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Griekse onderwijspartner op bezoek bij Centrum Duurzaam


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Op welke manier gaan we de bestaande woningvoorraad verduurzamen? ‘In Europees verband wisselen we ervaringen hierover met elkaar uit in het kader van Old Buildings New Technologies’, vertelt Jan van der Weijde van ROC Friese Poort. In de week van 19 maart 2018 volgde een Griekse onderwijspartner een duurzame projectweek bij ROC Friese Poort met onder andere een bezoek aan Centrum Duurzaam van ROC Friese Poort.

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Griekse onderwijspartner op bezoek bij Centrum Duurzaam

  1. 1. Old Buildings New Technologies - International - Greece Centre of sustainability Sustainability whenever it is technically possible 20 maart 2018
  2. 2. A short personal introduction • Project team of the Centre • for sustainability of the Schools for construction and technique of ROC Friese Poort and the training school for companies • ROC Friese Poort A school for vocational training • ROC Friese Poort Bedrijfsopleidingen the business organisation for the training of empoyees
  3. 3. Meeting ROC Friese Poort Leeuwarden Building school IT trainingTechnical training school
  4. 4. Mission Centre for Sustainability What: Raise curiosity How: Passion for sharing future technical knowledge in het delen van de Results: New ideas ‘always sharing and looking for better and different ways’
  5. 5. Connection between education and companies
  6. 6. Inspiration | stewardship ‘Enough is enough, we have crossed the line!!! The industrial revolution has put us in an unwanted situation. We are racing through our environment, we are destroying our resources. We have to stop, we have to change, We have to find another way, We have to change our lives and the way we do business’.
  7. 7. Which choices do you make? Desire | passion: something you like to do Believe | selftrust: what you can do Action | curiosity: learning new things and taking chances Dedication | focus: effort and mentality Reward | craftsman of the future Student now
  8. 8. Sustainable Pros a secure place in technique and construction Sustainable energy Built up area Sustainable mobility Production technology
  9. 9. Duurzaam Doen Huis ‘last step before real life’ • Installationtechnique, electrotechnique and construction • Tests placements of manufacturers (sponsored) • Practical assignments / exams • Further training • New Training: Mechanic sustainable techniques
  10. 10. Innovative projects / Challenge ‘cooperation with SMEs
  11. 11. Lectures about sustainability Sharing knowledge with SMEs
  12. 12. For whom are the lectures? Meeting of students and companies • Entrepreneurs • Government • Education
  13. 13. Why lectures? To promote sustainability by “Prate&Ite” Or to put it in a different way: •Networking •Sharing knowledge •Learning •Inspiring
  14. 14. Further education in numbers Average employee: In The Netherlands: 0.6 years of on the job training In Scandinavia: 2.4 years of on the job training In England: 1.4 years of on the job training
  15. 15. Online sharing of presentations
  16. 16. Online sharing of pictures
  17. 17. Online talking with people that are interested
  18. 18. Online sharing of videos
  19. 19. Online talking to business networks
  20. 20. Online talking in 140 characters
  21. 21. Made possible by: