling a bit sluggish? Or just not looking your best? It could bethat your body is in need of a detox. Fortunately, there are manyfoods around that can help counteract the effects of a toxiclifestyle.
  2. 2. LEMONS Lemons are a staple of manydetox diets, and there is goodreason for this. Firstly, lemonsare packed with antioxidantvitamin C, which is great for theskin and for fighting disease-forming free-radicals.Furthermore, the citrus fruithas an alkaline effect on thebody, meaning that it can helprestore the bodys pHbalance, benefitting theimmune system. Try startingyour day with hot water and aslice of lemon to help flush outtoxins and cleanse your system.
  3. 3. GINGERIf too much fatty food or alcoholhas caused problems for yourdigestive system, it may beworthwhile adding some gingerto your diet. Ginger is not onlygreat for reducing feelings ofnausea, but it can help improvedigestion, beat bloating andreduce gas. In addition to this,ginger is high in antioxidants andis good for boosting the immunesystem. To give your digestion ahelping hand, try sipping onginger tea or adding somefreshly grated ginger to a fruit orvegetable juice.
  4. 4. GARLICGarlic has long been knownfor its heart benefits,however the pungent food isalso good at detoxifying thebody. Garlic is not onlyantiviral, antibacterial andantibiotic, but it contains achemical called allicin whichpromotes the production ofwhite blood cells and helpsfight against toxins. Garlic isbest eaten raw, so add somecrushed garlic to a saladdressing to boost its flavourand your health at the sametime.
  5. 5. ANTICHOKE If you have recently beenoverindulging in fatty foodsand alcohol, adding somesteamed globe artichokeleaves to your meals is agreat way to help get yourbody back on track. Globeartichokes are packed withantioxidants and fibre andcan also help the body digestfatty foods. On top of this,globe artichoke is renownedfor its ability to stimulate andimprove the functions of theliver - the bodys main toxin-fighting tool.
  6. 6. BEETROOTFor those needing a quickhealth-boosting shot ofnutrients, you cant do muchbetter than beetroot. Packedwith magnesium, iron, andvitamin C, the vegetable hasrecently been hailed as asuperfood due to its manyreported health benefits. Notonly is beetroot great for skin,hair and cholesterol levels, butit can also help support liverdetoxification, making it anultimate detox food. To enjoyits benefits, try adding rawbeetroot to salads or sippingon some beetroot juice.
  7. 7. GREEN TEA While its not technically afood, no detox plan wouldbe complete without regularconsumption of essentialliquids. Fluids are essentialfor keeping our organshealthy and helping to flushtoxins from the body, anddrinking green tea is a greatway of boosting your intake.Green tea is not only a goodweight-loss drink, but it isextremely high inantioxidants. Research hasalso suggested that drinkinggreen tea can protect theliver from diseases includingfatty liver disease.
  8. 8. CABBAGEMany celebs have resorted tothe cabbage soup diet to helplose weight and get in shapequickly before a big event,however cabbage is not onlygood for weight loss - it is alsoan excellent detoxifying food.Like most cruciferous vegetables(including broccoli and sprouts),cabbage contains a chemicalcalled sulforaphane, which helpsthe body fight against toxins.Cabbage also supplies the bodywith glutathione; an antioxidantthat helps improve thedetoxifying function of the liver.
  9. 9. FRESH FRUITS Fresh fruits are high invitamins, minerals,antioxidants and fibre= andare also low in calories,making them an importantpart of a detox diet. If youreafter brighter eyes and skin,shinier hair and improveddigestion, try boosting yourintake of fruit and eatingfrom a wide variety ofdifferent kinds. The goodnews is fruit is easy to add toyour diet, so try startingyour day with a fresh fruitsalad or smoothie andsnacking on pieces of fruitthroughout the day.
  10. 10. BROWN RICEIf you want to cleanse yoursystem and boost yourhealth, it is a good idea to cutdown on processed foods.Instead, try supplementingyour diet with healthier wholegrains such as brownrice, which is rich in many keydetoxifying nutrients includingBvitamins, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous. Brownrice is also high in fibre, whichis good for cleansing thecolon, and rich inselenium, which can help toprotect the liver as well as
  11. 11. WATERCRESSLike most green herbs andvegetables, watercress is anexcellent health-booster anddetox food. Firstly, watercressleaves are packed with manyvital detoxifying nutrients,including several B vitamins,zinc, potassium, vitamin E andvitamin C. Secondly, watercresshas natural diuretic properties,which can help to flush toxinsout the body. To reap thebenefits of this nutritious food,try adding a handful ofwatercress to salads, soupsand sandwiches.